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AA-ISP Conference Presentation Slides

Most presentation materials for AA-ISP conferences, including our frontline, leadership, and executive level events, are available for download approximately a week following the event.

Inside Sales World 2015 November 18th, 2015

  • Keynote:
  • The Future of Inside Sales - Judy Buchholz Download Details
  • In this engaging keynote, Judy Buchholz, General Manager, IBM Digital Sales will discuss the steps her organization is taking to address the major shifts that are happening in their industry today - to what clients are buying, who is buying, and how they want to buy. These market changes require us to re-think everything from hiring strategies to physical sales environment, education and training, and tools and techniques. Judy will speak to IBM's vision for the ongoing evolution of the inside seller.

  • General Sessions:
  • The Evolution of Sales - Frank Hattann Download Details
  • The Sales profession is evolving. The investment in Inside Sales has led to a digital transformation of which a key component is Social. Join Frank Hattann, Head of Inside Sales for LinkedIn Sales Solutions, EMEA and discover how social selling is playing a central role in this evolution, and how the Social Selling Index (SSI) is measuring this global trend.

  • Moving Middle Performers – using gamification and mobile reinforcement to build a winning team - Louella Morton Download Details
  • In your sales team, there will always be only a small percentage of sales reps that are top performers. Rather than just hiring more “A” players, you can make a big impact on revenue generation by helping the majority of the sales team you already have – the average performers - to be more effective. But what makes a middle performer? And how do you move their behaviours in the right direction? See new research on what makes a great sales rep, changing approaches to front-line manager coaching, and hear about a proven method to “move the middle”, using a combination of mobile reinforcement, gamification and brain science.

  • 7 Selling Best Practices Revealed by Predictive Analytics - Martin Moran Download Details
  • In this session, Martin Moran, SVP & GM EMEA for InsideSales.com, will share how predictive analytics are becoming essential to the intelligent sales process. As we search of competitive differentiation, the use of predictive analytics has become a key tool in driving productivity, efficiency and insight to action. This session will reveal some of the best sales practices that have been informed by predictive analytics

  • Building the Sales & Marketing Technology Platform - Mark Farnell Download Details
  • In this session, Mark Farnell, RVP Marketing Operations will be sharing NewVoiceMedia’s journey in the use of Salesforce and the AppExchange to build a platform that effectively de-dupes, enriches, scores, nurtures and reports on NewVoiceMedia’s sales and marketing performance.

  • Peak Performance in Action - Keith Stanton Download Details
  • When “Change” happens, the stakes are high and the pressure is on, people step up, or they step back. Some respond with enthusiasm, self-motivated to embrace the challenge, resourceful in their thinking and in their responses. Others become resistant and demotivated, reluctant to step out of the comfort zone, their knowledge, skills and experience failing to show up in the workplace.

    So what is the “difference that makes the difference? “Faced with a challenge or change, an individual’s “Experience and Skill” level does not alter. The “Attitude” can. How they embrace or reject the challenge (how they feel about the challenge) will drive their behaviours, which in turn will affect the likely results. It’s not what they know, but what they do with what they know that makes the difference.

    Join Keith Stanton, Managing Partner, Votice Leadership in this compelling session as he defines the vital blend: Skills and Attitude.

  • KISS and Sell: Keeping Inside Sales Simple - David Hood Download Details
  • The inside sales profession continues to grow at a tremendous rate. At the same time there has been a complex evolution in sales processes and lead workflows designed to accommodate the unique strategy the inside sales profession requires for success. Managing these necessary processes, along with the growing demands on performance, has led to a decrease in the quality and efficiency of a salesperson’s core function – selling. New systems and technologies have emerged to help salespeople manage their daily responsibilities, but many of these systems are as complex as the processes they are meant to simplify; in effect, trading one obstacle for another. Technology should enhance sales skills, not distract from the sales function. It should do more than manage a complex sales process: it should simplify the end user implementation.

    Join David Hood, CEO of VanillaSoft, as he discusses how technology can help you implement sales processes and workflows while still keeping inside sales simple – so that your salespeople can spend more time doing what matters: engaging in quality conversations. David will discuss technology in the sales process as well as share new research from a recent University of Ottawa study about how queue-based systems compare to list-based systems in inside sales.

  • LB's Top 10 Report - Lauren Bailey Download Details
  • In a fun way to glean tips and strategies for your organization, listen while Factor 8 President, Lauren Bailey works her way through the top 10 “oopsies” she and her team of experts see in the trenches of Inside Sales. LB will give real-life examples, discuss the impact of each challenge, and give ideas on how to avoid or undo these situations with your own teams.

  • Inside Sales Employer of Choice - Talent Development and Retention - Kevin O'Dwyer Download Details
  • Join Kevin O'Dwyer, VP, Inside Sales EMEA, Intel Securty, as he addresses the following questions on talent development and retention:

    -What does an" Employer of Choice" mean in the context of Inside Sales?
    -What are the key drivers to attract the right kind of talent to your organization, and after you have them, what happens next?
    -What support are you likely to need to deliver an Inside Sales organization that is an "Employer of Choice"?

    Kevin will also discuss his views on what makes people stay or leave and what his experience has been in trying to build an organization where the best stay for longer.

  • Breakout Sessions:
  • Not All Proposals End in Marriage - Jamie Davies Download Details
  • A great proposal won’t win you the business on its own, but a poor proposal can undo a lot of the hard work up to that point, or even leave you standing alone at the altar. To help you end in more happily-ever-afters, this session with Jamie Davies, Strategic Account Manager for Qvidian, will examine the role of the sales proposal in today’s buyer-centric world and present proven strategies to better align your content with buyers’ decision-making behaviors.

  • Email Tips and Templates for Scaling Personalization - Pleasant Rich Download Details
  • Personalization and scale are contradictory ideas, right? Not exactly. In this session we’ll show you how to measure your time, and the metrics to use, to make decisions about where your greatest return will be when creating email templates and incorporating personalization.

  • Why Telemarketing Sucks - and what to do about it! - Jakob Löwenbrand Download Details
  • In this session, Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO and founder of Brightvision, a telemarketing and Sales Development agency, will share 8 practical tips and best practices based on 15 years of successful Sales Development and telemarketing services for demanding clients in software and technology on how to run a Sales Development team at full speed.

    At the end of the session, there will be time for discussion and questions, so please bring your best tip you can share in Sales Development as well.

  • How Analytics Could Transform Your Inside Sales Contact Centre - David Cooke Download Details
  • Using analytics to your advantage can leverage large volumes of data to gain actionable business intelligence. Analysing data such as your call recordings can help you to spot trends, identify underlying reasons for customer calls, improve your quality assurance programs, measure script adherence, determine training needs, and much more.

    David Cooke, Head of Ireland for Noble Systems EMEA, will explain how to use call recordings and real-time screening to identify and respond to situations as they occur, while providing excellent feedback for call improvement.

  • Host:
  • AA-ISP International Update - Erik Hammer Download Details
  • Erik Hammer, Vice President of International Operations, AA-ISP and Ashley Becker, Senior Director of Member Services will lead a discussion on the rise of internationally-based Inside Sales organizations. Learn about the latest trends, challenges, and solutions facing global organizations with multi-national sales locations.

  • AA-ISP International Update - Ashley Becker Download Details
  • Erik Hammer, Vice President of International Operations, AA-ISP and Ashley Becker, Senior Director of Member Services will lead a discussion on the rise of internationally-based Inside Sales organizations. Learn about the latest trends, challenges, and solutions facing global organizations with multi-national sales locations.

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