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34 East 1700 South, Suite A113

Provo, UT 84606
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2004

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA (National)

InsideSales.com helps businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve sales productivity with the industry's first cloud-based sales acceleration platform. Innovations in sales communications for immediate response, gamification for sales motivation, predictive analytics for lead prioritization, and data visualization for real-time reporting make SaaS provider InsideSales.com the clear leader in sales acceleration technology. InsideSales.com customers experience improvements in sales productivity and top-line revenue growth by as much as 30 percent. In addition, customers typically improve lead contact rates by as much as 65 percent and see significant increases in call volume.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

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InsideSales.com Team Score Big with BofI Federal Bank

Michael Miller has been tremendous in his customer support and helping BofI Federal Bank identify and acquire a state-of-the-art dialing/call center application that integrates well within our Salesforce environment. We appreciate the time and attention Michael and Gavin spend with us to ensure our business units receive proper guidance and assistance as each business unit on-boards with these tools. We highly recommend InsideSales.com as the best Dialer/Call Center add-in to Salesforce, and commend them on their quality customer service. Thank you for helping us progress and build our efficient Call Center and Sales operations.

Reviewed by on 04/16/14

Great product and unmatched customer support

Having been in the software business for the past 17 years, I have never encountered a company so committed to customer success with their product.

InsideSales.com goes above and beyond to make sure their product works to meet your needs, but they also try to help your organization improve their sales process. They operate almost like free management consultants, and there really isn't more I could ask for. That and their product is also great.

Reviewed by on 04/11/14

Surprisingly good!

When I first heard what the InsideSales.com software does It was hard to believe. It sounded so ingenious, and it is! The products are incredible, they work great and help business move efficiently and adapt to the changing world. InsideSales.com takes care of their customers.

Reviewed by on 04/10/14

Awesome Company!

Awesome company, with amazing technology!

Reviewed by C. Brown on 04/10/14

My Input

The team is very helpful every time I call. I have been very satisfied with their service so far.

Reviewed by on 04/05/14

Tech Support is awesome!!

I have placed numerous calls to tech support over the past several weeks and have been very satisfied with the help I have received. Jake Dutson, Brooke Clonts, and Kristoper Gunther have all gone above and beyond to answer my questions, provide training and make sure that we can utilize all of the tools provided by inside sales.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Inside Sales ROCKS

From day 1 of implementation with InsideSales.com, their team has been attentive to every detail, available for every question/concern, and this disruptive technology has and will continue to give us a huge advantage over our competitors.

They built very high expectations going in; so far, InsideSales.com has delivered at every level. I have no reason to doubt this will be a long and fruitful partnership.

Reviewed by Taylor on 04/04/14

I love InsideSales.com

I love working with Inside Sales. Not only has their dialer been able to help us reach more of our customers faster but they have helped us with our entire sales process. Their customer service is impeccable and they always respond in a timely manner. Butch our account rep has on many occasions gone out of his way to ensure that our reps are happy and getting the most out of InsideSales.com

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Great Support for a Good Service.

There are some issues that ISS has but I am happy that they have Great support. While any tech company is going to have its share of issues ISS support teams are responsive and work hard to resolve your issue.

It would be nice if they did not have issues but with the level of support they offer it can make it hard to stay frustrated about flaws in their system.

Our account manager John Bishoff is very helpful and knowledgeable as well. He is a busy man but does a good job about helping provide guidance that navigates us through our issues.

I do wish that when I had an issue I could reach out to one point of contact instead of calling a support line because sometimes it makes it hard to keep it straight who is working on which issue.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

InsideSales.com Review

No complaints. I appreciate the customer service from everyone I've interacted with there.

Thank you.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Great Company

Inside Sales is a great company to work with. We really like the way we are treated and how innovative their company is. We are looking forward to all the great things their company will continue to do!!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Insidesales.com review

I have used insidesales for almost 5 years now. I am very satisfied with their ability to evolve and not to mention the great customer service that they have. I would recommend them to anyone business owner.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Great Probuct

Inside sales is a Great product. Overall support is amazing they are always willing to look at the changing needs of your organization and adapt to them.

Reviewed by David T on 04/04/14

Tried 5 phone systems - this one was hands down the best!

I am the Director of Technology for a company of 100. We have an average of 500 new leads per day. I tried multiple phone systems, LiveOPS, RingDNA, five9 and few others. Hands down insidesales was the best of breed on many levels. We have 2 big screens which we display the gamification dashboard and its proven very effective at motivating our floor. The powerdialer works amazing and we are very please with local presence. All in all, we are 100% satisfied with the support and functionality of theirs system. Thanks GUYS!

Reviewed by Brandon on 04/04/14

Best of Bried

Best product in the industry.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Insidesales.com is fast to impliment, easy to use, and has noticable productivity gains.

After running a trial with a select few salespeople, we made the decision to convert our whole sales organization to Insidesales.com. With very little training and effort we had over 65 people making and receiving calls directly through Salesforce. Using their Powerdialer, we averaged around a 50% improvement in outbound call activity. Which in turn increased our sales activity.

Reviewed by Domenick Riccio on 04/04/14

On Fire with InsideSales

We have used InsideSales' CRM system with Local Presence for less than one year. Revenues from sales of our main product have jumped 27% over the same quarter previous year. The number of completed calls has doubled compared to our stats pre-InsideSales, and we have set new records in each of the last three months for the number of appointments set for sales presentations. If all things remain the same, thanks to InsideSales, I'm looking at early retirement!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Great to work with. Very customizable.

Insidesales.com dialer for salesforce has lots of customization so you can tune in your calling to the right settings. Our account manager has always been great to work with and customer service is always available for a call.

Reviewed by Jason Kocherhans on 04/04/14

Purchase of InsideSales.com Dialer licenses

Kyle Winder in Sales and Sam Emery in Support were very helpful and responsive in completing this process.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

This is the best investment we've made bar none

This is the best investment we've made bar none into productivity improvement of our inside sales team. We not only got the right tool but have the support and the training to make it work like it is designed to do. We are turning the promises made by ISDC when we signed up into bankable reality. Not only productivity but also employee satisfaction is on the rise due greater productivity and increased commissions.

Reviewed by Steven on 04/04/14

Awesome Company!

Awesome company, with amazing technology!

Reviewed by C. Brown on 04/04/14

Excellent Solution and Service is Even Better.Inside Sales.com !

We've used Insidesales.com since last June 2013. My inside sales team and myself use this solution to improve our productivity. It's an excellent tool; completely integrated with Salesforce.com, easy to use and makes prospecting much more effective. Furthermore, their service is excellent because they follow up with you proactively on a periodic basis.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

One word - AWESOME!

I'm new to InsideSales.com and I'm super impressed with not only the software, but the people - they are knowledgable and easy to work with. I dreaded the idea of launching an entire call management software integration, but everything has been easy thus far. I can't wait to get my team on the phone to really give this a ride.

Reviewed by Matt Mignona on 04/04/14

Call based productivity for the revenue focused organization

Our engagement with insidesales.com has been a pleasure.

They are brilliant in call based productivity for the revenue focused organization. Their proprietary dialing system has become the foundation for our call engagements.

From the best practices they advocate, to the advisory services they provide; the consistent application up-time, to the responsiveness from support; it's clear that this companies mission is to fundamentally transform inside sales and lead generation. I plan to be here to see it happen.

Reviewed by Ryan Shober on 04/04/14

Great service and product

insidesales.com offers a great product that allows all of our reps to be productive and proactive.

Reviewed by Dallas on 04/04/14

InsideSales.com Evaluation

As a marketing service provider, KPI has found InsideSales.com to be a key component to successful client delivery. This application has allowed us to achieve our goals at a more efficient and faster pace.

Reviewed by Joe B on 04/04/14

They truly want to help their customers be successful

I attended the admin training for InsideSales.com and it was extremely well done. They truly want to help their customers be successful. PowerDialer is powerful and easy to use. Great product, great company.

Reviewed by Amanda on 04/04/14

great crm outstanding service

great crm outstanding service

Reviewed by Mark on 04/04/14

Product Quality and Customer Service

We use InsideSales Power Dialer with their CRM and have been impressed with the ability to segment and map out prospecting strategies in a simple straightforward manner that frees the sales team to focus on conversations, qualifying and closing.
The customer service is excellent. The reps are knowledgeable and engaging, I have yet to speak with someone on that team that did not put a smile on my face. And I have had some reps call me back a day later with a different angel or better way to accomplish our objective.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Excellent Customer Service/Great product

VoltDelta OnDemand has been using the InsideSales.com Click To Call product for over a year, it's a great product and has double our productivity when prospecting. The Client Executive's at InsideSales.com have been absolutely fantastic to work with. They react quickly and take their time to ensure your questions are answered and problems resolved. Truly outstanding customer interaction worthy of an award!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

nice tool

integrates well into salesforce

Reviewed by Stephen Stringer on 04/04/14

Exceptional Technical and Customer Service

Beyond the technology and the power of the brilliant PowerDialer, Insidesales.com provides the highest level of customer service. Shaun Hunt and Brooke Clouts are two Product Specialists that give this each and every time. Their technical skills give them the ability to solve issues and their customer service skills make handling any challenge a pleasure.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Delivered on Services

Insidesales helped to deliver one-click dialing, pre-recorded voice mails and smart lists that move through reports.

Reviewed by Cole Criddle on 04/04/14

All call metrics improved

The tool integrates well with Salesforce. As we run our entire business on salesforce, InsideSales allowed us to bridge gap between phone call and all the other metrics tracked by Salesforce. An increased our call success and sales metrics too! Great team and great product.

Reviewed by Drew on 04/04/14


Really good product.

Reviewed by Omar on 04/04/14

InsideSales.com keeps my sales activity data accurate!

We love InsideSales.com! We can finally track real KPIs for our Sales team, and our prospecting and sales processes have been simplified. The sales guys love being able to call, email, set reminders, and notate accounts all from one page.

We couldn't do what we do without them!

Reviewed by Zach Horton on 04/04/14

InsideSales.com is exceptional

I've worked with several similar products and Insidesales.com takes first place. It is excellent product/service and it's continually improving. It has brought visibility to our call/follow-up activity and increased call productivity. Plus, the integration with Salesforce is seamless!

Reviewed by Beth Gonzalez on 04/04/14

Insidesales is the best!

They recently set me up as a partner and were very helpful, informative and game me a full demo. Loved it!

Reviewed by Peter Will Brown on 04/04/14

Awesome Proactive Dialer

The rating only allows a 5. However, I give Insidesales, Inc. a 10+. This is the system to deploy when inside sales wants an efficient and effective call volume every day, every week, and every month. Use of Insidesales.com delivers more appointments and more sales.

Reviewed by Robert Madsen on 04/04/14

Great Product...Great Service

Super product for any size inside sales team. And the team is cool. A holiday car from your Account Manager goes a long way. But also just super hands on and care about what you are trying to accomplish.

Reviewed by Chad on 04/04/14

Easy Company to Work With

Highly responsive team. They get back to you quickly and take the time to make sure you understand the tool and its potential impact for your clients/business.

Reviewed by Ken Vargha on 04/04/14

Great Increase in Lead Conversions and Connection Rates

InsideSales.com has allowed us to create a needed validation to all prospecting calls without added burden to the reps. Our lead response time is significantly better and we have seen great improvements in meeting lead SLA and the conversion rates. One of the best parts of InsideSales.com has been the local presence that increased our connection rates by a minimum of 50% with results upwards of 25% of all calls.

Reviewed by Paul Leto on 04/04/14


I have been working with these guys for well over a year. they are the most customer orientated group i have ever had the pleasure of working with. they have amazing trainers that not only teach the support staff to be helpful but they teach them to care about customer. Everyone in my office that has dealt with them will say the same think. they are amazing at addressing issues and helping their customers. GREAT COMPANY GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Reviewed by Steve on 04/04/14

Easy Company to Work With

Highly responsive team. They get back to you quickly and take the time to make sure you understand the tool and its potential impact for your clients/business.

Reviewed by Ken Vargha on 04/04/14


Insidesales.com is not just a CRM to store leads and contacts. When we first purchased the product, I was a little irritated with the phone calls/emails regarding their product and the continual follow-ups if I needed any assistance.

Well...I should have really taken the time to get to know our Product Specialist and Insidesales.com staff. Their product is OUTSTANDING compared to any other on the market. Their customer service and support it truly SUPERIOR. It is exciting to work with our Product Support person on a weekly basis continually improving our inside sales methods. Highly recommend their product to everyone!

Reviewed by Melissa on 04/04/14

Friendly and Responsive

The support team at InsideSales.com is very responsive to our issues when we report them and at times, have rolled out immediate patches to fix bugs we've discovered reported or enhancements we've requested. The team is always courteous and thorough.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

powerful platform

The inside sales technology and team are world class and have made my life much easier as both a consultant and VP sales for several companies. There tools and resources have given us an unfair advantage and filled our sales pipelines at an accelerated pace.

Reviewed by Gabriel on 04/04/14

My Team loves inside.sales.com

My guys spoke with so many more people when using your system it's a clear value for us. We plan on implementing Q3. Thanks again!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Laiken Rocks

Laiken has always been responsive and exceptional in resolving any issues. I've really enjoyed working with her.

Reviewed by Chloe Brennan on 04/04/14

My review on InsideSales.com from a CEO's standpoint

From the start of my research on a cloud based all in one dialer and account management company it was very confusing and I just couldn't make a decision because there always seemed to be an uneasy feeling in my gut. Once I was contact by InsideSales.com it became so much easier.

From the first call (the sales guy doesn't know this) I had already made up my mind to sign on with InsideSales.com. I loved the amount of enthusiasm and knowledge they brought to the table. From the extensive and exhausting amount of time and research they put toward market analytics alone was so impressive that I knew immediately they took all the guesswork out of this for me.

Typically after the sale is when things start to fall short or my company begins to feel neglected and not important. More importantly it's when the service and support fall apart and promises are broken. NOT THE CASE AT ALL WITH INSIDESALES.COM. From the very first day after becoming a client I have been treated with the utmost respect and the follow through from everyone has been absolutely perfect.

They have been flexible with my schedule, on-time for meetings and the trainings have been perfectly executed and organized. They have a process and it's proving to be a great one for me. I am a fairly picky person but I haven't had to pick at them for anything and am relieved to know that I have a solution that I'll be able to grow with an renew for many years to come.

I could not be a happier client and also I'm already about to refer a new company to InsideSales.com. There will be many more referrals from me too as long as things continue at this level. Best overall decision I've made for my business in a long time.

Thank you,

Joseph Dix - CEO
CANDID Business Solutions, LLC.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14


Great customer service. They are committed and reliable every time I call.

Reviewed by Donna Wirth on 04/04/14

Inside Sales

Their customer service team is very responsive and is very helpful anytime we have issues. However the product seems to have a lot of glitches.

Reviewed by Ashley M on 04/04/14

Review for Insidesales.com

My Name is Chris Gales, and I am the main user that deals with the Insidesales.com. My experience with Insidesales.com has been nothing short of excellent. I would rate them 5. This is the best system we have ever used second to none when it comes to re-activating dead leads. They allow us to reach untapped leads and revenue that we were not able to generate in years prior. The local number feature of their system is outstanding, and has really helped us reach clients we have not been able to reach. We would highly recommend them to everyone and anyone that needs to call dead leads to turn the leads into consistent revenue generating every month. We couldn’t be happier to have been using them over a year.

Thank You,

Chris Gales

Reviewed by Chris Gales on 04/04/14

Excellent Customer Service

Michael Rae has provided our company with excellent customer service. His technical skills and product knowledge has been very valuable in helping us build a successful dialing system for our inside sales team. He has been able to give us quick answers to all our questions and has found solutions to help us customized our call lists. We are fortunate to have Michael as our Client Account Executive. Thank you!

Barbara Baesmann
Account Development Manager

Reviewed by Barbara Baesmann on 04/04/14

Inside Sales.com is Awesome!

Inside Sales.com is Awesome!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Great Service and product

So far above and beyond my expectations- have worked with a few you are a fav

Reviewed by Wendi on 04/04/14


ISDC is a great product to help our sales staff be more productive and efficient. It also provides additional insight and reporting to help our managers reward and/or coach their staff. The customer support we receive is top notch. They are quick to respond and go above and beyond to ensure resolution to any questions.

Reviewed by Theresa Anderson on 04/04/14

Simply The Best

I have looked at and tested numerous system and they all came up short, InsideSales has delivered everything we need for our agents and managers. That just the software, the Service is what really stands out. Michael Rae is our client account contact and he delivers above and beyond , anything we need is taken care of and faster than we expect. This company is supreme, I could not imagine my business without them! Thanks Michael for all you do.

Reviewed by Darrell on 04/04/14

Inside Sales Review

We partnered with Inside Sales in early 2013. There were a few bumps in the road because of differences in our old CRM and theirs, however they have worked with us tirelessly to make sure their product offers everything we need to be successful in our business. The employees are professional and experts in their field. The product that really sold me on Inside Sales was the dialer and the ability to leave voice mails or emails without having to reinvent the wheel every time which allows for more calls to be made and a consistent message to every customer. This has greatly increased our efficiency.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Inside Sales Review

We partnered with Inside Sales in early 2013. There were a few bumps in the road because of differences in our old CRM and theirs, however they have worked with us tirelessly to make sure their product offers everything we need to be successful in our business. The employees are professional and experts in their field. The product that really sold me on Inside Sales was the dialer and the ability to leave voice mails or emails without having to reinvent the wheel every time which allows for more calls to be made and a consistent message to every customer. This has greatly increased our efficiency.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14


I am part of a support team within VMware and have worked with IS.com several times. They without a doubt have been great to work with!

Reviewed by on 04/04/14

Top flight service for last 4 years

Very simply put. InsideSales.com has excellent service and account management. I am only a single license customer, but they treat me like I was an enterprise customer with 500 seats. There is not an issue that they don't address within minutes, not days!! They are flexible, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I have been with them now for 4 years, and have seen their explosive growth in the market firsthand. But what is so refreshing is that, even with their growth, their service levels did not drop off but actually have increased, and gotten better (and they were great before)!! Not usually the case. They are just a great organization, and it doesn't hurt to have a best in class product too!!

Reviewed by Armond on 04/04/14

Inside Sales has it "dialed in"!

Inside Sales is a wonderful tool for call centers! Great features like local presence, last in first out call prioritization and power standings! Couldn't run my business without them!

Reviewed by Scott on 04/04/14

Great product

This product is the best in the industry for companies that want to grow your business by sales calls. It will monitor all your lead activity and I believe it is the most effective software on the market. If you want to build your business by sales calls then use this software today. I mean, right this second. I am serious.

Reviewed by Craig on 04/04/14

Great products with amazing support

We have been working with InsideSales.com for the last 16 months and have had excellent support throughout our implementation of their products and have had a great experience whenever we needed help. Their products, such as the PowerDialer with LocalPresence and Click2Call have helped our inside sales team grow our call volume, number of opportunities and in the end our sales volume.
I highly recommend working with the professionals at InsideSales.com

Reviewed by Olaf Van Yperen on 04/04/14

Recommendation for Insidesales.com

Insidesales.com has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sales goals. I would highly recommend them for any organization that makes lots of outbound calls to generate new business. Everyone at Insidesales.com is ALWAYS very friendly and willing to help out. Our account executive, Coy Whittier, is consistently trying to improve our processes and streamline our sales efforts.

Reviewed by Gary J on 04/04/14


I use InsideSales.com click to call. Their product is great and allows me to my make the most of my day.

Reviewed by on 04/04/14


Very helpful and supportive

Reviewed by James Wood on 04/04/14

Great job!

Fantastic service!

Reviewed by on 04/03/14

Amazing company with incredible benefits and tools!

Inside Sales has an amazing product that streamlines the inside sales process. They also offer a myriad of tools and ongoing trainings that help to keep us up to date and current. Our assigned sales representative is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to help us get the most from the system. This seems to be the company culture and is very refreshing in the fast paced environment of todays society.

Reviewed by on 04/03/14

Love Insidesales.com

One of the best sales tools I've ever used!

Reviewed by micah on 04/03/14

Great product, great service!

Love the product and love to see how the company is helping the industry open up.

Reviewed by Joseph Wood on 04/03/14

insidesales is great

I would highly recommend the insidesales application it not only makes our reps more productive it makes them more effective by capturing their activities and helping the manage the customer base. As a sales leader I also appreciate the research and data the insidesales provides on industry best practices.

Reviewed by Jim Sobaski on 04/03/14

ISDC Enables Sales Teams

We utilize the ISDC PowerDialer solution to help us gain additional efficiencies with our inside sales operations. We have been able to increase our outbound call volumes, drive additional accountability and sales from our Inside Sales teams thanks to ISDC. The ISDC product is tightly integrated with SFDC and allows us to deliver clear management reporting. We have also recently started to utilize ISDC PowerStandings to begin efforts to add "gamification" to our sales teams. Although just started, we are seeing the benefits of having the teams "compete" with each other on meeting company goals.

The ISDC team has been extremely supportive and we have had a great experience from a customer support perspective. We have been very happy with our experience with the ISDC team.

Reviewed by Gavin Harris on 04/03/14

Great stuff!

This tool does an excellent job in a number of ways. Local presence has increased our answer rate tremendously. The functions of the tool allows me to keep all of the data within our CRM and saves my team an incredible amount of time when prospecting.

Reviewed by Troiani Meyers on 04/02/14

InsideSales.com combines phones, coaching, integration

Green Leads switched over to InsideSales.com in the fall. It has been an incredibly valuable move for us. In addition to it's tight integration with Salesforce, it's ability to power dial, etc. the use of it for training purposes using the call recording and management features.

Reviewed by Mike on 03/27/14

Great vision for modern sales teams

Insidesales.com is by far the most forward thinking sales software company. Their research and development in gamification and predictive analytics are breaking new grounds.

Reviewed by Bobby Cooper on 03/26/14

Best of the Best!

InsideSales.com is leading the industry for sales acceleration technology. If you have an inside sales team, this IS the solution for you!

Reviewed by Miller on 03/26/14

Great Solution!

Love the dialer and the ideology!

Reviewed by Jason Marty on 03/26/14

InsideSales is THE BEST!!

When I was starting my call center, I researched every CRM and dialer I could find. When I found InsideSales I KNEW they were the right fit for me and after 4 years of using their services, I have not been disappointed. Their power dialer is the primary reason I selected them and it is AWESOME, but almost just as awesome is their amazing support staff. My support manager Steele is fantastic. He's always on top of any requests that I have, and he makes sure the job gets done right and in a timely manner. I can't say enough good things about him, his team and the software in general. I highly recommend InsideSales for anyone needing a CRM and power dialer combo.

Reviewed by Brandon Smith on 03/28/13

Still in Implementation but already seeing an increase in our sales conversion

We selected the IS system because one of our business partners is using the system with strong results and we're looking to duplicate their success. Although we are not yet thru Implementation, I went ahead and built Dialer Initiatives and campaigns to get my agents using the power dialer sooner rather than later. I'd have to say our interaction with the Implementation Specialist is not at the level I'd like, but the back end support from our assigned representative and the customer support team has been fabulous - speedy reaction to any trouble spots and proactive communications from them to assist with any questions I might uncover as I stumble thru the system. I recently attended the Certification course along with our IT expert and found nothing but generous support and a strong focus from the education team to make sure we had all the details we needed to continue to build our utilization of the system and grow our capacity. I'm delighted with our decision to go with the Insidesales.com system and look forward to our future capabilities utilizing this system.

Reviewed by Sue Howton-Stich on 03/28/13

Great tool that can evolve with a growing company

I completed the IS Certification for Salesforce training and then brought on 3 sales reps to use the PowerDialing software. Our team is a lot more focused now in terms of the calls they are making. We're still relatively new, 1 month into using the dialer full time but we're already seeing an increase in our contact rate.

Reviewed by Laurynda Pasma on 03/28/13

Invaluable Tool for Business Development

I have been using the PowerDialer for almost a year. I can't imagine doing my job without it. The best part about it is not the dialing, it is teeing up the right contacts, in the right time zone and making it very easy to log the results, send email templates and then pull up the next lead.
Great tool!
Bob Della-Croce<br>
Manager Business Development<br>
NEC Corp of America

Reviewed by Robert Della-Croce on 03/28/13

Powerful yet simple

I have been using ISS with my team for almost 6 years and not sure how we ever survived without it. Its very simple and intuitive to use, yet powerful in its ability to streamline processes so my staff can do what they are trained to do - sell.

Reviewed by Kenneth Baker on 03/28/13

Powerful Technology, But Poor Customer Service

After a year with this company I have such mixed emotions about them. On one hand their technology is very powerful and it can help you improve your business. On the other hand trying to get someone to return your phone call regarding a customer service issue is like pulling teeth. They seem to spend all their resources on new business and lose interest in you after you become a client.

Reviewed by Curt Vondrasek on 07/27/12

Love the Custom Layouts

I recently took a training course from insidesales.com. They had an excellent program and treated us like kings. Of the many incredible tools my favorite aspect is the custom fields and layouts. We were taught in our training how important it is to have good reliable data and with the ability to customize the data and see when and where it is presented it makes this an incredible tool to grow our business and take care of our customers.

Reviewed by Jason Kocherhans on 04/02/12

Best Dialer + Exceptional Customer Service

Selecting InsideSales.com has been one of the best sales decisions we've made. The InsideSales.com Dialer automatically gives your hottest leads top priority in your calling list, ensuring much higher connections and closes. We seen our connections exceed 60% after switching to InsideSales.com. And early this year, when we needed to quickly train up some staff and retool some campaigns, InsideSales.com staff cheerfully and efficiently helped accomplish our goals. I strongly recommend InsideSales.com to any company that wants to turbocharge their call center!

Reviewed by David Hansen on 04/02/12

5 year+ Power User

I have been using the Insidesales dialer for over 5 years and I cant imagine life without it. Everyone I have introduced the dialer to was skeptical at first and now they would be lost without it. If your still manually making phone calls and dialing off of a spreadsheet, your stuck in the 80's.

Reviewed by Matt Wheeler on 03/29/12

A Double Wammy Sales and Management Tool

If you knew me you would understand how much I appreciate Insidesales. They have catapulted me into the modern era. The easy access to my customers and prospects is a huge advantage. But the best thing is I don't have to be a techno geek to access the service. And they have a personal touch that even goes beyond the technological advantages they provide. I heartily endorse this company.

Reviewed by John on 03/29/12

Great ELF Tool

I have been using InsideSales for over 2 years now and I have come to rely on the Electronic Work Force feature. I can easily set up automated emails, tasks, reminders, etc... to make my sales team more effective and to help them consistently contact all of their leads. With ELF we have been able to better categorize our leads and put them in automated processes based on their interest level, product, time frame, and potential deal size. I would gladly recommend InsideSales to a colleague.

Reviewed by David Blakely on 03/29/12

Overly Impressed, Inside Sales Delivers.

We were searching for a CRM that could deliver an efficient, effective and fully customizable solution to fit all our needs. Inside Sales answered in all areas and has become an integral part of our company. From design to implementation and continued support of our system, the team at Inside Sales has performed well above expectations. If your organization is looking for an outside solution to partner with, I could not give a better recommendation. Our business involves a lot of moving parts and we needed a solution agile enough to react quickly to change. High praises go to the technology, developers, support and leadership found at Inside Sales. We look forward to our continued growth and success which is strongly influenced by the performance and advantage we receive from Inside Sales.

Reviewed by Joe MacClaren on 05/05/11

Inside Sales is the best

We have built our business around using InsideSales and their technology tools to help our lead generation and appointment setting company, www.launchleads.com excel. We have had the chance to customize it to exactly our needs and have seen many successes with their PowerDialer. They should win for sure.

Reviewed by Brandt Page on 05/05/11

PowerDialer for Salesforce = 300% Increase in Productivity

Challenged to find a telemarketing solution that works wonderfully with Salesforce? Do you want to maximize your team’s productivity? If so, I strongly recommend you contact Ben Richards at Inside Sales to learn how PowerDialer for Salesforce.com can increase dials, conversations, and S A L E S .

Does outbound calling the RIGHT LEAD at the RIGHT TIME improve your team’s sales effectiveness? It sure did for us!!! Do you want to route inbound leads to your best sales team or a specific rep for that type of lead? Need incredible reporting that catapults your ability to understand, manage and reward your team. It’s all these reasons that we selected PowerDialer for Salesforce.com. Once implemented and adopted, we realized a 300% gain in productivity and all the reporting we need to grow gains from there.

Most impressive of all was the amazing professionalism, character and knowledge of the Sales, Implementation, and Customer Support team at InsideSales. They are simply OUTSTANDING. Although our business model presented many challenges, the insideSales team worked closely with us through every detail and bent over backwards to deliver unparalleled customer service. PowerDialer for Salesforce is one of the most POWERFUL tools we have to increase sales and reduce customer acquisition costs. Call them!

Reviewed by Greg Hinrichs on 05/04/11

Who wants to increase productivity and revenue???

We have been using Insidesales.com for over a year now after banging our heads against the wall with sub-standard CRM providers who simply didn't have the resources or even most of the time the desire to address the needs our company had. I am yet to find any other system on the market that is anywhere near as useable as Insidesales.com. I have been able to literally triple the productivity of my agents which oddly enough always seems to result in increased sales. The Tech and Customer Service Team is prompt and gets the job done every time. If you aren’t using Insidesales.com you should be because I am and so are your competitors.

Reviewed by David Brown on 05/04/11

A must have for anyone in insidesales

We have used a handful of different CRM/InsideSales systems only to find that the front and back end useability to be extremely limited for our needs and by no means cost effective. InsideSales.com was the best choice for us in our line of work and enabled us to not only increase sales on the floor but allow our back end users to maintain their sanity. InsideSales.com customer service is by far the best and have went far beyond what any other CRM/InsideSales company is even capable of. InsideSales.com is the choice to make if you are a small business or even a large corporation looking to increase productivity without redesigning the wheel. Their flexibility allows them to tailor a system to your specific needs. InsideSales.com is the only way to go. If you had a need to move satellites I am sure InsideSales.com could get it done for you.

Reviewed by Matt Pittman on 05/04/11

Would highly recommend insidesales

I would highly recommend insidesales for provider of the year. We have used them to power our sales center and we have seen a large increase in contact rate and close rate. Their dialer is the best I have seen. And their implementation / customer service has been stellar to deal with. They have made us more profitable.

Reviewed by Rich Cray on 05/04/11

100+ calls/day, and your reps will like it...

InsideSales.com Power Dialer is intuitive and provides significant ROI by enabling reps to make more calls in a day, optimize there time, and leverage data to track success over time to be even more effective.

We're in pilot test phase, and will move forward with InsideSales.com.

Chad Burmeister

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 05/03/11

Excellent power dialer option

We implemented the insidesales.com power dialer this year. Our 20 person outbound appointment setting team is used to tools like this, but is blown away by the increased functionality and speed of the dialer. We give them options between a few products, and the majority is voting for insidesales.com. If you have good people, good training/coaching, and a good process in place, it might be time to crank up the juice with their power dialer.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 04/27/11

Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices

By: Lee B. Salz

Founder and CEO, Sales Architechs

Published: 2011

This complementary ebook presents the business case for onboarding and how to implement it in your company. Download now.


Books & Publications

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Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

Klattitude - An Inspirational Guide to Striking a Positive Frame of Mind

By: Bob Klatt -

Published: 2011

This book is a motivational tool to help people optimize their attitude. Author Bob Klatt uses the pun Klattitude to put the fun in a subject many are uncomfortable to address. He strikes the right chords by sharing relatable personal experiences

Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Klattitude - An Inspirational Guide to Striking a Positive Frame of Mind:

Keeping the right frame of mind.

I enjoy his message and style. RAK...the world would be a better place if more did it.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 01/25/11

Brainshark, Inc.

130 Turner Street, Bldg. 1

Waltham, MA 02453
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1999

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

Organizations and individuals use the myBrainshark site to create, share and track publicly available multimedia presentations for free.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for Brainshark, Inc.:

Brainshark offers added dimension....

I used Brainshark to produce our membership video and we will also be producing a member tutorial. I also have some other great ideas for it too. I like the narrative feature and it was pretty easy to use.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 01/17/10

SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business With Today's Frazzled Customers

Author: Jill Konrath

Published: 2010

#1 Amazon bestselling sales book. Discover fresh sales strategies and actionable ideas for dealing with you crazy-busy prospects.


Books & Publications

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SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business With Today's Frazzled Customers has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


45 Rincon Dr. Building 103-3B

Camarillo, CA 93012
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2000

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

The BrainX Online Learning System uses patented technology-available ONLY from BrainX- to reduce training time and personalize learning which ensures mastery of course content. Sales increase by 200% when BrainX is used for sales/product training vs. traditional or other online learning systems.

Consulting Services Training & Education

Viewing Reviews for BrainX:

The Mental Toughness Program is life changing for building a better culture

We already had a good sales team. However, we felt that we lacked the edge that potentially could separate us in our very competitive market place. We rolled the Mental Toughness program out fully in February 2012 and within three months our year-over-year sales were up by 32%! The evidence is clear cut. Creating a sales culture that promotes mental toughness and implementing the mental toughness training has shifted our normal sales person bell curve significantly to the right.

Reviewed by Gary Milwit on 02/26/13


2200 Bridge Parkway

Redwood City, CA 94065
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: International

As the market leader and innovator in gamification, Bunchball’s gamification solutions have motivated more than 125 million users to complete more than 20 billion actions on behalf of over 300 customers. Now, you can harness the compelling power of gamification to increase employee engagement and customer loyalty with Bunchball Nitro, Nitro for Salesforce, Nitro for IBM Connections, and Nitro for Jive.


Training & Education SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

Viewing Reviews for Bunchball:

Bunchball has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

Improving Sales Productivity in 2010

By Nancy Nardin

Published: 2010

I sought out to write about the different paths to productivity gains. Training sales reps and providing more knowledge is one path. Hiring more sales reps is another. Creating new products is a third. The 4th path is the road most traveled. It’s simply to “demand more”. Make more calls,


Books & Publications

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Act-On Software, Inc.

201 Creekside Ridge Court

Roseville, California 95678
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2008

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

OUR MISSION: To delight Fortune 5,000,000 marketers with a cloud-based integrated marketing solution that enables them to market online more effectively than ever before. Act-On makes it easy for marketing teams to do sophisticated, multi-channel marketing, via a simple yet highly intuitive suite of integrated capabilities.

OUR STORY: Act-On was created to empower businesses to effectively market online at a fraction of the effort and cost incurred by more complicated systems. Act-On introduced a solution that was far more powerful yet easy enough and intuitive enough that a marketer could use it without help from the IT department.

Act-On Software is the world's fastest growing marketing automation company; its cloud-based marketing automation platform is the foundation of successful marketing campaigns everywhere – from small, simple and direct, to complex globally implemented programs. Act-On's technology features an Instant-On™ database for accelerated campaign implementation; an easy, highly intuitive user interface; and a comprehensive, feature-rich solution set. This includes a best-in-class email engine with one-click integration to leading web conferencing and CRM solutions; tools for website visitor tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing and social media prospecting; design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails; and more.

Our customers tell us that Act-On enables them to keep their focus on their campaign objectives rather than on the underlying technology. Act-On's integrated marketing platform can be implemented in a matter of hours rather than days and weeks. Contrary to general industry practices, all contracts regardless of size are month-to-month, with prices starting at $500.

Test-drive Act-On yourself and see why well-established companies like Motorola and Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, and rising stars like On24, count themselves among our 1500+ happy customers.

Founded in 2008, Act-On is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with offices in Roseville and Menlo Park, California, and Bangalore, India. It is backed by venture capital firms Norwest Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners and Voyager Capital. In addition, the company has received an investment from Stanford University.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

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DRE Software, Inc.

410 Pierce Street

Houston, TX 77002
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

DRE's Business Collaboration Network (BCN) is web-based business collaboration and web conferencing software that enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate simply with customers, prospects, partners and other colleagues.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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What Works! Communications

1885 Green Street

San Francisco, CA 94123
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2001

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

We deliver Virtual Sales Presentation Skills Training for inside sales teams that use WebEx, GoToMeeting and more. Clients include Cisco, Symantec, and Google. Tom Drews is the leading expert in this field, having delivered presentation training for the entire sales and marketing teams at WebEx.

Consulting Services Training & Education

Viewing Reviews for What Works! Communications:

A must for demos or virtual presentations

I met Tom a few years ago and worked with him on developing a more effective presentation style. He is a master coach who gives great advice and exercises patience with both rookies and vets. Since working with Tom, I have been invited to speak at many webinars, sales kick off meetings, and local events like the Washington Board of Trade. I owe Tom a huge debt of gratitude for helping us grow our business and effectively communicating actionable tactics and techniques to our audiences. We also overhauled our "demo" process with new clients yielding fantastic results. If your team is presenting live, virtually, or doing demos, you need to talk with Tom.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 04/28/11

Tom is an amazing trainer

Tom delivers a truly interactive and engaging presentation skills course, for both live presenting, and more important for Inside Sales, Virtual Presentation Skills. From the first time I leveraged his course, I have leaned on him multiple times to help me prepare for presentations, and help my sales teams improve their level of Professionalism and Performance.

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 12/01/10

Your presentations will improve...period.

WWC has a great style and can do everything from how to develop a presentation to fine tuning that next to last draft.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 03/24/10


1300 Island Dr.

Redwood City, CA 94065
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2001

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA & Canada

Enkata is a leading SaaS Sales Performance Management solution provider, focused on helping employers improve the productivity and quality of their sales teams. Enkata's solution delivers unprecedented visibility into how sales people perform their jobs, and provides managers with the insight they need to help their team members improve. Fortune 100 companies trust Enkata to examine millions of customer and employee interactions each day ensuring that each is delivering value to the organization. For more information, please visit www.enkata.com.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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VisibleGains, Inc

1601 Trapelo Road

Waltham, MA 02451
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

VisibleGains for Sales lets sales professionals create and share a “Personal Page” of relevant collateral for individual prospects in under a minute. This type of engagement establishes high value relationships, accelerates the sales process, and is proven to increase deal conversions by 20%.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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2506 N. Clark Street # 319

Chicago, IL 60614
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2002

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA & Canada

Kraig Kleeman is Chairman / Publisher of The Must-React Institute, and originator of The Must-React System. A proven methodology for sales process, The Must-React System produces significant and measurable results. Under Kleeman's direction, thousands of sales professionals globally have been trained and certified in The Must-React System.

Consulting Services Training & Education Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for Kraig_Kleeman.com:

Kraig rocks!

If Kraig is representative of the Blaire Group (after seeing him speak at AA-ISP/Dallas 2012), I've got to learn more about the Blaire Group. Excellent content. Bono story was fantastic. "Know your audience", use credibility, alternate close, all good stuff.

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 04/22/12

Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can't buy and sellers can't sell and what you can do about it

Author: Sharon Drew Morgen

Published: 2009

What's stopping you from closing all of the sales you
deserve to close?

NY Times Bestselling author Sharon Drew Morgen explains the behind-the-scenes issues buyers must manage before they buy, and offers a decision facilitation model to influence the buying decision process.


Books & Publications

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Inside Sales Enablement Report - Let Them Drink Coffee

Aberdeen Group

Published: 2010

Top-performing sales organizations are meeting the challenges of increasing the quality and flow of leads presented to their “closers,” as well improving their overall revenue and sales effectiveness, by deploying well-supported and carefully structured inside sales teams to handle a portion


Books & Publications

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Inside Sales Enablement Report - Let Them Drink Coffee has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

Author: Ardath Albee

Published by: McGraw Hill

Published: 2010

A comprehensive guide to help B2B marketers drive decisions to buy in their favor. Differentiate your company with contagious content strategies that produce more sales opportunities, faster. Find out how to get the tangible proof you need to prove marketing effectiveness.

Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale:

Contagious Content is King!

Ardath is a master at educating us on the value of good content. This book is a "must-have" for any sales or marketing professional.

Reviewed by Josiane Feigon on 09/21/10


901 Mariner's Island Blvd

San Mateo, California 94404
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: International

Marketing Software – Easy, Powerful, Complete. Marketo uniquely provides easy-to-use, powerful and complete marketing software that propels fast-growing small companies and global enterprises alike. Marketo’s marketing automation and sales effectiveness software – including the world’s first integrated solution for social marketing automation – streamlines marketing processes, delivers more campaigns, generates more win-ready leads, and dramatically improves sales performance. With proven technology, comprehensive services and expert guidance, Marketo helps thousands of companies around the world turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver.

Known for providing breakthrough innovation and fueling explosive growth, Marketo was recently selected as the #1 Marketing Software Vendor on the INC 500, recognized by The Wall Street Journal’s on the 3rd annual “Next Big Thing List,” and named as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes. Marketo received the CRM Market Leaders Awards Winner for Marketing Solutions by CRM Magazine in 2011 and 2012. Salesforce.com customers also honored the company with two AppExchange Best of ’11 Awards, for Best Marketing Automation Solution and Best Chatter Exchange.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for Marketo:

Marketo has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

NetProspex B2B Contacts

300 Third Ave

Waltham, MA 02451
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2006

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA & Canada

Looking for accurate B2B contact lists? NetProspex offers complete business information for millions of professionals. Find complete contact information verified by CleneStep, and find the decision makers with our targeted search criteria.


Recruitment Services & Hiring tools SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

By: Sam Richter

Founder and CEO, SBR Worldwide/Know More! and SVP/Chief Marketing Officer at ActiFi

Published: 2008

Win 2X the business when you know more! Discover practical online search secrets, tips, tricks, and tools you can use to find information and make a big-time impression with any prospect, and improve your relationships (and margins) with existing clients.


Books & Publications

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Glance Networks

1167 Massachusetts Ave.

Arlington, MA 02476
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2002

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen sharing tool designed to help Sales Professionals make the greatest impact on every phone call in their sales cycle.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

Viewing Reviews for Glance Networks:

Perfect for Salesforce Users - Lighting Fast Connection w Clients - Awesome Reporting

Glance instantly increased our sales and demonstration productivity over 25%!

We implemented Glance for our >100 person inside sales team to overcome the challenges we had with Gotomeeting and Webex. We needed an online demo solution that didn’t require the client to download something on their computer so our reps didn’t have to waste precious demo time talking the client through a download of presentation software onto their computer (like you have to do with Webex and Goto). Glance ELIMINATED the hassles our reps had getting clients onto the demos. The result was an impressive >25% increase in sales time with the client and eliminated connection frustrations.

We needed reporting that dovetailed into Salesforce so we could track all online demo activity, duration and participants, to the rep and Salesforce client records so we could track it for payroll incentives INSIDE Salesforce. Works B E A U T I F U L L Y!

The product is great but the real treat is the sales, Implementation, technical support and executive team at Glance. Wonderful people; knowledgeable, resourceful, and EXTREMELY helpful. Outstanding customer service!!!

If you need a cost efficient, easy to use, simple to log-on online tool with excellent reporting and want outstanding service, call Glance.

Reviewed by Greg Hinrichs on 08/18/11

Do you want to maximize the value of your online demos?

Isn’t the demo is the most opportune time to advance the sales process to close. Isn’t it also the greatest opportunity to capture critical sales data?
Do you need a LIGHTNING FAST online demo tool? Do you want visibility into and ACCURATE REPORTING of your teams demo events INSIDE Salesforce and via Salesforce reporting? Do you want to AVOID THE CHALLENGE your reps experience with their demo prospects of walking the prospect through a cumbersome download of software just to get them to your demo? Would you like to leverage the demo event data to trigger work flows, reporting, follow up emails and the like? If so, Glance is your solution. Not only is it less expensive than competitors, but its easier and more powerful!
Our challenge was to find a demo tool that launched inside Salesforce and provided accurate reporting of the demo event on the Salesforce record; who launched demo, when, duration, and attendees. We needed a tool that did not require the prospect to go through the cumbersome and annoying download process required by Webex and GoTo and other demo tools. For our 150 rep Direct Sales team we need to tie the duration of the demo event to reps payroll, performance evaluation, real-time dashboards, and trigger automated work flows to manage and follow-up with the client so our reps could focus on sales conversations.
Our implementation of Glance drastically improved our sales performance while giving us the actionable demo event data we needed to manage more effectively and automate follow-up and payroll processes. The implementation team at Glance provided unparalleled customer service and insight that helped us maximize the power of the Glance for Salesforce demo tool. Glance proved to be one of the best sales and management tools in our Direct Sales and customer service operations. If you want to maximize the benefits and value of online demos, give the folks at Glance a call.

Reviewed by Greg Hinrichs on 07/07/11

Easy to use

We love this screen sharing tool as it is extremely easy to use. We use it all the time when showing clients our web site virtually.

Reviewed by Bob Perkins on 05/01/11

I like it when you want to share screens quickly.

I like the fact that within a couple of seconds you can share a screen and it helps my productivity.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 03/16/10

The Must-React System

Author: Kraig Kleeman

Published by: iUniverse

Published: 2008

Every company that wants to continue growth needs their sales team to be proficient in finding and closing net-new opportunities. Most sales persons, unfortunately, are not good at gaining new business, much less performing even the most basic prospecting practices. There are a multitude of reasons for this phenomenon. But the biggest reason is that sales professionals are untrained in vital, lead development / introductory messaging techniques. Especially in the realm of cold-calling and tele-prospecting. Further, there is a culture of sales resistance that exists, and few sales professionals are equipped to penetrate it. The Must-React System is written help all sales professionals master the art of persuasion, and especially in the important area of cold-calling, prospecting, and sales pipeline development.


Books & Publications

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The Must-React System has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


3 Highwood Drive Suite 3-101E

Tewksbury, MA 01876
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1999

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

TimeTrade is the world leader in online appointment scheduling systems used by businesses to create new customers, accelerate sales and service process and make it fast and easy to respond to customers 24/7. Our solutions are built to meet the real-time scheduling demands of the largest deployments.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

Viewing Reviews for TimeTrade:

Easiest way to schedule phone or in-person appointments with customers

TimeTrade is an application that I cannot live without. It enables me to share my calendar with customers & prospects so they can schedule an appointment with me on a date/time that works for both of us. TimeTrade allows me to spend more time having live conversations, rather than hunting people down to schedule an appointment.

Reviewed by Janet Stucchi on 02/24/14

Awesome virtual scheduling tool

Timetrade makes scheduling time with clients and prosepct very easy. you don't even have to talk live to schedule a meeting. Its an excellent virtual scheduling opotin and is easy to use for both your reps and your clients. Highly recommended. Bob P.

Reviewed by Bob Perkins on 04/20/12

Selling to the C-Suite

Authors: Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D. &

Nicholas A.C. Read

Published: 2009

Every salesperson wants to gain access to senior executives in client organizations. Backed by research with CXO-level executives, Selling to the C-Suite reveals how to how to gain access to senior client executives and establish trust and credibility with them, so that you get return access.


Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Selling to the C-Suite:

Selling to the C-Suite has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer

Authors: Herb Greenberg & Patrick Sweeny

Published by: McGraw Hill

Published: 2000

Why are some salespeople so incredible, while most are obviously in the wrong job? What do the best salespeople have that others do not? What does it really take to succeed in sales?


Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer:

How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

Succeed On Your Own Terms

Authors: Herb Greenberg & Patrick Sweeny

Published by: McGraw Hill

Published: 2006

Success is about understanding what drives you. When you know how to tap into your inner strengths and create your own definition of success, you are well on your way to succeeding on your own terms—just like the individuals profiled in this book.


Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Succeed On Your Own Terms:

Succeed On Your Own Terms has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


Author: Josiane Chriqui Feigon

Published by: AMACOM


My new book Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, short-listed for Best Sales Book of 2009 by the 800-CEO-Read Business Book Awards, details my time-tested sales system. Built on 10 easy-to-learn, must-have skills, my book is a comprehensive road map that…

Books & Publications


Great read, highly relevant!

If you are looking for a book to hand out to your sales team to make them more productive, and learn tricks & tips from one of the best in the Bay Area, look no further. Inside Sales Reps, this book is for you!!!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/25/11

Josiane is the best!

Want a personal sales trainer for your team? You can get one with Josiane for the cost of a paperback book! <br><br>

Buy it, encourage your reps to read it, and then quiz them on it. Josiane teaches REAL WORLD best practices for Inside Sales.
Do you know what a NOPO is? Josiane can tell you...

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 12/01/10

My cubicle friend!

This is a fantastic book and the only one focused for inside sales who must navigate todays Sales 2.0 landscape. Josiane has done a great job in explaining the tactical skills necessary for selling today.

Reviewed by Josiane Feigon on 09/21/10

Smart Calling-Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling

Author: Art Sobczak



Do you dread calling prospects? Are you sick and tired of rejection? Instead of using tired old formulas that ensure failure, you'll use a Smart method for engaging prospects in conversations that gets results.


Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Smart Calling-Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling:

Smart Calling-Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


222 N Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 1800

El Segundo, CA 90245
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2004

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

Velocify is a market-leading provider of cloud-based intelligent sales software, designed for high-velocity sales environments. Velocify helps sales teams keep pace with the speed of opportunity and improve conversion rates by driving rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved productivity, and actionable selling insights. The company has helped more than 1,500 companies across a variety of industries improve customer acquisition practices and sales performance. Velocify was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte and a Best Place to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

Viewing Reviews for Velocify:

Great product for managing outbound leads

Velocify has helped our company get a better understanding of the sales cycle for our customers. We have more insight on our contact rate and conversions and can make more intelligent marketing decisions as well as provide better guidance to our sales team on ways they can improve their sales.

Reviewed by Jon Moises on 04/04/14

Excellent Product

Best product I've seen in the market. Very user friendly and the reports give me a day to day snapshot of what's working for my business and what's not. The use of Velocify has become a critical component of new business acquisition. In addition, the e-books they publish continuously offer insight on how to improve the processes in my business. Thank you Velocify!

Reviewed by Frank Torres on 04/03/14

Improved my sales conversions by 30%!

The term "set it and forget it" comes to mind when I think about Velocify's lead manager and dial IQ program. With the help of Velocify's team, we set distribution rules for how the leads will rotate throughout my floors, adding email drip campaigns and improving speed to contact by adding shotgun connect. Running sales analytics has never been easier. The best part about Velocify is my sales have improved by 30% since leaving my former Client Retention Manager. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by Arash Khairi on 04/03/14

Velocify's LeadManager and Dial-IQ are in a Class of their Own

Prior to selecting Velocify, we identified our business' specific needs and challenges first. We needed a solution that improves our speed to contact a lead, a custom sales cycle for each of our unique marketing campaigns (both inbound and outbound), automate a contact strategy for each of those campaigns that consists of calls, emails and SMS not only to boost our short term conversions but also nurture our database for future results, we knew that certain sales reps perform better than others with certain leads or sources and we needed to better leverage that, we realized we were asking more from our sales reps than they can handle, so we needed ways to prioritize their work flow, leads and improve their efficiency. We also needed a solution that helps speed up new hires' ramp up time and frees up the sales reps' time to what they are best at - selling! Shifting gears between the various lead types and sources was difficult so we needed sales scripts functionality and alert systems as well as creating consistency between their sales presentations and our brand. Last, reporting and lead analytics was a very big factor. We needed full transparency over our data to not only measure each of those metrics but also use the data to improve our lead buying strategies, marketing efforts, improve our lead distribution, utilize our "Big Data" and much more. I am extremely satisfied that Velocify not only presented a solution for each of our challenges and needs but also opened up new ways to enhance our performance by measuring and automating aspects of our business we didn't even consider.

What I like the best about Velocify is that Velocify demonstrates a deep and unique understanding of the fundamentals of lead conversion and the science which goes into it. Their research, studies, surveys and whitepapers behind their solution are extremely valuable resources that helped us implement and continue to improve our best sales practices for optimal results. Specifically, LeadManager paired with Dial-IQ have helped us dial a new lead within seconds positioning us to be among the first to contact a prospect and as a result we have achieved a 90% contact rate we were never able to achieve in the past. The custom and infinite automated lead distribution programs and methods allow us to create a unique and custom sales cycle for each marketing campaign with a combination of automated calls, emails and SMS text to optimize conversions, ensure that no leads fall through the cracks and continue to nurture our database. Velocify's performance based lead distribution and lead prioritization have helped us leverage our best performers pairing each lead with the most suited sales rep as well as prioritize our leads making the most out of our leads and sales force's time and resources. Call scripts, automated emails & SMS ensure that all sales reps presentations are consistent with our brand. The infinite reporting abilities make our data 100% transparent allowing us to measure metrics and analyze data in ways we never thought possible as well as data we never considered measuring. The results along with Velocify's lead scoring feature were instrumental in measuring and fine tuning our contact and distribution strategies as well as modifying and adjusting our marketing and buying strategies optimizing our conversions and improving them by as much as 400% saving us very valuable marketing dollars for a better ROI. List goes on and on...

With all that said, I am very impressed by how effortless it feels with the level of complexity behind the technology. It is extremely easy to use by all: sales reps, sales managers and administrators. I don't know how they do it.

As far as customer service, the best thing that my account manager and CSM have done for me was taking the time and teaching me the logic of Velocify and its language. I started with sketching on a piece of paper the sales cycle I want to create and automate for a specific marketing campaign, scan it and email it to them. We then get on a call where they take me through the logic and show me step by step how I can interpret it and make it possible in Velocify. They helped me test it and off to the next one. In no time, I was able to do the same as well as creating much more complex programs on my own. As I got more and more experienced and my business got more demanding, on three occasions, Velocify's engineering team was able to modify the software to make what I needed possible! How much more can I ask for!?

Finally, If you are looking into a solution like Velocify then you are probably looking for ways to better optimize your lead management and sales processes, improve your sales force's efficiency and lead conversions to ultimately improve your marketing ROI and add to your bottom line. You do understand that optimal results require a deal of discipline and a set of behaviors and sales best practices your sales force is not able to achieve or perform on its own and that there are certain fundamentals that will drive your business to the next level. If these are not the main drivers behind looking into such a solution, than probably this solution is not for you. Be specific about what you need the software to do for you, share your current business strategies, challenges, goals and dedicate a sales executive to administer such a solution - not just a technical person. At the end, Velocify will help introduce you to new best sales practices but also help automate and implement your own. Make sure you have the right people on this - if they are or have been in sales management for more than a day, they will quickly uncover the true value of Velocify.

Reviewed by Joseph Semrani, M&T Bank on 04/02/14

Sales Training Book

By: Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO, Selling Power, Inc.


A collection of the best sales-training workshops, assembled by Selling Power magazine editors. Includes 17 one-hour workshops on prospecting, presentations, handling objections, dealing with rejection, closing, and more.


Books & Publications

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1825 S. Grant St., Suite 635

San Mateo, CA 94402
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2006

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

ConnectAndSell delivers conversations on demand. In a B2B world, live conversations make the difference between a closed deal, and no deal. But, they can be hard to get. In fact, our statistics prove that it takes 22 dials to make a single live connection. It may take a whole day of dialing to qualify one lead! What would it mean to you if your next live conversation were only a few minutes away....anytime you wanted? ConnectAndSell offers a cloud-based automation solution that changes days/weeks/months of unproductive manual dialing into guaranteed live conversations hour after hour. Let us turn your leads into live conversations instead of dead data and watch your sales productivity explode.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for ConnectAndSell:

Connect and Sell is a great partner!

CNS Lightning is a tremendous time saver. You will definitely speak to more decision makers sooner with CNS's assistance.

Reviewed by Bob Scerbak on 04/14/14

Tyler Schulz

I have been working with Tyler Schultz for about 3 months now and just want to say that his great customer service and teaching skills have really helped me out alot. He knows the product inside and out and quickly answers my questions in a time sensative manner and has a one-on-one with me whenever I want. He is very good at answering my calls and emails and gives me written instruction on steps to do things as well, which I really appreciate. He even taught me a cool formula to use in Excel to build lists. I really do enjoy working with Tyler and also think the reps at the Help Desk are very nice and helpful as well, and conscientious about making sure I am happy, and just like Tyler, solve my problems or questions fast. I like fast and I like thorough and I like Connect and Sell.

Reviewed by Mike Rockefeller on 04/04/14

Great Company

I really have enjoyed working with Connect and Sell over the last few years. They have an awesome support team and the team members in the company have been very supportive in helping and answering questions. Since i have started, the company has grown and made changes for the better! I enjoy working for the company--:)

Reviewed by Dawna Sayers on 03/31/14

Great Company for Which to Work

I have worked for ConnectAndSell for a little over a year and they are one of the best employees I have had in a long time. They are understanding and accommodating to my needs for a flexible schedule. The pay is great and the bonuses are exceptional. An added plus is that I get to work from home.

Reviewed by Blake Daugherty on 03/31/14

5 star

Amazing company with turn around results for clients. I Highly recommend them.

Reviewed by hilda c. on 03/31/14

Umparalled Flexibility

I came to Connect and Sell from the trucking industry. Not only are the people at Connect and Sell easy to work with, but I am experiencing something I never had in the 26 years in the trucking industry. I now have time for my family and still get plenty of hours of work due to the flexibility of the hours available. My family thanks you.

Reviewed by Don Bates on 03/31/14

They make my life better

They are a great asset, Friendly staff, and increase productivity for myself and my colleagues.

Reviewed by Eamonn on 03/31/14

Go team, Go

I have worked as an agent for Connect and Sell for over a year. The team is great, full of good communication and fast responses. I could have not picked a better team to be apart of. I hope to be with this company for much longer. :)

Reviewed by Amy Symington on 03/31/14

Great Company

Great Company

Reviewed by Yery Beas on 03/31/14

What a difference maker

Superb service, training and product. A huge difference maker for us!! Thank you for your partnership and support.

Reviewed by lisa keeler on 03/31/14

Productivity BOOM

the number of people I have reached using Connect and Sell (CAS) has been outstanding. Easily doubling and tripling the numbers I was reaching before.

Reviewed by Andrea Walsh on 03/31/14

Fishing With Dinomite!

This is hands down one of the best sales tools you can have in your shed. It does what it says and the team is fast and responsive. I alone made over 2,000 calls in one day and had an amazing success rate. I love this tool because it makes getting meetings easy and fast. If you're using connect and sell your commission check will be in the mail!

Reviewed by Stephen Bryant on 03/31/14

Best sales acceleration tool in the market hands down!

It's an amazing service that simply works. You can quickly make 1 sales rep feel as productive as 5 reps. Our team of 13 sales professionals with ConnectAndSell is the equivalent of 50-60 sales reps.

Reviewed by Ashley White on 03/31/14

Effective Selling

Great tool for connecting with customers in a timely fashion. Saves a lot of time manually dialing and getting through gate keepers. A very productive way of finding opportunities.

Reviewed by Jack McCann on 03/31/14

Great service!

Love this product! It allows me to be far more productive and on task. I talk to more customers and don't get bogged down in the tedious dialing. With the the ability to pre-record your greeting and voice mails, they seem to have thought of everything.

Reviewed by Christa on 03/31/14

My go-to tool

Allows me to multi-task like nothing else! Don't remember life without connect & sell.

Reviewed by Margaret Wallace on 03/31/14


Great leadership + Innovative tool + Great Team = SUCCESS for everyone involved. Clients and employees!!!

Reviewed by Jourdan DuFortq on 03/31/14

they are great

the company is great to work with

Reviewed by Patrick Murer on 03/31/14

Outstanding company

Such an efficient company! They definitely know how to get the job done!

Reviewed by Carrie Delanoy on 03/31/14

5 Stars * * * * *

Great company with great talent!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Fairleigh on 03/31/14

Undeniably one of the most indespensible tools in my toolbox

One of the best productivity tools I have ever used. It shrinks a day of dialing into an hour.

Reviewed by Michael Duffy on 03/31/14

c&s is the best

connect and sell is a wonderful company i really enjoy working for them.

Reviewed by wendy stavitzski on 03/31/14

Connect and Sale

The best company ever!!!

Reviewed by tammy miller on 03/31/14

great company!

Great company, great staff!

Reviewed by T.Dean on 03/31/14

Responsive Team

Several of my friends have been doing business with C&S for a number of years and I've been with them for a little more than a year now. They have always been professional, responsive, and easy to reach when I've had questions.

Reviewed by Stewart Strength on 03/31/14

C.A.S. Cares

I have been with ConnectAndSell, as an agent, for a little over a year. I have seen much in the way of growing pains and progression during this time. I have witnessed and been a part of a recent transition that brought forward a company-wide step-up to ensure the highest standard of quality service is continually provided, along with respect and consideration of one of the most important components of what makes ConnectAndSell work, their agents. I am glad to have been referred and become and continue to be a part of ConnectAndSell.

Reviewed by Kimberly Whitten on 03/31/14

Make this your #1 sales initiative... now!

Sales is a contact sport, right? So no matter what marketing or lead generation initiatives your team engages in, at some point you are going to need to actually speak to more prospects if you expect to generate more sales.

The ConnectandSell software has increased my business developments team's productivity by 5x (on all critical metrics), while at a small fraction of what it would cost to hire the headcount to achieve that level of results.

If you are not using ConnectandSell, you are leaving money on the table with every dial your team makes.

Reviewed by Marc Hodgson on 03/31/14

Great tool

Connect and Sell has increased the productivity of our calling efforts and led to more efficient use of our time on and off the phone.

Reviewed by Kyle Jones on 03/31/14

Some of the best people in the business, oh and their software rocks

Chad and Chris are some of the most dynamic and forward thinking folks in the sales game. The way they combine metrics into the sales process and prove the ROI of their solution is incredibly powerful. I've been a Connect and Sell fan for awhile. Now I can write, I'm a happy, paying Connect and Sell customer.

Reviewed by Jon Birdsong on 03/31/14

Business with great opportunities

It has been extremely profitable working with Connect and Sell, a group that truly knows how to get the job done! Hats off!

Reviewed by Paul on 03/31/14

Not helpful if you need to navigate to alternate decision-makers

We used Connect & Sell for one of our clients and it was not beneficial to us. In this instance, we need to ask for alternate decision-makers and names of replacement contacts (for people that have left the organization). We actually had lower contacts per hour using the Connect & Sell service because we were limited to only speaking with the lead name.

Reviewed by Angela Garfinkel on 03/31/14

Great Company to work for

Very efficient, professional and caring.

Reviewed by Jean Bearden on 03/31/14

Great company!

Love this company -- well run, efficient, and it works!!

Reviewed by Shawna Kimble on 03/28/14

Wonderful company!

Amazing company! amazing results! you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by Laurie Bates on 03/28/14

Great for companies!

Connect and sell makes it easier for companies to get in contact with their prospect. They have a great team behind it all and is only growing towards better and prosperous things.

Reviewed by alismary tapanes on 03/28/14


ConnectAndSell is an awesome company that consistently connects millions of quality leads to their clients. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Tony Gantt on 03/28/14

Great company

Great company

Reviewed by Elizabeth on 03/28/14

Best sales acceleration tool in the market hands down!

It's an amazing service that simply works. You can quickly make 1 sales rep feel as productive as 5 reps. Our team of 13 sales professionals with ConnectAndSell is the equivalent of 50-60 sales reps.

Reviewed by Ashley White on 03/28/14

The only conversation accelerator for anyone making outbound calls!

ConnectAndSell makes on average 160 dials per hour to deliver 7-10 conversations/hour. This is equivalent to 3-4 reps dialing manually in 1 day. The service is completely on demand no doesn't require scheduling.

Reviewed by John Jackson on 03/28/14

Great for Companies at A or B Round Funding Stage

ConnectAndSell allows a sales rep to sit at their desk and be served up with only conversations with decision makers from a pre-uploaded list that you create. It's like going to batting practice as a sales reps - balls just keep coming over the plate. CAS an ideal tool for companies that hit the expansion stage and need to have far more conversations with target prospects and leads (A or B round of funding). Let their technology do the work of getting executives on the phone while you focus on having high quality conversations. With CAS one sales person can do the work of two.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 03/27/14

ConnectAndSell does what it says it will do! Delivers conversation

At my last company, my entire sales org of 40 Reps made 18,000 dials in Q3/2013.

In 3.5 business days at ConnectAndSell, my team of 9 made 18,000 dials!

Imagine what you could do with 5-10X productivity! WOW!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/24/14

22X serial dialers!

In the first 2 weeks of a pilot with Connect and Sell, 2 Lead Gen Reps + myself drove over 6,000 dials, and that's in just 30 hours logged into the system.

Connect and Sell now offers list building, list scrubbing, and several "flavors" of their dialer. From a basic dialer with lead routing to a high velocity outbound sales engine unmatched by anyone.

Last quarter on a "serial dialer", our sales team of 40 did 21,000 dials. With Connect and Sell, I'm quite certain with the same amount of effort, we can get to 480,000 dials (same team)!

What a system. Couldn't be more excited to gain additional value out of this tool in 2014!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 09/23/13

Like fishing in a barrel for prospects...

When I first met ConnectandSell 9 years ago, what caught my attention was their tag line, "like fishing in a barrel for prospects". Upon taking closer look at CAS I understood what they meant. Given that prospects are answering their phone less than 5% of the time, I would rather fish in a barrel to make contact on the phone than troll the entire ocean only to get their voice mail greeting. Too much wasted time and aggravation involved with doing the phone dialing myself. And doing battle with those gatekeeper calls screens drove me nuts.
NO - CAS is not a 'robo dialer', or predicative dialer. CAS has a unique technology that makes it possible to reach 5, 10, even 15 or more prospects per day on the telephone vs. the 1, or 2 I used to get.
With CAS I am able to schedule a week's worth of new sales appointments to my calendar in just one hour.
Having been a CAS customer for all these years, they have NEVER failed to deliver. They won't tell me their secret, and that's OK with me.

Reviewed by Peter Ekstrom on 09/22/13

Game changing

If you are skilled at prospecting and on your toes when you call, CAS needs to be on your 'must have' list. One of our reps is able to get as many as 22 connects with decision makers and 10 scheduled meetings in the course of one hour. It's like doing 3-5 days worth of calling in an hour session. The results of rolling out CAS to our entire team have been dramatic. It causes you to reconsider headcount in favor of buying more ConnectAndSell. Truly a game changing service when in the hands of the right person. Makes cold and warm calling a lot of fun - like a video game for sales.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 04/28/11

The C&S team is first rate

We have enjoyed working with ConnectandSell. They do what they say they are going to do and it works!

Reviewed by Dan McDade on 07/15/10

Deliver just as promised

Connect and Sell does just what they promise. Your team will have live conversations guaranteed based on the specific list you provide them. If you are looking to eliminate the "dead time" spent trying to get people on the phone so you can focus on conducting conversations, then this service is very helpful

Reviewed by Eric Blatte on 03/16/10

Helped my productivty...

I really liked the service, I was able to talk to 8 - 12 people per hour and I used the voice mail feature to set up emails. Also the Connect and Sell team is great to work with.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 01/25/10


520 Glenwood Avenue

Raleigh , NC 27603
[ Contact ]


Employees: 1 - 25


KnowledgeTree helps companies discover and use the best collateral for any sales situation. Sales people get relevant content that resonates with prospects and customers. At the right time, right from Salesforce.com and mobile devices.

Find out why Network World called KnowledgeTree one of the 10 SaaS companies to watch. And learn why Software AG, Alcatel, Genesys, Fuji Chemical, and 500 other global companies use KnowledgeTree to unlock the value of their collateral.

Funded by River Cities Capital Funds, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Core Capital, and Hatteras Funds, KnowledgeTree is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.


Viewing Reviews for KnowledgeTree:

KnowledgeTree has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


9443 Springboro Pike

Miamisburg , OH 45458
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1977

Employees: 500+

Region: International

LexisNexis® delivers a unique and unmatched set of company, executive & industry sources via innovative solutions designed to improve B2B sales performance. Our sales solutions go beyond basic contact information to surface company and market insights needed to beat the competition.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

Viewing Reviews for LexisNexis:

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2 Wisconsin Circle

Chevy Chase, MD 20815
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2011

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

TeamVisibility is the easy way for sales leaders to achieve sustainable improvement from their team in just minutes a day. TeamVisibility captures seller-customer interactions and turns them into “game tape.” Just as professional athletes and performers constantly study tape of their performances, TeamVisibility makes it easy for salespeople and their managers to identify the most important moments of the day, celebrate what went well, address what didn’t go well and share best practices with the rest of the team. To view our introductory video and learn more, please visit us at TeamVisibility.com.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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8875 Hidden River Pkwy, Suite 400

Tampa, FL 33637
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1963

Employees: 500+

Region: USA & Canada

AchieveGlobal offers business skills training and consulting, across industries and around the world. With learning solutions for leadership development, sales effectiveness and customer service, we can help you transform strategy into results by developing the performance of your people.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Clarix Technologies, Inc.

1000 Pittsford-Victor Road

Pittsford, Ny 14534
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1994

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

Get High-Impact eLearning, Web and Audio Conferencing.


Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

Viewing Reviews for Clarix Technologies, Inc.:

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2475 Washington Blvd.

Ogden, Utah 84401
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1988

Employees: 500+

Region: International

For more than 25 years, MarketStar has been the proven expert in designing measurable, high-performing, and innovative partner channel, retail, and direct sales solutions for leading and emerging companies. As an integrated extension of the world’s most admired brands, MarketStar consistently increases revenue for our clients by deploying custom-tailored and fully-trained inside and field sales teams. Our employees generate more than $6 billion in annual sales, while managing over 250,000 accounts for our clients. MarketStar has approximately 3,500 employees worldwide serving clients in more than 20 countries on six different continents.


Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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MarketStar has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


300 Baker Ave

Concord, MA 01742
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1993

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

OneSource, an Infogroup company, delivers business and sales intelligence on millions of companies and executives worldwide – optimizing clients’ sales and marketing efforts and b-to-b research activities. OneSource combines content from over 50 suppliers and thousands of information sources.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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12518 NE 95th Street

Vancouver, WA 98682
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2006

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

DiscoverOrg is the is the leading IT marketing tool used by the top IT vendors targeting the IT departments of Fortune Ranked, Mid-Market, and SMB companies in North America. Offered in the form of a constantly refreshed database, DiscoverOrg maps out the IT Org Charts of 15,000 companies complete with verified email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, reporting structure, IT project updates and technology install base.

Each of the 250,000+ IT Decision Makers in DiscoverOrg are refreshed by the company's team of 70+ in-house researchers every 90 days.

The service is integrated into Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and Marketo.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for DiscoverOrg:

Quit wasting time!

If you sell to IT departments and you don't have DiscoverOrg, you are handicapping your sales organization needlessly.

Reviewed by Nancy Nardin on 05/08/11

The BEST at IT Org Charts, Direct Lines & Trigger Events

If your inside sales team sells to IT organizations, then you need to be using the DiscoverOrg tool. I use them and many other sales intelligence tools on a regular basis working with all sorts of clients. DiscoverOrg is the perfect niche tool for selling to IT departments. The big difference is 1) they map the org chart for you so you can pinpoint the best contact 2) they have over 80% direct lines and many cell numbers as well and 3) their tool shows intelligence on current technologies and trigger events like executive changes. Henry and DiscoverOrg are the only option you need to look at if you sell to IT.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 04/27/11

Fileboard Inc

444 Castro

Mountain View, CA 94041
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2011

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: International

Fileboard is the leading solution to help inside sales teams track engagement and prospect interest in the sales pipeline. Giving you detailed analytics to quickly determine who is likely to move to the next stage of the sales pipeline. Loved by inside sales representatives and sales leaders at hundreds of companies.

Fileboard is the winner of Rising Star 2014 award by Salesforce. The company has a powerful cloud, mobile and force.com solution.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Fileboard Inc has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

Sales Gravy

P.O. Box 1389

Thomson, GA 30824
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2006

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

The world's #1 source for sales talent.


Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

Viewing Reviews for Sales Gravy:

Sales Gravy has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!


1901 N Fort Myer Dr. Suite 902

Arlington , VA 22209
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA & Canada

VorsightBP is a professional services, consulting, and training firm that focuses on:
• Turning sales people into enthusiastic efficient prospectors
• Improving every seller’s ability to help customers better understand themselves
• Converting sales managers into effective force multipliers
Improving sales performance requires three things: trained sales managers; adequate qualified opportunities at the top of the sales funnel; and sellers who can develop/guide sales strategy by uncovering and influencing what the customer wants to achieve.

Consulting Services Training & Education

Viewing Reviews for VorsightBP:


Our Market Development team went through the Vorsight training back in January on best practices for prospecting and building higher quality pipeline. Immediately our team starting engaging with C-level and other high level contacts at various organizations. It was one of the best training sessions that I've been involved in.

Reviewed by Dinesh Thomas on 04/04/14

Best Inside Sales Focused Training Period

Steve and team live and breathe Inside Sales and their training helps solve not just the theoretical but also the measurable. Their training was pivotal to us not only bringing about better processes but also in driving results that led to real revenue gains for the company. It is the only training that I have seen stick without massive amounts of reinforcement by management because reps see the positive upside immediately.

Reviewed by Paul Leto on 04/04/14

The Real Deal...

We have been working with Vorsight for the past 2 1/2 years, both with our outside sales team as well as our Lead Development team. This is by far the most practical.....and tactical training out there for arming our sales professionals with the tools and techniques they need to be world-class hunters. I highly recommend Steve and his team!

Reviewed by Tom Stigler on 04/02/14

Thoughtful Training Experience

Vorsight helped our new and veteran sales reps to think about the way we approach our job in day to day sales calls. The intricacies that we sometimes gloss over in conversations with customers are many times key opportunities to winning business; Vorsight helped us brainstorm, identify, and develop strategies for capitalizing on these opportunities with our customers and not letting money "fall through the cracks".

Reviewed by Jacob Clark on 04/02/14

Effective Inside Sales

We did a virtual training for 30 people that went well. Steve was able to articulate why it is important to establish credibility and mission early on. He also brought in interesting insight from other companies and industries. I think we can sometimes feel we are all alone out here. He also integrated speaking well with group and individual interaction.

Reviewed by Nikki Caldwell on 03/31/14

Top Notch Training

My Sales Team participated in a Pilot with Vorsight and was impressed by it. The Vorsight Team gave us top notch training and helped my sales reps up to improve their sales calls. We also were impressed by Vorsight's "Social Selling" capability.

Reviewed by Winnie Fong on 03/31/14

Best ever !

Recognizing, and then learning how to manage, the 3 minutes before and 30seconds after you call someone the first time(and understanding how critical posture and tone can be) could transform a sales campaign.

Reviewed by howard spiegel on 03/31/14

Very helpful

I enjoyed the Vorsight training very much. Great info and great energy.

Reviewed by Sonya Reed on 03/28/14

Leading best practices

We recently used Vorsight, and my entire team was impressed with there insight and wisdom on inside sales. I have a very seasoned team and they all came out of the training saying "this was the best inside sales training we had in years". I would recommend them to any inside sales organization that is interested in improving their team. They were great to work with .

Reviewed by Jim Chehanske on 03/28/14

A Value Add

The Vorsight approach has been tremendously beneficial for our organizations skill set development around prospecting. I highly recommend their training.

Reviewed by Matt Guest on 03/28/14

Measurable, immediate positive impact

The Vorsight team has visited to train my team a number of times. It is simply the best training an Inside Sales team can undergo. Much of what they brought to the table has become part of the "DNA" of what we do now, and we continue to see increased results well after the training is completed.

Reviewed by Dan Hamann on 03/28/14

Practical and effective

Vorsight does an outstanding job when it comes to process, prospecting and practicality. Their instructors don't drone on about generic concepts; they share valuable sales tactics that are customized to your business and products. We've seen measurable ROI from our training and are currently using Vorsight to set up appointments, and we've found they practice what they preach.

Reviewed by Adam Reinebach on 03/28/14

Fantastic Training That Helped Us Reach Our Goals!!

Recently, we had set a goal for our inside sales team to achieve 30% growth on our prospecting appointments. Understanding we couldn't do this alone, I brought Vorsight in to make sure my team was up to speed on best practices. The powerful 2 day on-site training was hands down the best inside sales training our team has ever received. From how to make the call, handle objections, use social media, etc. - it was fantastic and effective. Our team reached our goal for the year and finished at 31%!

Reviewed by Lisa Cuthbertson on 03/28/14

Unique and Tangible

We saw Vorsight make an immediate impact on our sales team. It was far beyond a classroom curriculum. They took time to learn our business and show our inside reps techniques that led to immediate results. Working one on one gave our team a learning experience tailored to their individual needs which everyone was able to capitalize on. When our reps could actually see that Vorsight would "walk the walk" and show them the results, there was no doubt as to the effectiveness.

Reviewed by Rob Kandle on 03/28/14

Simply the BEST!

Go ahead, sing the the song to yourself. The team at VORSIGHT is simply the best! The comprehensive training designed with its no-nonsense approach gives the trainee a lasting base of practical and useful skills to take into any workplace. We all have those "lightbulb" moments as we grow and develop professionally... Let VORSIGHT give you and your team the tools to turn those light jobs on for many years to come.

Reviewed by Brett MacKenzie on 03/28/14

Professionalism and Results

The Vorsight team helped our inside sales group raise our game and develop our skills at getting past gatekeepers effectively and with the highest professionalism. I would recommend their team for inside sales training and coaching to any company looking to make improvements in appointment setting, online sales and client engagement and support.

Reviewed by John W Schuch on 03/28/14

Full of Energy

Steve Richard and his team provide action packed training. The tactics that are gained as a result of the training provide a foundation for successful prospecting, which leads to quality meetings with key decision makers. Additionally, the "live calling" component of the workshops is exciting and inspiring. I highly recommend Vorsight as a framework for successful prospecting within b-to-b.

Reviewed by Nick Parker on 03/26/14

Attention to detail and discipline to craft

I had an opportunity to take my leadership team to work with the Vorsight team for a few days. The training was excellent and to experience their attention to detail and their discipline to their craft was impressive. All of my team came home with an excitement to tune their own performance to a higher level.

Reviewed by Michael Critchfield on 03/26/14


Vorsight has the most creative and modern sales techniques and they prove their effectiveness live in person on calls which is something I have rarely seen in my 15 year sales career with other training offerings.

Reviewed by Todd Caven on 03/26/14

Very Cerebral

Vorsight managed to provide an excellent training even though it was done via webinar. The conversation skills they instilled had immediate payoff, as our team was able to put them to use immediately. Great job Steve and your entire team.

Reviewed by Devin Largent on 03/26/14

Fantastic New Practical Ways to Increase Sales

Vorsight's training was one of the best I've experienced as a sales rep. Their hands on approach and practical ways of finding and contacting new clients helped me close two new deals within 2 weeks of training. I use this approach daily now in my hunt for net new business.

Reviewed by Emily Gulbranson on 03/26/14

Vorsight - Outbound Experts

Vorsight provided us the tools we need to effectively outbound prospect and generate opportunities. Steve and Allison have been great partners in MuleSoft's success, continuing to add value to our organization past our engagement. I appreciate their help and would recommend them to any inside sales team.

Reviewed by Chris Pham on 03/26/14

Training that actually breeds results

Vorsight gave our team actionable tips and training on how to produce more opportunities and drive our revenues. It was easy to understand and implement and we still use their techniques 2 years after the training was completed!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Allen on 03/26/14

Pearson sales rep

I have been with Pearson for almost 10 years and we have had various sales training. I really enjoyed our training session and I was able to take away many great tips for my selling over the phone. I would recommend! :)

Reviewed by amber goecke on 03/26/14

Vorsight Rating

We initially found Vorsight a few years ago at the AA-ISP conference in Chicago and have kept them on our radar for a few years. After signing a contract with them, Vorsight was able to tailor their training to our Citrix sales team and effectively deliver to our team.

Reviewed by Eric Spatzer on 03/26/14

Vorsight Feedback

My team and I have used Steve Richard and Vorsight for several years now and I am always finding myself referring back to his learning tools and information for a refresher. I appreciate Steve's professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that he gets his message across. Steve see's to it that his audience has all of their questions answered and that they are better enabled to prospect after taking his seminar.

Reviewed by Travis Roland on 03/26/14

Outstanding training

Vorsight is hands down the most relevant sales training group in the country right now. Their knowledge of how to navigate organizations and get decision makers on the phone is excellent. I've tried the rest, Vorsight is the BEST!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/26/14

Teaching Old Dogs and New Dogs Alike...

The Vorsight team was able to teach our sales team the value of quick, but relevant research prior to engaging a prospect. It's sounds incredibly obvious, but Vorsight doesn't just tell their clients what to do: they show. Steve Richard drove live demonstrations with real prospects and proved how to get results. It's fantastic stuff.

Reviewed by Josh Allen on 03/26/14

Very Impressed

This training has been one of the keys to our success over the last year. Taking complicated messaging and processes and boiling them down to the essentials to have our reps ramp quickly.

Reviewed by Michael Funk on 03/26/14

Innovative and effective training techniques

I've had the pleasure of working with Vorsight for over 3 years. They're innovative training techniques in outbound prospecting are unmatched in the industry. They practice what they preach, and even have their consultants do live calls with the team on-site. They've not only helped me with my personal career, but established our current outbounding process with the entire inside sales team. I recommend Vorsight for any inside sales team, regardless of your size and industry.

Reviewed by Joshua Berndt on 03/26/14

Innovative Training

Vorsight conducts truly unique and personalized training. They understand your business and how to ensure that the under looked areas of core selling (like prospecting) happen. They take time to understand how your environment works and tailor the experiences to your environment. Great ideas, approach and execution.

Reviewed by Thomas Dekle on 03/26/14

Great Sales Training

Great tips and tactics to penetrate and develop those target accounts. The 3x3 personalized approach really works!

Reviewed by Patricia Sims on 03/26/14

Great Professional Sales Training

We do professional sales training every year, and Vorsight was by far the best we have training we have every had. They tailored it specifically to fit our business and we have seen much added success in contacts and in having better, more valuable conversations. I would recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed by Perry Kraft on 03/26/14

The Best Prospecting Trainers Out There

I have worked with several companies on prospecting training and there's no one I respect and would choose to work with more than Steve Richard and Vorsight. Steve and team have really differentiated themselves through the quality and breadth of their training. They continue to innovate their methodology, add value through their resources, and are great people to work with. Trusted and respected advisory.

Reviewed by Casey Corrigan on 02/14/14

Partnering for excellence in Inside Sales

Partnering with Vorsight has been of huge benefit to our organization. The key differentiators for me are two-fold: 1) Vorsight's unique approach to training and coaching inside sales reps which includes live demonstration of their methodology; and 2) their unwavering commitment to ensure that managers are fully equipped to help their teams adopt the Vorsight tenets and practices.
So often, we train the reps, but leave the managers at a loss for what to do when the training is over and everyone goes back to work. Working with Vorsight has been a true partnership - when we have any questions, need clarification on a particular subject or simply need fresh ideas, they are there, right alongside us, ready to take us to the next level. They provided us with a roadmap to success and continuously check-in to make sure we are on track, offering suggestions and advice to optimize our performance.
The passion and dedication the Vorsight team demonstrates to its customers and to the sales profession more generally is contagious and their willingness to customize their content and training goes beyond the call of duty.
Our partnership with Vorsight has been extremely valuable, and both our reps and our management team have benefitted enormously from it. If there were a higher recommendation, I'd give it to them!

Reviewed by Katie Azuma on 03/27/13

Outstanding Training Partner

We engaged the Vorsight team for a sales prospecting workshop and I was extremely impressed with the entire process. They worked with me in advance of the sessions to fully understand our needs and came prepared to address them. The actual training was outstanding and my team was using it before the trainers left the building. Highly Recommend!

Reviewed by Steve Striebel on 03/13/13

Vorsight Delivers Results-Oriented Training

Recently had Vorsight conduct a training with one of my sales teams focusing on opening the sales call and moving to the demo more efficiently.

Given the reaction from the reps and their successes, I'm having all of my teams experience Vorsight.

One rep commented (which was a universal sentiment) "Exceptional, better than any other sales presentations and sales training I have experienced; I'll be able to implement the tactics learned immediately; thank you tailoring the training specific to our industry; when can we receive more training from Vorsight?".

Steve Richard is a top shelf trainer. We'll be using him and Vorsight for the foreseeable future.

Dave Chwalik
VP of Inside Sales
Pearson Education

Reviewed by David Chwalik on 03/13/13

Vorsight delivers results

I have known Steve Richards for 8 years, through 2 companies that I have managed. The Vorsight team is thorough. They canvass your organization, identify (or confirm) the weaknesses, and help you arrive at the most effective sales training program to get you where you want to grow. The program development is unique, but is centered on proven results. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Linda Hovey on 03/08/13

Kings of Cold Calling - Top of the Sales Funnel

We have been working with Vorsight closely for the last year, and their reputation is unprecedented. Their content is so invaluable, that VP's of Sales around North America are urging for their services.
Their proprietary concepts like "3x3 research" have made inside sales reps much more effective.
If your organization is looking for "Top of the Sales Funnel" help, they are world-class.
Jamie Shanks<br>
Managing Partner<br>
Sales for Life<br>

Reviewed by Jamie Shanks on 03/08/13

Vorsight Methodology Changes Sales Development Focus and Improves Success Rate

The training that Vorsight provided for our inside sales department has drastically changed the focus of the group. The Sales Development reps used to follow up only on marketing qualified leads that were handed to them. After having completed the training they now focus on cold calling into target accounts and setting appointments with prospective customers. The 3x3 methodology is being leveraged by everyone and has given them the confidence and tools needed to be successful having conversations with any level of person. We are very pleased and the numbers speak for themselves.

Reviewed by Charm Bianchini on 03/07/13

Fast, Pragmatic and results oriented

I found our Vorsight connections very pragmatic and flexible both in terms of availability and adaptation to our context.
The feed back from the sales teams and their management was very positive on how useful and to the point the Vorsight training has been.

Reviewed by Francois MERO on 03/07/13

Excellent "Day in the Life" Best Practices

I have leveraged the Vorsight training at my present employer as well as a past employer. The team really knows how to take the "science" of prospecting and help the BDRs make it an "art". The lessons they teach overlap well with our call methodology and support the "day in the life" of our BDRs. In addition, you won't find another training group that makes live calls on the spot. We actually had someone call us back live during our last session and that was excellent for the team to see. The value the reps walk away with has an instant impact.

Reviewed by Tina Maturah on 03/07/13

Vorsight for AA-ISP Sales Training Provider of the year award!

Recently, I had the pleasure of being part of a Vorsight training hosted my Emeka. Prior to even meeting with our team, I was very impressed with the preparation and attentiveness (via email and phone) that Emeka showed to really learn and understand our business model, as well as, each individual team members role. He used all the information we had given him, along with his own research to tailor an excellent two-day presentation to the exact needs of our team. Emeka was extremely outgoing, and used various motivational and interactive strategies throughout his training to really help me grasp concepts that will help me perform better and develop my role. I look forward to many more trainings with Emeka, and would highly recommend him to any organization, individual, etc. looking for Sales Training!

Reviewed by Andrew Beilenson on 03/07/13

Vorsight- The best of the best

I can say confidently, that without doubt, the exceptional training I received from Lauren and the Vorsight team has been one of the main factors contributing to my success as a sales person over the last year.
Vorsight is second to none in terms of presenting their training to a team. Lauren was engaging, interactive and did live examples to show that what they teach works 100%. They taught me invaluable tips & tricks to get to the top and I use these skills every day when I'm prospecting.
Anyone looking for a top class training workshop for your team- look no further. Vorsight will transform your sales team. Bottom line- they are the best at what they do, no question.

Reviewed by Debbie O'Neill on 03/06/13


Vorsight has been instrumental in the success of my sales organization for the past two years. As the Director of Sales, I chose to hire new grads with the desire to be in sales; however, I needed a training company to show these new sales people what it took in today's marketplace and how to sell to a very competitive space. I am confident that without Vorsight; sales would have plummeted and attrition would have significantly increased due to a demoralized and a low performing sales force. Vorsight is clearly on the cutting edge and understands how to sell in a fragmented market with buyers armed with more information than ever before about the products and services being offered. My team now has the confidence to talk at all levels by asking consultative questions,prospect efficiently, hold margins and compete against any rival in our space. I can not express my gratitude enough to Vorsight. They are not only my Training company for years to come but have become a trusted adviser for all of my business needs. They are clearly my choice and my recommendation for any other Sales Leader looking for a expertise in this field.

Reviewed by Paul Bowman on 03/06/13

Incredible prospecting training

Last year we were preparing to launch an in-house prospecting and lead generation team. Steve Richard conducted a training for us on key approaches and techniques for success in live phone prospecting. The training was unbelievable and the results were even better.

Reviewed by Josh Freeman on 03/06/13

Vorsight Is An Academy Award Winner In Training

Vorsight was Flexjet's top candidate for prospect training last year and we look forward to continuing with several re-current traing sessions this year. The training provided inspiration and motivation to achieve goals! The results provided 2 out of 6 inside sales professionals promotions to sales directors! A hard achievement to prove prospecting success!

Reviewed by DeeAnna Underhill on 03/06/13

Vorsight Helps SourceMedia Become More Strategic

We have had the pleasure of working with Vorsight and Steve Richard's team on more than a few occasions with tremendous success. Steve has helped our Inside Sales Circulation Team and Conference Sales Team transform from a telemarketing toll taker to a strategic, knowledgeable, prepared sales team. We have seen a steady increase in our year over year revenue which can be directly attribute to Vorsight and their Sales Prospecting Training Toolkits. We've actually been so impressed that we are expanding our training to now include our Advertising Sales Team as well. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Steve and Vorsight to anyone who is looking to impact their business and bottom line revenue.

Reviewed by Dennis Strong on 03/05/13

Sales Training Provider of the Year

Vorsight has provided my team with a scalable, repeatable process for outbound prospecting.
Several of Vorsight's representatives have visited us onsite and spent days training us on best practices used in our industry.
They left us with proven methods for penetrating some of the toughest companies out there. As a result, our team is actually excited to get in the door and engage decision makers.

Reviewed by Ralph Barsi on 03/05/13

Great firm, great content

We've only known Vorsight for a few months (since Q4), but have been impressed throughout. I'd been a big fan of Steve's materials and always read up whenever I found them. Since working together, they have been great in helping us think through the growth of our inside prospecting team, and we're really excited to continue the relationship in 2013.

Reviewed by Jim Schuchart on 03/05/13

Gen Y Training

It has been a pleasure working with Vorsight, specifically Lauren Duffey, over the last year. I run a lead gen team of recent college grads and Vorsight was able to build credibility and gain the team's trust in our first session. Lauren was quick to get on the phone, led by example and shared years of experience in a format that was easy to digest and left us with a greater understanding of what it takes to effectively prospect the enterprise space. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Cain on 03/05/13

Vorsight is the best at what they do

I have used them twice and will continue to train my reps and lead gen folks the Vorsight Methodology. I've tried many methodologies but Vorsight provides the most effective techniques and has the most impact. Reps 'learn by doing' during the training and can immediately begin to use the techniques learned to increase their pipeline. Vorsight trains you how to use contemporary tools and contemporary methods to get to today's 'well guarded' executives.

Reviewed by Steve De Marco on 03/05/13

Sales Training Provider of the year

Steve Richard and the Vorsight group is very deserving of this award. They did a great job for us designing a two day training session exclusively for our needs. They were extremely knowledgable, professional and experienced in their work. They have state of the art processes and procedures and are very creative in their approach. They are a first class operation.

Reviewed by Chris Jakubson on 03/05/13

Vorsight gets it done

I recommend these guys daily. As a corporate sales team, we train anyone doing prospecting on Vorsight and the impact is direct and measurable.

Reviewed by Brian Bachofner on 03/05/13

Solid Sales Prospecting Training

Steve Richard and Candace Rapp trained our Sales Development Team to be more effective in our prospecting duties. Thanks to the Vorsight training our team is more focused on communicating with the right people and learned the tactics to engage with them much more quickly. If you are looking to sharpen your sales team's prospecting skills to achieve greater results, give them a call!

Reviewed by Geoff Land on 03/04/13

Vorsight changes everything

As an AA-ISP Chapter President/Member for 4+ years, I had seen Vorsight at National AA-ISP meetings (even experienced a live call session in MN once). It wasn't until this January that I got to experience the full class. WOW. The strategies and most importantly, the TACTICS they teach is spot on for the new world we live where sales professionals must leverage tools like LinkedIn, Inside View, and more.
Vorsight changed our culture for the better, increased skills for named/target account selling, and added money to the pipeline.
I can say without hesitation that I personally have a $100,000 opportunity in my funnel as a direct result of this training (and that's after < 25 phone calls). The team loved the training too.

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/04/13

Great Business Development training

We use the Vorsight Business Development training for our front-end teams and value the insight and productivity that their process provides.

Reviewed by Michael Critchfield on 03/04/13

Consultation at the highest level

The team at Vorsight not only has a product that works but from Steve down to their newest employee clients are treated like family. The consistently provide us with A+ consultations even when it is isn't included with the service we contracted for they provide us with whatever we need at any time of the day. This provider ranks 10X the highest rating.

Reviewed by Gary Milwit on 02/26/13

Great Training That Fit Our Business Model

There are a lot of companies that provide training, but Vorsight was the best choice for us.

First, they really took the time to understand what we were looking for. They continuously proved it in their e-mail correspondence back to me as well as in their proposal. Other training companies went through the motions of listening, but then just gave me their standard proposal. Vorsight provided exactly what we said we wanted because they took the time to understand our business model.

Second, they delivered “real” training vs. theory. Lauren Duffey from Vorsight got on the phone right away and demonstrated what she was teaching. As a former inside sales rep herself, she was familiar with our calling technology and could relate well to what our inside sales representatives had to go through. This built her instance credibility with our team.

Thirdly, I wanted a company that would come back and provide follow up coaching and mentoring. Lauren does this once a quarter and reinforces what the reps have learned. She also provides me with a report by representative on their strengths and areas for improvement. On top of that, Steve Richard is always available to bounce ideas off of for business strategies.

In summary, Vorsight delivered a tailored training program for us, delivered exactly what they said they would, and helped keep the momentum going with our team. They were professional during the entire process and I would highly recommend them to an inside sales team looking for help with prospecting and appointment setting strategies.

Reviewed by Curt Vondrasek on 04/10/12

Actionable and Effective Training

Steve and Ted came out a couple of times to work with our Inside Sales team. We initially identified them as being a good fit for one segment of the team and through that first experience decided that it was critical for the entire team to understand and follow their teachings.

They put together the most action oriented training that I have seen to date. There is certainly the theory behind it but they deliver specifics with live demonstrations that provide the sales people with a confidence that it is not just great on paper. My team has seen vast improvements in reaching strategic target account contacts and securing meetings. They have also learned how to reduce the time necessary to achieve their goals through their easy to understand methodologies.

Reviewed by Paul Leto on 04/10/12

Leading from the front

The Vorsight team not only teach you how to break into new accounts and generate business but they also show you how by generating them directly during the course. Attendees walk away not only wiht a new skillset but also a number of qualified pipeline opportunities.

It's quite common for me to hear employees state "that was the best training I have ever had"

Reviewed by Adam Klein on 04/10/12

Inspiring and Effective Sales Training

Vorsight has been an integral part of the development program for our Sales team. Their training is engaging, exciting, and impactful. Whether it be the hands on proven tactics they've shown our sales team to make effective cold calls, or the work they've done with our Management staff to maintain a positive work culture, the Vorsight team is dedicated to providing world class service, and the immediate results you're looking for.

Reviewed by Matt Musial on 03/16/12

Immediate Impact and Relevant Sales Tools

The Vorsight team's training was something that I found not only extremely helpful but also produced immediate results. I doubled my number of cold meetings obtained in the 2nd half of the year after integrating the tools I acquired from the onsite trainings. The following year, i continued to introduce more of their tips into my prospecting and scheduling routine and I can say that Vorsight attributed in exceeding my 2011 goal by more than 30%. The training was hands on, relevant, inspiring and I highly recommend to anyone looking to increase meetings and pipeline generation.

Reviewed by Kelly Brake on 01/04/12

Contemporary, Practical, and Effective

We've used Vorsight to assist in developing the top end of our pipeline funnel and have found them to be an excellent extension of our team. We started with their training and found their techniques highly effective. They also have a familiarity with various emerging tools to assist in the process of getting to decision makers and scheduling appointments. We were so impressed with the training and benefits to the team, we supplemented our process with theirs as well as extended our collaboration with them to their own appointment scheduling services vs. just the training. Vorsight functions as an integrated part of all of our outbound pursuits. Highest marks for Vorsight and their team.

Reviewed by Gregory Brush on 01/02/12

Right from the Start

We've just begun our third project with Vorsight. Our first project was two years ago, and focused on getting our in-place sales team to understand the shifts that are taking place in our channel of trade's buying process, and develop their prospecting and business development skills. The renewed focus on the beginning of our sales process brought immediate results in terms of both increased close rates and shortened sales cycle. Last year, we expanded our business development team, and worked with Vorsight in screening, selecting, on-boarding and training of new recruits. It has worked out so well for us that we are beginning our next sales team expansion, and are working with Vorsight once again to recruit and train new business development associates (twice as many this year!), and also on refining our selling process. Each time we work with Vorsight, they exceed our expectations, and so far each of our associates has reported that the Vorsight training program has been the best they've ever been a part of. I highly recommend their services.

Reviewed by Peter Weyman on 12/13/11

Vorsight + Your Sales Team = A Winning Combination

I can't say enough to promote Steve Richard and the Vorsight team. I have had two training sessions from them in the past 2 years and I continue to learn new and better ways to reach prospects - after almost 20 years of sales experience. No other training company can give your team the best way of getting through to C level contacts. Every step of the way, Vorsight gives your team the tools, live examples, and leave behinds to change your habits, for the better!

Reviewed by Beth Oslund on 05/02/11

President and Co-Founder - InsideSales.com

Steve Richard and Vorsight have changed our business. We have found their training isn't just the typical sales training that everybody else offers. They offer very pragmatic information and techniques on how to generate leads and get to busy decision makers. IT WORKS, AND WORKS WELL.

Our highest recommendation!

Reviewed by Ken Krogue on 04/28/11

The gold standard for inside sales training and development...

The acid-test of any sales training exercise is adoption. Over a year after completing a project with Vorsight, we still actively use the terminology and content developed during the training sessions. Vorsight does a great job at breaking down the process of outbound calling preparation and execution.
Once you understand the elements of an effective conversation, the techniques Vorsight has developed enable you to improve your effectiveness over the phone.

Reviewed by Simon Blackburn on 04/28/11

Vorsight / Steve Richard Nomination

We've done a lot of work with Vorsight and have connected them with a lot of our top clients. The work they do around Sales Training is second to none. Steve Richard understands Sales and their Appointment Setting Function works as a living breathing Lab to try new techniques, analyze trends and test new ideas.

When they do in person trainings they do LIVE calling - no mimicking, no role play - they put theory into action and get prospects on the phone and show their clients how their techniques work in real-time.

I have yet to find a Sales Training Organization as forward thinking and Effective as Vorsight.

Reviewed by Henry Schuck on 04/28/11

Director - Field Enablement

Our American and European Inside Sales Teams participated in the Vorsight training and we received an excellent ROI on it. Our sales people learned how to use technology to identify key contacts and fill out company org charts, learned new phone skills to gather information and set appointments, and learned how to maximize their selling time for each day. The Vorsight training is truly five stars.

Reviewed by Bill Griffin on 04/28/11

Vorsight helps make immediate impact to any pipeline!

I have used Vorsight in the past, and would recommend them to any inside sales organization that is interested in improving their bottom line. Vorsight was easy to work with and provided us with a repeatable best practice process. The immediate impact to the pipeline contribution was outstanding. Five stars for Vorsight!

Reviewed by Kelly Molander on 04/28/11

One of the Best Out There!

Vorsight is the perfect company to achieve the results you want from your sales team. After working with their Sales Trainers, I learned many different tactics that have improved my connections with C-Level executives as well as my hit rate of scheduled appointments. I would recommend any sales department to use Vorsight for services to improve the quality of their team. They are one of the best companies out there at what they do and have made a huge impact on my career.

Reviewed by Matt Ciotto on 04/28/11

A Breakthrough Year

2010 will be remembered as a breakthrough year for our inside sales organization filled with growth and success. A key reason for that success was the training that Vorsight completed in 2010. The tools and content were great, but what separated Vorsight was their ability to integrate that real time with sales team. To see sales reps use the tools and content with their existing customers live in the classroom was tremendous and has paid off multiple times over in 2010.
In 2011, I look forward to having Vorsight return as we take it to the next level.

Reviewed by Kris Britton on 01/31/11

a telesales must

Vorsight provides tactics and easy to apply practices to maximize sales productivity on the phone. A must for anyone who leverages telesales, Vorsight arms you with the necessary tools and processes to survive and thrive in the Sales 2.0 world.

Reviewed by James Georges on 01/31/11

Excellent Training

The training I received at Vorsight absolutely changed the way I sell! I have 15 years of experience and was shocked how much I learned. I was able to implement the training immediately and see results immediately. I highly recommend their program!

Reviewed by Angela Pedersen on 01/17/10

Effective Training

Prospecting and opening conversations is critical to building pipeline, but often plays second fiddle to managing buyers through the selling process and closing business. Vorsights approach tips and techniques can help organizations turn the prospecting variable into a measurable and predictable part of the strategic process.

Reviewed by Diane Fonseca on 11/03/09

Outstanding training

This is a one-of-a-kind training unlike anything else that I have ever been part of. Vorsight focuses on that all-important, but often glossed over, 1st third of the sales cycle OR PROSPECTING. Many of my inside reps have over 15 years of selling experience. They learned many tips and tactics they had never seen before which were put to use the next day. You wont be dissapointed with this very practical, hands on training. The trainer, Steve Richard, actually jumped on the phones and called some of our leads to show us these tactics in use. Simply outstanding!

Reviewed by Bob Perkins on 11/03/09

ZoomInfo, Inc

307 Waverley Oaks Road

Waltham, MA 02452
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1997

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

ZoomInfo® is the leading provider of B2B data and the most comprehensive source of information on over 95 million business professionals and 7 million companies. It’s the only resource with accurate, easily searchable and highly detailed profiles.

ZoomInfo® can help you close the deal by zeroing in on targeted prospects and decision makers, obtaining detailed profiles and background information on valuable contacts at the companies you care most about, warming up your cold calls, and cleaning, growing and updating your database. Quickly build a massive pipeline that’ll drive your success and ramp up productivity!

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for ZoomInfo, Inc:

Easy tool to research prospects and automatically add to Salesforce.com

Our inside sales team uses ZoomInfo to research products. The best part is leads can be automatically added to Salesforce.com with one click. We also use ZoomInfo to append data to marketing lists. Great app!

Reviewed by Brian Vass on 05/12/11

Give your reps more time to sell

If you want your reps to have more time for quality sales conversations -Give them access to ZoomInfo.

Reviewed by Nancy Nardin on 05/08/11

Best Contact information for B2B prospecting

We have reviewed all of the large list providers and Zoominfo is especially notable for having the most viable contacts per B2B company in our space. We use them internally because of that (at least in 2011.)

Ken Krogue - President & Co-Founder - InsideSales.com

Reviewed by Ken Krogue on 04/28/11

Sales 2.0 Savvy

ZoomInfo has always been a great data provider but the last several releases have really launched them into the sales productivity category. Easy to use, visually well organized and a great user interface with solid data bundled in You need to check them out!

Reviewed by trish bertuzzi on 07/15/10

Accuracy and efficiency - they keys to effective prospecting

Zoominfo is one of the best resources I have come across to assist with effective prospecting efforts. Instead of giving you some outdated list of names with basic information they crawl the web and find the most up to date information on your target prospects and give it to you in a format you can use to drive immediate results. Relevance and timeliness of information are key to effective prospecting and this is where ZoomInfo excels.

Reviewed by John Barrows on 04/30/10

VP Inside Sales

This is a great tool for searching prospects based on a wide range of variables. It is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend this tool for inside sales reps and marketing managers as well.

Reviewed by Bob Perkins on 01/17/10

ShadeTree Technology

3267 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 107-284

Austin, TX 78746
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Incite2 sales intelligence software for Salesforce simplifies the use of CRM to support the entire calling process from call research to qualification. Single-screen views enable sales to make more calls, engage in conversations that are more relevant that drive better results and increased revenue.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Sales Result Inc.

2018 156th Ave NE

Bellevue, WA 98007
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2003

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

We Build, Fix and/or Optimize Winning Sales Teams, Strategies and Processes.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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1725 I Street NW, Suite 900

Washington , DC
[ Contact ]




Sentrana is a leading provider of cloud-based Precision Sales & Marketing technology. Our groundbreaking Predictive Analytics are targeted at the individual customer level. Not at customer segments. You can pinpoint the specific products, prices, and promotions necessary to win new accounts and grow existing accounts with unprecedented precision and close-rates – all through your existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems.


Viewing Reviews for Sentrana:

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111 Sutter Street

San Francisco, California 94104
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1998

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: Local/Regional

We are your Partner in Employee Attraction, Development and Retention. We are pivotal in establishing meaningful and long standing relationships.
We are recruiters and client managers who source and identify top talent in the areas of Admin, HR, Operations, Marketing, and Sales. We focus on positions ranging from entry to C-Level, Direct Hire and Contract Staffing.

Grow your network with us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/premier-staffing-inc.

Follow us: @premierSF and @premiertechsf

Pin with us: http://pinterest.com/premiersf


Consulting Services Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

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Quality Contact Solutions

808 4th Street

Aurora, NE 68818
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

Quality Contact Solutions exists because the world is driven by sales. We value quality, urgency, service, achieving goals, being positive, conducting worthwhile work, and being easy to work with. We provide quality call center solutions that achieve sales results.

Quality Contact Solutions provides Telemarketing and Call Center Solutions. QCS helps clients with inbound, outbound, and email programs with a focus on increasing sales, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing cost per contact in the business to business marketplace.

At Quality Contact Solutions, our expertise reside in helping you outsource your business to business sales team, telemarketing sales, lead generation, appointment setting, call center technology solutions and consulting.

Consulting Services Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

Viewing Reviews for Quality Contact Solutions:

Great sales results and communication

We have worked with QCS during the past few months. Knowing the details of our product for sales purposes can be complicated. QCS has done and outstanding job learning about our product, and sales results have been great. The reps are excited and have worked to be very knowledgeable about our product. Working with the QCS team is a great experience, and I would recommend working with this organization.

Reviewed by Amanda Hartman on 04/16/14

Sales, audits, tech solutions

We’ve used QCS’ services for both routine functions as well as more complex problem solving tasks regularly over the past several years. Their deliverables have always been timely, comprehensive and accurate. The staff is highly professional and a real delight to partner with. Their ability to creatively resolve issues for our company has saved us time and money; and best of all, has provided us with peace of mind.

Reviewed by D.M. Henreckson on 04/10/14

Outstanding, overachievers

Our first foray into telesales has been nothing but a complete success. We couldn't have done it without the leadership, consultation and experience Quality Contact Solutions brought.

Reviewed by Joshua Kitlas on 04/10/14

Lead Generation

Fantastic results. Great people to work with.

Reviewed by Michael A Baldridge on 04/03/14


Everything in the world happens because someone sold something. Quality Contact Solutions understands this. With a focus on helping people make a great buying decision they are able to make customers feel like partners. I believe the real strength of QCS is the on going development of their people. The training they do shows every day because it starts with the leadership team. They are always looking to improve and role model this to their team. I believe that QCS has a professional approach to sales that puts them above the pack in the contact center world. I would highly recommend working with the team at Quality Contact Solutions.

Reviewed by Lee Pemberton on 04/02/14


300 Baker Ave.

Concord, MA 01742
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1986

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: International

Avention, Inc., formerly OneSource Information Services, provides real-time, actionable B2B data from the world’s most comprehensive database to deliver 21st century business information solutions. Avention empowers sales, marketing and research professionals with the best global B2B data available and leverages that data with its cutting-edge software. Through four key capabilities – Conceptual Search℠, Business Signals℠, Ideal Profiles℠ and SmartLists℠ – users find leads, market segments and business insights that can’t be found anywhere else. Headquartered in Concord, MA with offices across North America, Europe and APAC, Avention has more than 4000 customers worldwide. Visit www.avention.com and follow us on Twitter @AventionInc.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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Accelerated Cold Call Training, Inc. - Cold Calling & Selling Made Faster! - Live Cold Call Training

638 Lindero Canyon Road Suite 283

Oak Park, CA 91377
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1997

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

Are you a VP of Sales, Director of New Business Development, Sales Manager needing LIVE cold call training to expand your market share by cold calling into Fortune 5000 companies? Call Ron La Vine to discuss the benefits of LIVE cold call training at 818-519-3852 or send mailto: rslavine@coldcalltraining.com .


Consulting Services Training & Education Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for Accelerated Cold Call Training, Inc. - Cold Calling & Selling Made Faster! - Live Cold Call Training:

Accelerated Cold Call Training, Inc. - Cold Calling & Selling Made Faster! - Live Cold Call Training has yet to be reviewed. Be the first!

21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling

Author: Jeffrey Gitomer



Proven Actions You Must Take to Make Easier, Faster, Bigger Sales…NOW and FOREVER! There are universal laws of selling that determine whether you succeed, or don’t succeed — whether you earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle you want or struggle to make ends meet.


Books & Publications

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Dialing for Dollars

1087 Cumbermeade Rd

Fort Lee, NJ 07024
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2004

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Dialing for Dollars specializes in training sales and lead gen teams on how to use LinkedIn for strategic new business development. For companies that prefer to "have the fishing done for them" we find and qualify new buyer opportunities and schedule mutually beneficial meetings with our customers.


Consulting Services Training & Education Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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Business By Phone Inc.

13254 Stevens

Omaha, NE 68137
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1983

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

For over 27 years Art Sobczak has helped sales pros say the right things. He’s done over 1200 training programs, working with tens of thousands of reps. Regardless of company size or budget, Art can tailor proven, results-getting training for you.


Training & Education

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ContactPoint, LLC

1664 S. Dixie Drive, Suite H-107

St. George, UT 84770
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2001

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

Founded in 2001, ContactPoint is the world leader in sales and customer service optimitics. Their patented technology records and scores customer phone calls so businesses hear what their customer hears.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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19363 Willamette Dr. #313

West Linn, OR 97068
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Let OvationWorx help your company implement a successful sales incentive program. Introducing "SRM" Sales Recognition Management. A SaaS platform to track and manage all your SPIFF's and offer exciting award options.


Consulting Services SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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Customer Hook

2975 Executive Parkway, Suite 182

Lehi, UT 84043
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2000

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

If you need leads for your website, business, squeeze page, or product we do that.


Consulting Services Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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201 3rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94103
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1999

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: International

ON24 provides cloud-based webcasting and virtual communications solutions that drive outstanding results for companies of every size and in every category.

Our industry-leading platform helps organizations to communicate with employees, clients, prospects and partners with measurable and greater impact.

More than 750 organizations, including IBM, Cisco, CA Technologies, Merck, AstraZeneca, Fiserv, Credit Suisse and GE, rely on ON24. ON24 is used enterprise-wide for applications such as demand generation, partner enablement, training, product launches, company town hall meetings and user conferences.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

Viewing Reviews for ON24:

ON24 is the next generation webcast platform

We elected to do our webinars on the ON24 platform this year. The additional functionality around social sharing is particularly helpful. We have nothing but positive things to say about the experience working with the technology and the people. If you are using what I'll call a 'first generation' web casting tool for webinars, I recommend that you take a peek at ON24 to improve audience engagement, sharing, attendance, and lead conversion.

Reviewed by Steve Richard on 03/31/13


ON24 is ranked #1 in both webcasting AND virtual events. Satsfied user, satisfied employee!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/29/13

Great Product, Great Company!

On24 is a fantastic company to work with. They have the most comprehensive and complete webinar platform and the people are phenomenal to work with. You have to check out On24!

Reviewed by Mike Smalls on 03/29/13

Hoopla Software

105 S. High Street

West Chester, PA 19382
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

Hoopla Scoreboard steers actions and behaviors through friendly competition and recognition using game mechanics. Using a sports metaphor, it pulls data right from Salesforce.com in real time to display key stats, actions and leaderboards and to recognize performance as it happens.

Viewing Reviews for Hoopla Software:

Professional Solution to Making Results Visible to All and Motivating

We have used Hoopla for a few years now and it continues to improve. The graphics are very professional and the options continue to increase to mix it up and keep it fresh. The management interface is getting better but there is still upside there. Their staff is incredibly helpful in trying to assist customers in getting the most out of the investment.

Reviewed by Paul Leto on 04/04/14

Sales 101

Hoopla provides the competitive fuel to stoke any sales team. The leaderboard keeps our global sales organization competing with each other even though they are separated by over 8,000 miles.

Reviewed by Carter Perez on 04/02/14

Great gamifcation platform!

Hoopla has help drive sales and inspire a great competitive atmosphere amongst our sales team. Whether it's a daily game based on call volume, or the month long games with larger rewards... everyone seems to love it!

Reviewed by Alex Eichberger on 04/02/14

Awesome Tool!

Hoopla is great tool for any sales team. Hoopla helps create a fun and competitive environment allowing us to keep diverse geographic locations engaged and competing with each other as one company.

Reviewed by Brian Anderson on 04/02/14

Awesome tool!

This is an absolutely outstanding product - works great within your native Salesforce deployment and helps bring fun to the standard sales team scoreboards, usually seen on whiteboards or chalkboards - this takes things to a whole new level "SportsCenter" style scoreboards to drive performance and motive your team.

Reviewed by Mike Andersen on 03/31/14

Great tool!

Been using the tool now for a couple weeks, and the energy when the bell rings for a new deal is awesome. Great visibility for leaders and encouragement to compete in a healthy way. Absolutely worth the investment of time & effort to make this thing sing.

Reviewed by Brad Moore on 03/31/14

The best motivation tool!

Simply one of the most effective Salesforce APP to motivate your entire Sales team! Brilliant and supper efficient.

Reviewed by Mike Massimi on 03/26/14

Slam dunk!

Hoopla immediately had a positive impact in both our UK & Canadian operations, spurring both our sales and service teams to dramatically increase their productivity. Although, we've only had it installed for a short period of time, I'm certain that we will continue to see our sales figures grow and our service team hitting their SLA's consistently.

Reviewed by Lee M Beardshaw on 03/25/14

Completely Changed the Game

Since installing Hoopla on our sales floor at Stone Street Capital, we have seen a positive effect on our culture. The level of competition has gone from Division One to Professional! Account Executives fight and scrap to beat each other in daily or weekly contests and everyone loves when their theme music plays. Our Assistant Account Executives lobbied to get involved and our level of engagement has never been higher. It's also a great recruiting tool that separates us from sales organizations that ignore gamification.

Reviewed by Dan Bonner on 03/17/14

Factor 8

3369 E Goldfinch Way

Chandler, AZ 85286
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: International

Factor 8 provides 3 key services:
1. Sales Floor Benchmarking – helping sales centers see where they stack up against industry best practices and devise plans to improve.

2. Custom Sales Training- When we train front-line sales and management teams, we share proven phone-selling tactics, messaging suggestions, and coaching. This isn’t just another sales theory class!

3. Custom Sales Floor Solutions: Full-scale rep on-boarding programs, career paths and sales playbooks help sales leaders scale operations, tackle new sales roles, and consistently outperform quota.

Consulting Services Training & Education

Viewing Reviews for Factor 8 :

Professional and Sales Development

Kathleen’s training was phenomenal; words cannot even express our gratitude. The quality of our sales opportunities improved tremendously. This was reflected in our client’s conversion rate which went from 19% to 35% surpassing the competitor’s rate. The team had a paradigm shift and their skills were developed and sharpened. The training did not only develop them in their sales performance but also in their professional performance. It was truly amazing and I would recommend Factor 8 for anyone who is expecting high results from their sales team.

Reviewed by Tonya King on 04/04/14

Significant Improvement

I have been tracking our qualified leads...and we are at 25.1%. A significant improvement over last year and I attribute this to our Factor 8 training in conjunction with the leadership teams focus on driving home the message through quality and coaching of these principles.

Reviewed by Liz Cecini on 04/03/14

Strength Finder

Kathleen has the amazing ability to see strengths that you didn't realize you possessed. In working with Kathleen during sales training, she never ceased to amaze me. She is devoted to pulling nothing but your best from you and challenges you to go above and beyond. I can honestly say that Kathleen played a huge part in shaping the high performing seller that I am.

Reviewed by Thomas Engstrom on 03/28/14

Skills Now and Later

Kathleen's training really help me sharpen my skills in my sales role. Being new in the work force was intimidating, and being confident is essential to ones success. After spending time with her, testing out her strategies, and honing my pitches/close, I developed the confidence that allows me to speak with conviction when dealing with clients. Although I have moved on to a new role (which I was recruited for because of my past sales success) I still return to the methods Kathleen taught me, with the same successful results. I would highly recommend her for any sales organization no matter the industry.

Reviewed by Christopher Splon on 03/28/14

Keys to Success

Kathleen’s training set me up for success when entering in my role as an Inside Sales Representative. The training and real world application of those tips and skills made working with my customers more productive and inevitably more lucrative; both for the customer and me! Recently, I found myself working in a new area of the business and the skills I gained while enrolled in the Factor 8 training program with Kathleen were invaluable as I got to work with my new customers, essentially starting over. Leaning on those teachings and practices helped me perform and provide fantastic engagement that has led to me hitting my goals month after month.

Reviewed by Levi Bulgar on 03/28/14

Faster ROI

Factor 8 is a very effective sales program that is step by step process of both theory and real world practical usage. This program has allowed my reps to be more effective in a faster timeframe. This results in a quicker return on an employee ROI and faster generation of sales growth. I believe can be effective in any sales organization from the newest to the most mature. In addition Kathleen Liles is a very effective trainer who has a thorough understanding of the customers’ business and then customizes the training accordingly. I would recommend her to do your sales training.

Reviewed by Sean Finnegan on 03/28/14

Better Than You Think.

I've worked with many "consultants" before and have found them to be predictable and boring. Not the case with Factor 8, it was quite the opposite. From the moment I met Kathleen Liles and her team I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and overall work product.

Over the course of 6 months Kathleen worked with me and our team to tailor a training course that met our sales associates right where they were; on the front lines and in serious need of education.

It was a pleasure working with Kathleen and the result we received were better than expected. I would highly recommend Factor 8 and all they offer.

Reviewed by Bill Parry on 03/27/14

Factor 8 Training

“The reps that went through the Factor 8 training are my highest paid reps in the company; I’ve created a career path just for these guys. They’re like my Seal Team Six. They just get it.”

Michael, Global VP of Sales Effectiveness

Reviewed by Lauren Bailey on 02/24/14

Top Notch Training

Factor 8 does a terrific job. Their knowledge, experience, and passion shows through in all they do. You notice the difference from start to finish – the way they prepare, to how they deliver and ultimately to how they follow through on their programs. They are there with you every step of the way to make sure you accomplish your goals and achieve success.

Reviewed by Larry Reeves on 12/02/13

By Appointment Only, Inc.

30 Corporate Drive

Burlington, MA 03079
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1997

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA (National)

BAO uncovers the right prospects and sets up meetings with them on a pay-for-performance basis. Our singular focus on the top of the pipeline accelerates the sales cycles by ensuring that sales personnel are constantly engaged in actionable, high level sales activities that lead to closed deals.


Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for By Appointment Only, Inc.:

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Leadership Without Excuses

Gregg Baron & Jeff Grimshaw


Published: 2010

“There’s no accountability!” You probably say it every time your people fail to deliver the results on which you’ve staked enormous resources—not to mention your reputation. And you’re probably right. The lack of accountability is one of the greatest drags on any business.


Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Leadership Without Excuses:

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6470 East Johns Crossing, Suite 160

Johns Creek, GA 30097
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1997

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

PointClear is an Atlanta-based B2B prospect development company providing the strategy, analytics and execution services needed to drive revenue. Client companies are assured 100% of leads delivered are sales-qualified … and up to 5 times more deals are closed. Founded in 1997, PointClear instills the cross-functional collaboration and operational excellence c-level execs need to increase sales and marketing effectiveness, decrease costs—and achieve optimum results. PointClear’s president Dan McDade has authored a book, The Truth About Leads, available on Amazon and other online sources.

Clients such as Microsoft, OptumInsight, SPI Solutions and Verint achieve more predictable forecasts and significantly higher revenue results.


Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for PointClear:

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4550 North Point Parkway

Alpharetta, Ga 30152
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2002

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: Local/Regional

FRONTLINE Selling helps inside, outside and channel sales teams become more effective at building sales pipeline and mastering the Prospecting Cycle.


Consulting Services Training & Education SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for FRONTLINE Selling:

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FUSION Performance Marketing

337 N. Westminster Drive

Palatine, IL 60067
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1978

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: Local/Regional

FUSION brings together the two most critical elements of business - People and Ideas. FUSION helps companies achieve their business goals by driving desired behaviors and improving sales performance, customer loyalty and employee engagement.


Consulting Services Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for FUSION Performance Marketing:

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Smart Sales Manager

Josiane Chriqui Feigon


Published: 2013

Smart Sales Manager by Josiane Feigon is the ultimate playbook for recruiting, training, and managing inside sales teams in today’s Sales 2.0 world. Read it and get up to speed fast on:

The new tools help make sales
Motivating + managing Millennials and your sales Superheroes
Sourcing great training + go-to strategies for meetings.
New rules for hiring―and firing
Measuring success with the new metrics

Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for Smart Sales Manager:

Foundation for success

An excellent read for new managers and a tremendous referral asset for leaders managing leaders.

Reviewed by Jim Snaza on 04/04/14

Good tips for managers

I found this book easy to read and it provided lots of bite size nuggets and best practices to help manage inside sales teams.

Reviewed by Todd Caven on 04/03/14

Best Sourcebook for Inside Sales Managers

This book is the sourcebook for inside sales managers who want to pick up speed in today's rapidly changing sales 2.0 landscape. They need tools on how to hire, retain, coach and train their Millennial talent.

Reviewed by Josiane Feigon on 03/25/14

Bright Pattern

1111 Bayhill Drive

San Bruno, California 94066
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2010

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA & Canada

Say goodbye to overly complex and costly contact center infrastructure. Bright Pattern offers the next generation of cloud-based contact center software for customer experience management and inside sales.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Lattice Engines

1825 South Grant Street, Suite 510

San Mateo, CA 94402
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2006

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

Lattice Engines is revolutionizing sales by harnessing big data to develop the most informed sales pros, engaging the most receptive customers in the most compelling ways. Our big data analytics platform, salesPRISM, delivers real-time, actionable, account-specific insight to sales reps.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

Viewing Reviews for Lattice Engines:

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The Bridge Group, Inc.

PO Box 863

Hudson, MA 01749
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1998

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

The Bridge Group works with technology companies helping them to build, evolve or validate phone and web based selling strategies that are the foundation of growth.

Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

Viewing Reviews for The Bridge Group, Inc.:

Great Business Partner!!!

I recently made the transition from outside sales leadership to inside sales leadership. Trish and her team have been invaluable with that transition. Not only are they a great sounding board for questions and ideas, but they have really helped in matching me up with organizations who are in a similar business state as ours. Great facilitators of connecting people with each other!

Reviewed by David Boschert on 03/31/14

The Bridge Group Knows Inside Sales!

If you are looking for the "truth" about inside selling, The Bridge Group is the place to go for best practices and better results.

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 03/31/14

The Bridge Group is worth it!

The Bridge Group did an excellent job of developing a playbook for our inside sales process. Gail took a year off the learning curve for us.

Reviewed by Joe Engel on 03/24/14

Data-driven Insights

We reached out to the Bridge Group to seek their independent analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our go-to-market capabilities. The Bridge team thoroughly reviewed our entire process and provided detailed analyses based on quantitative and qualitative comparisons from their rich data set. We also appreciate their various surveys and content, which we always find useful.

Reviewed by Rob Pickell on 03/24/14

Most Efficient and Talented Team Regarding Sales Metric

The Bertuzzi's The Bridge Group Inc. are unquestionably the leaders when it comes to quantitative analysis in the revenue generation process.

Their Outbound Index has lead to numerous consultative conversations Rivalry has had with their customers. Not only have we been able to leverage their content, but they've also been some of the most hospitable folks to work with in the space. I give The Bridge Group Inc a resounding recommendation for anyone looking to do business with them.

Reviewed by jon birdsong on 03/22/14

Deep Knowledge of the Modern Sales Playing Field

The Bridge Group has an incredibly broad and deep knowledge of sales strategies and structures. They have an ability to quickly analize the performance of any organization and make realistic and relevant recommendations for improving your process (and hence your bottom line). Trish and Cindy are incredible resources and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Reviewed by Rob Baldwin on 03/21/14

Honest advice....meaningful change for my business

We contracted The Bridge Group to help us better understand how our CRM, Salesforce.com, was getting in the way of our inside sales performance.

The Bridge Group team quickly and adeptly identified the true issue was a lack of a cohesive and enforced sales process. The CRM wasn't the issue, our lack of process was.

They provided us with the playbook we needed to fix our issues and they also walked my team through building that process into our CRM.

I highly recommend The Bridge Group

Reviewed by Peter Gracey on 03/21/14

Home Run Every Time

At Allergan we consider a Sales Playbook to be a critical component when launching a new inside sales effort. The Bridge Group has worked with us to build playbooks for several programs. They are able to involve multiple stakeholders with diverse objectives and produce a playbook that makes sense in theory and in practice. The end result creates accountability and gives me the visibility I need to keep my teams running efficiently.

Reviewed by Angela Barger on 03/19/14

When Process Yields Results

We were in growth mode and quickly adding headcount to our Inside Sales team. We knew that a Sales Playbook would lay the foundation for success so, based on our long term relationship with The Bridge Group, we brought them in to build one. Their process is very inclusive of the Reps. They get buy in from the “get go” making the team part of the process which ensures adoption. Our team now has a Playbook they use and the know how to evolve it. I highly recommend you turn to The Bridge Group to do the same.

Reviewed by Carlos Garcia on 03/19/14

My GoTo Trusted Advisor

Trish and her team at The Bridge Group have been the single most influential partner source of best practice guidance in developing the strategy and structure of our growing inside sales team. Many of the decisions we have made about how to build our team have been guided by insight from Trish and team and all have served us very well. While being a top inside sales leader, Trish has always been very accessible and responsive in helping us.

Reviewed by Casey Corrigan on 03/18/14

Inside Sales Answers

We started working with The Bridge Group over 4 years ago to work on messaging and our inside sales model. They took the time to dig in and understand our market and culture. Most recently, Gail Milton worked with our team of senior inside reps to develop messaging and process that would help them be heard when outbound prospecting into new markets.

Reviewed by Jim Chehanske on 03/17/14

Great to work with!

I had the privilege of working with them over the last few months. They are on top of their game and know the business. Great to work with!

Reviewed by Russell McGuire on 03/17/14

The Bridge Group is my SME

Over the years I've been fortunate to count on The Bridge Group as my subject matter experts. Whether I'm building out / optimizing a revenue handling organization, or a business development organization, The Bridge Group is my go-to-partner. Their resources and information are forward-thinking and based on relevant experiences. They are the only firm that offers me the breadth, depth, and keen focus on these vital areas of business.

Reviewed by Kirk Leffler on 03/17/14

Great Advisor

The Bridge Group has become an invaluable advisor to our team as we continue to scale. Trish and team are there to review strategy and to add insight on what we might be missing. I highly recommend this team to anyone interested in growing a sales organization.

Reviewed by Josh Delisle on 03/17/14

I'd rate The Bridge Group an "11"

Ok, I've worked with The Bridge Group since 2007. Over that time they've been an amazing partner to work with as our Inside Sales and Lead Dev strategy has changed over time. We started small (a handful of reps) and we've now got hundreds of reps supporting thousands of solutions. Over that time TBG worked closely with us on every aspect of Inside Sales from the front lines (messaging, call strategies, etc.) to compensation, target setting and measuring success. I would recommend The Bridge Group to any organization who really wants to take their Inside Sales strategy to the next level. They are, simply put, one of the best and most effective organizations I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Reviewed by Kristofor Semb on 03/14/14

A True Partner

Ping Identity is a high-growth, fast moving company. The Bridge Group is able to work within our parameters and crazy schedules to get the information they need in order to meet our deadlines. We have relied on them to complete a variety of projects over the last 4 years and they always deliver a quality service. If you are looking for a true partner who integrates into your business then look no further.

Jeanne Lambert
Director, Sales & Marketing Operations
Ping Identity

Reviewed by Jeanne Lambert on 03/14/14

Trusted Resource!

I’ve known The Bridge Group for a long time and have worked with them at 2 companies for their Lead Development/Inside Sales teams. I’ve used their Sales Playbook they created with our team's specific messaging while managing an inside team and now turn to them for the latest in metrics, trends & other resources. You won’t be disappointed, they know their stuff and are always happy to help.

Reviewed by Kathleen Maloney on 03/14/14

Amazing Team!

When I joined Purolator the relationship with TBG was already in place. I soon developed a relationship with Trish and her team that I have come to value. They have built a business on the premise of being a "trusted advisor". I recommend them highly.

Reviewed by Tricia Chapman on 03/13/14

Adviser and beyond

I was lucky enough to have Trish Bertuzzi as an Adviser when we were getting our Inside Sales team started from the ground up, this time last year. The ebooks she and The Bridge Group team have created were key in helping me prioritize the big rocks I had ahead of me to know what to spend my time on and when. Since then, Trish has continued to be a mentor for me, providing crucial business advice about topics from hiring, to onboarding, to calling techniques. So thankful for Trish and The Bridge Group and their support! Would give a personal recommendation any day.

Reviewed by Zoe Silverman on 03/12/14

Great consultants and true business partners

The Bridge Group has been a great asset as we launched and grew our Business Development team over the last few years. They care about the success of their clients and will work with you to devise the right approach for your business. Time and time again, they have been the first resource I turn to when I have questions about the market or need to brainstorm new ideas for my team. They are honest, knowledgable, well-connected in the inside sales community. Trish, Cindy and the whole team are true partners.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Cain on 03/12/14

Excellent insight, execution and support

Trish Bertuzzi and the team at Bridge Group, bring enormous experience and forward leaning approaches. They never sit back and insist on helping you to decide on which changes will grow your business. They then support an approach which brings everyone on board to make those changes. Most important is their pride in making sure they make it happen through measurable, meaningful results.

Reviewed by Cliff Pollan on 03/12/14

Unmatched Inside Sales Knowledge and Coaching Techniques

We have been working with the Bridge Group for over 2 years. They bring a forward-thinking approach to inside sales, and have helped grow our inside sales team into an effective, efficient, and professional sales machine. Their insight and experience has allowed our inside sales team to close deals that would not have happened without their diligence and commitment to making our team grow.

Reviewed by Joshua Berndt on 03/12/14

Great Expertise and Patience

When we worked with The Bridge Group they were exceptional with advise and documented output. They were also very patience. Our company thought they were ready to make changes but the truth is we were not. The Bridge group was very patient and worked through each issue until we were up and running.

Reviewed by Pam Flory on 03/11/14

Talented, Real, Second to None

There is no comparison to the talent, expertise, and practical knowledge of the team that comprises The Bridge Group. Rather than a group of ivory-tower theorists, The Bridge Group is comprised of a star-studded group of inside sales practitioners who have walked in our shoes. Their knowledge is world-class and they are a bunch of down-to-earth realists to boot. Here's an analogy...Apple is to tech companies as The Bridge Group is to inside sales professionals. Stop shopping around...you've found the best.

Reviewed by Mark Godley on 04/22/13

Top Service Provider

I'd like to nominate The Bridge Group as a top service provider of the year. They have been a tremendous partner for PayPal's Telesales organization during the past three years. They have been an important part of our growth and a big reason for our success.

Reviewed by Tyler O'Brien on 04/01/13

Knowledgeable, Helpful, Solid Advice

Great advice. What I most appreciate about the Bridge Group is their overall knowledge and understanding of marketing/sales synergies and what important in today's selling environment. Expert advice on how to engage with clients and prospects; best practices around sales process and sales management.

Reviewed by Anne Kelly on 03/07/13

Love them!

Trish and the whole team are a wealth of actionable, real information. None of this conceptual "what-if" stuff that consultants are so proud to recommend.. Real process, behavioral and cultural changes that will transform your sales teams!

Reviewed by Brian Bachofner on 03/05/13

Amazing Consultants

Not only does the Bridge Group become a true partner to their clients but even after the client relationship has ended, they are still lifetime consultants and truly care about peoples' successes.

Reviewed by Liz Reiley on 02/26/13

Bridge Goup = Top Service Provider!

The Bridge Group worked extensively with Listrak from 2011-2012 to help our organization bolster our Business Development Center inside sales team. Cindy Littlefield at the company listened to us and helped our team develop a playbook that took us to the next level. I cannot recommend this company enough - they are an A+ partner!

Reviewed by Greg Adams on 02/26/13

Building, Expanding or Optimizing Your Inside Sales Team

Simply the best in the country. I've relied on guidance from The Bridge Group on several occasions since 2008 and consider their consultation invaluable.

Reviewed by Kevin Gaither on 02/22/13

Inside Sale Implementation at its Finest!

Working with the Bridge Group to implement an entirely new Inside Sales Team within our organization ensured that we did it once and did it right!
This collaborative team was able to provide expertise in many areas including: Inside Sales on-boarding, building our Playbook for success, defining our performance metrics, best practice call coaching and much more. We are one year later and there is no question that without the BG we would not have been as successful as we have been! We continue to engage the BG as our Inside Sales organization evolves.

Reviewed by Angela Barger on 02/22/13

Your Next Step for Growth

Everyone at the Bridge Group knows what questions to ask to figure out what your organizations next steps for growth need to be. They take a real world, practical approach to get you moving in the right direction. Then make sure you have a plan to take yourself there.

Reviewed by Lynn Hidy on 02/13/13

Solid Advice, Time Tested

Trish's insight and empathy for the challenges faced by Inside Sales professionals is evident. The advice, tactics and practical approaches presented in her consulting work, as well as whitepapers have helped me simplify complex situations in my own work and the teams I have built. I find myself returning to those resources frequently. Thanks Trish!

Reviewed by Diane Fonseca on 02/06/13

The Bridge Group Knows Their Stuff!

Trish Bertuzzi and her team KNOW inside sales. Their ability to seek to understand YOUR business first, and then leverage hundreds of years of experience to HELP you improve results in inside sales is outstanding. To learn more, visit their site - sign up for free updates. I use Bridge Group info to make changes at my company all the time. Thanks Trish!

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 02/06/13

Great source of intelligence, insight and results

Trish and her team have the experience and approach that actually make a measurable difference for the companies they work with. They are constantly reviewing new solutions to recommend to their clients along with staying up to date with industry trends through research and their own hands on experience. They apply all this to their work with clients to help them excel.

Reviewed by John Barrows on 02/04/13

High Value Insights

The Bridge Group is smart, insightful, direct, honest and extremely helpful in creating and expanding inside sales teams. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Matthew Bellows on 02/04/13

Pragmatic approach, quality content, effective training

The Bridge Group quickly established rapport and worked with sales management, marketing and our inside sales team to understand how our sales process works (and didn't work), developed content to streamline and shore up the process, and trained our team. The result is a process that all follow now, because it helps THEM do their jobs. For me, the result is more efficient sales effort, and more predictable revenue. Work with the Bridge Group before your competitors do!

Reviewed by Peter Weyman on 02/04/13

Great Organization that Delivers Results

I've partnered with The Bridge Group several times while at different companies to help our inside sales and market development groups improve their results. Their work is top-notch and I strongly recommend them.

Reviewed by Mike Puglia on 02/04/13


Terrific organization with deep expertise in Inside Sales.

Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/14/12

These folks know what they are talking about

The Bridge Group team has done it all. They have been in the trenches and are just as comfortable in the C-suite. One of the things we value about working with Bridge is that they have common sense, are extremely collaborative and get results.

Reviewed by Dan McDade on 07/15/10

Inside Sales thought leadership

Trish is a true thought leader in how to develop and lead inside sales forces. Her work is grounded in real world results and data. You should call her if you are looking to learn more about taking your inside team to the next level.

Reviewed by Brett Wallace on 05/17/10

Very helpful and practical advice and tools

We have used the Bridge Group several times on formal project as well as in a less formal, advisory capacity. Trish and her team are very helpful in testing new markets, building playbooks and messaging, and supplementing your inside sales team.

Reviewed by Eric Blatte on 03/16/10

PI Worldwide

16 Laurel Avenue

Wellesley, MA 02481
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1955

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA (National)

PI Worldwide provides human-capital analytics to help organizations make science-based decisions about their #1 competitive advantage –their people. With an emphasis on sales and leadership, PI Worldwide’s behavioral and sales skills assessments help create a high performance culture.


Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

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5600 Tennyson Parkway

Plano, TX 75024
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: International

VanillaSoft is the emerging leader in lead management solutions for outbound telephone sales. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, your inside sales group is an integral part of your revenue stream. If you are a call center, then productivity and quality are essential features of success. VanillaSoft's hosted, Web-based platform offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution for making the most of your outbound calling campaigns. The VanillaSoft SaaS solution offers all of the features your inside sales representatives or telephone agents need to be productive and successful - such as next best call routing, logical branch scripting, auto-dialing and intuitive contact management. Sales managers will appreciate VanillaSoft’s quick implementation and learning curve as well as having visibility into campaign success and sales rep performance. With VanillaSoft, your people are focused and effective - this means more quality calls driving more sales to your bottom line.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

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Aslan Training

1000 Parkwood Circle

Atlanta, GA 30339
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1996

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: International

Our focus is simple, bridge the gap in sales force execution. Since 1996, we've focused on addressing the 18 unique challenges of selling and prospecting over the phone. Change happens 1-to-1. We equip leadership teams with the tools to transform and provide development programs for each ISR role.


Consulting Services Training & Education SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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North American Systems International

2901 E78th Street

Bloomington, MN 55425
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1993

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

NASI has been providing computer hardware and services to organizations of all sizes since 1993.

Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

Viewing Reviews for North American Systems International:

Outstanding service

I have used NASI in the past for technical support and their response and customer service was excellent... very responsive.

Reviewed by Bob Perkins on 03/16/10

Hire Right, Higher Profits

Lee B. Salz


Published: 2014

Hired and fired... It’s the revolving door on sales teams. Executives hire what they believe to be great salespeople, but the results never come – and the salespeople are let go. This perpetual cycle eradicates profits, makes revenue targets pipe dreams, and has sales leaders pulling out their hair in frustration.

Despite these issues, executives continue to try to "hire great salespeople." That three-word expression is exactly what Hire Right, Higher Profits is all about. Sales management strategist, Lee Salz begins the book by challenging readers with the $25,000 Revenue Test which most executives fail. Then, he hits readers between the eyes with the statement "there are no great salespeople" and offers proof of it! He also cautions those executives – who view the competition as their primary sales talent source – of its risks.

But Salz doesn’t stop there! He challenges executives to shift their perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue. Each salesperson represents a revenue investment made by the company with the core objective of receiving a fast, high return on it – no different than when companies invest in sales strategies, tactics, and ideas to grow revenue.

Hire Right, Higher Profits teaches executives how to determine what type of revenue investment is needed, evaluate revenue investment candidates and get a fast, high return on the investment made in their new salespeople. The book is a step-by-step, practical guide teaching you how to implement the revenue investment concept – impacting both the top and bottom lines. It’s a fun, educational read chock-full of stories as you learn how to:

• Shift your executive team’s perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue
• Identify the factors that affect revenue investment performance – the cause of salesperson success or failure in the role
• Assemble a Revenue Investment Evaluation Program to contrast candidates with the performance factors
• Scrutinize a Revenue Investment Prospectus – a salesperson’s resume – to get to the truth
• Evaluate candidates so you select the right salespeople for revenue investments
• Protect the revenue investment through structured sales onboarding
• Design sales onboarding curriculum to get a fast, high return on the new revenue investments
• Assess revenue investment performance both during and post-onboarding

The methodology presented in Hire Right, Higher Profits can be implemented in any company, in any industry, of any size. The book is not based on scientific studies, but rather on real-world, field-tested sales management practices that Lee Salz has developed and used for over twenty years with both his sales teams and for clients. Whether you are a seasoned executive or new sales manager, this book has everything you need to build a world-class sales force.


Books & Publications

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Sales Architects

9784 Troy Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55311
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2000

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

Sales Architects is a sales management strategy consulting firm that helps companies identify and hire the right sales people, on-board them effectively and efficiently, and align their activities with the needs of the business.


Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

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5327 W. 121st Terr

Leawood, KS 66209
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1990

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Telemasters was founded in Minneapolis in 1990. Our founder created a process called "The Telemasters System" which transforms the outcome of every prospecting call whether inbound or outbound. This system has been utilized by thousands of salespeople and organizations nationwide with outstanding success.

The Telemasters System has been used, refined and personally tested with more than 1,000,000 (yes that’s one MILLION!) sales and prospecting calls since 1990.
This is not classroom training this is one on one coaching with results.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Diamond Performance Group

7801 West 96th Street

Bloomington, MN 55379
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2003

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

Diamond Performance Group is a sale execution company helping clients to maximize sales results. We assists clients by helping to identify the real performance problems impacting business the most. Once identified, DPG will assist in developing and implementing results-based solutions.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Inside Sales Recruiting

7652 Lena Avenue

West Hills, CA 91304
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2011

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

We specialize in placing top-notch talent in Inside Sales! Period. We help companies hire A-Player inside sales professionals to help them hit their revenue goals and manage their clients to achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner.


Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

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2300 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 300

Alpharetta, GA 30009
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1991

Employees: 500+

Region: USA (National)

PGi has been a leading global provider of collaboration software and services for over 20 years. PGi's cloud-based software applications let business users connect, collaborate and share ideas and information from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, enabling greater productivity in the office or on the go. PGi has a global presence in 25 countries, and its award-winning solutions provide a collaborative advantage to over 45,000 enterprise customers, including 75% of the Fortune 100™. In the last five years, PGi has hosted more than 1.1 billion people from 137 countries in over 250 million virtual meetings. For more information, visit PGi at www.pgi.com.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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[ Contact ]




Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. With more than 390,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—in more than 145 countries around the globe, Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is engineered to work together as a single system. Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based and on-premises solutions give customers complete deployment flexibility and unmatched benefits including advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership. For more information about Oracle, visit oracle.com.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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320 College Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95401
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

PointAcross lets you quickly and easily create audio-visual messages that have proven to generate significantly more response from recipients. The messages are personal and powerful; you can touch your clients and prospects with the power of your voice.


Training & Education SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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160 Sidney St

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2010

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: International

InsightSquared provides disruptive and breakthrough sales and marketing analytics for Salesforce. The analytics, dashboards and reports are built from the ground up for sales managers and business executives who run small and midsize companies (SMBs). Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product lives in the cloud, meaning SMBs don’t need to license expensive software, invest in new hardware, or employ dedicated IT and analytical staff to use it.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for InsightSquared:

InsightSquared brings innovation to business analytics and modern business intelligence for sales and marketing

The next big thing in business analytics and business intelligence is InsightSquared. This company was founded in 2011 with a mission to revolutionize and democratize small business analytics because legacy business intelligence tools were too complex and too expensive until now. InsightSquared is a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing and sales analytics company, providing disruptive and breakthrough sales and marketing analytics. Hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users around the world use InsightSquared’s award-winning analytics to maximize sales performance and increase team productivity.

Fred Shilmover, CEO is a constant mentor and coach to his employees and colleagues – he is known in the Boston tech community for freely giving his time and expertise. In business school he led most of the venture capital and entrepreneurship clubs and associated events. Fred stands out for his leadership and the culture he has created at InsightSquared that breeds excellence. Every startup has a “work hard, play hard” philosophy, but at InsightSquared, Fred tries to take the “play” part to the extent of making the office the place to be even during off hours. Fred makes sure that perks during work hours are top-notch: daily free lunches, an in-house kegerator stocked with beer, a hacked arcade machine that can play nearly anything, a ping pong table, two 70" TVs, an office surround sound system, and no set vacation limit.

To this end, InsightSquared was named one of the “Best Places to Work in Massachusetts” by the Boston Business Journal and “Top Places to Work 2013” by The Boston Globe.

InsightSquared is disrupting the legacy players in the business intelligence industry by offering a turnkey cloud SaaS product that can be up and running literally in less than 60 minutes whereas it takes legacy solutions from weeks to months to be implemented. Before InsightSquared, these tools were for large enterprises, cost millions of dollars and required data scientists and analysts to come to insights. Now, any size company can afford to get the information to run their businesses optimally; and the user interface masks all the complexity going on in the backend – anyone can use this system, no analysts required. And unlike legacy business intelligence platforms, InsightSquared can be deployed affordably without any integration costs and comes preloaded with reports that real business people can use.

With its latest offering, the “InsightSquared 3.0” suite, the company further defines the future of business intelligence. Business analytics is more accessible and easy to use than ever before, without compromising on the power of sales analytics, marketing metrics and the reports that help businesses run better. InsightSquared 3.0 is a solution for CEOs who want to run their companies better and by the numbers. InsightSquared 3.0 includes over 300 “best practices” reports and significant feature improvements designed to drive effective sales performance management. Feedback from hundreds of experienced CEOs, Sales VPs and Marketing VPs is meant to offer real-time actionable insights from data to accelerate sales growth, gain greater pipeline visibility, perform more accurate sales forecasting and ultimately help hit the sales target.

Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/02/14


778 NE 33rd Street

Boca Raton, FL 33431
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1997

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Demand Creation is our specialty; Telemaximum will build, test and accelerate your Inside Sales initiatives... Contact us today for a free, no obligation evaluation of your current sales structure.


Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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Success Sciences, Inc.

17838 N. US Highway 41

Tampa Bay, FL 33549
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1986

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

Success Sciences has a 23 year track record for dramatically improving sales performance and customer relationships. As a research based, performance improvement specialist, SSI provides a variety of sales and “customer contact training” to help improve your bottom line.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Xactly Corporation

35 S. Market St.

San Jose, CA 95113
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

Xactly Corporation is the market leader in on-demand sales performance management. The company's SPM Suite™ of products enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation programs easily and affordability.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Chally Group

3123 Research Boulevard

Dayton, Ohio 45420
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1971

Employees: 25 - 100


Chally can help you increase productivity, reduce turnover and reduce the cost of hire with scientifically validated hiring and developmental tools and advisory services for inside sales roles. Whether you are responsible for selecting new employees, embarking on sales and leadership team development or assessing the performance and potential of your current inside sales team, Chally has the experience and talent analytics (BIG DATA) to assure you get the best return on your investment.

Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools

Viewing Reviews for Chally Group:

Competency based solutions

Talent Management LLC offers Talent Snapshot which is an online competency-based employee performance management solution. We chose to closely align our system with Chally from the onset because of the integrity of Chally's research-based approach to predicting success for sales, leadership and professional/technical positions.

Using Chally allows our clients to build the foundation for employee success throughout the career lifecycle - from hiring through retention - with a proven, validated, world-class competency model.

We are proud to have a close association with Chally which allows us to bring a real, integrated, competency-based talent management solution to the market place.

Reviewed by Jackie Messersmith on 04/10/14

High Quality Assessments and Sales Effectiveness Research

I'm a research Psychologist and have been in the Sales Effectiveness business for 30+ years as both a consultant and buyer. There are no better validated or reliable instruments available for sales and sales management selection and talent assessment. Chally products and services are the real deal, research based, no flavor of the month. Real evidence-based tools that produce results.

Reviewed by Marty Wikoff on 04/02/14

My Choice - Business & Personal

Chally Worldwide has helped me with selection and development for both Sales and Executive Management. In one case, we used
Chally Assessments to identify the primary focus for training a 12-man Sales Team. Just recently I used the Chally Best Match Sales to understand the appropriate sales positions to from which to apply, now that he's out of college. I probably should have used this test before he went to college. It would have given him good direction.

Reviewed by Clay Garner on 04/02/14

Chally Data Enables Transformation

Chally Assessment data has been an instrumental part of the transformation of Sales Talent Management at Hearth & Home Technologies. We have leveraged Chally data to help us segment our current sales talent and have also expanded our use of the Chally Assessment to help us select new sales talent. There is no question that the insights we're deriving from the Chally data are enabling our sales leaders to make better decisions about talent--whether it's focusing on the right development priorities or hiring the right sales talent.

From a project management standpoint, Chally is easy to work with and provides an outstanding level of support. When issues or problems arise, our Account Manager steps in quickly and effectively to help us get back on track.

We are delighted to have The Chally Group as a partner in our ongoing transformation of Sales Talent Management at Hearth & Home Technologies!

Reviewed by Barney Olson on 03/31/14

The Predictor of Success

We are a non-profit HR consulting organization. We partner with Chally to offer our members the Chally assessment to aid them in their interviewing and selection process. Although we do minimal hiring (being a rather small organization of around 20 employees), we have quite few members that rely quite heavily on the Chally assessment once they have the candidate pool whittled down to a 2 or 3.

Our members have provided feedback that they feel the Chally does an excellent job a predicting success in the role in which the candidate is being considered for.

Chally has done a great job, through their many years of research, of determining what skills are true predictors of success in a given position, and which skills aren't. For example, many interviewers would ask questions in an interview for a sales position to access a candidate's organization skills. Chally years of research shows that organization skills are not a predictor of success. There are many highly successful sales representatives that are quite organized. Consequently, organization skills are not predictors of success.

Over looking at I'm sure 10's of thousands of highly successful sales representatives, Chally has successfully isolated those skills that are accurate predictors of success and has successfully structured an assessment that's efficient at determining if a candidate possesses those skills.

There are those that I speak to about using the Chally assessment in the interviewing process that say they can afford it, it's too expensive. To those I say, "It's not a matter that you can't afford to do it, it's that you can't afford not to". When you look at the true cost of a bad hire (especially in your sales organization), The Chally is a small investment to serve as another tool to help you make the right decision.

Reviewed by Jerry Yingling on 03/31/14

Radius Intelligence

140 2nd Street, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94105
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2008

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

Selling to small businesses made easy! Radius provides insights and data about the smallest businesses in the US and allows you to sync data with your CRM.


SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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InsideView, Inc.

444 De Haro Street, Suite 210

San Francisco, CA 94107
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2005

Employees: 100 - 500

Region: USA & Canada

InsideView is a Sales 2.0 leader, bringing intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources to the enterprise to increase sales productivity and velocity. InsideView's sales intelligence application, SalesView, continuously aggregates and analyzes relevant, executive and corporate data from thousands of content sources to uncover new sales opportunities. SalesView delivers this intelligence natively within CRMs and mobile devices, and has become the default intelligence application for over 25,000 users and 2,200 customers worldwide.

Recruitment Services & Hiring tools SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

Viewing Reviews for InsideView, Inc.:

InsideView is Awesome! Right Person, Right Message, and Right Time.

InsideView has demonstrated an impact in companies of all sizes and in all industries. Their sales intelligence and social selling solution allows sales professionals to find the right person to target, discover the right message for a meaningful conversation, and alert when the right time for that conversation is. Going beyond the business card and finding the 'person' behind the business card saves research time, accelerates deals, and increases conversions. ...and they have a friendly team.

Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/14/12


1593 112th Court

Apple Valley, MN 55077
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

AA-ISP is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. As the only association of its kind, the AA-ISP serves as an authoritative resource to leaders and individual sales representatives who want to take their organization and careers to the next level of professionalism and performance. Our mission is accomplished through an industry-specific focus on leadership and individual development, member forums and networking, best practice sharing, individual training, career development, sales accreditation and annual conferences.

Viewing Reviews for AA-ISP:

Robert Cooper

Robert is a delight to work with....very responsive and a great problem solver. He represents your company well.

Reviewed by Gregory Koloroutis on 04/04/14

We wouldn't be here without you!

I would like to see Larry and Bob and their staff recognized for creating the AA-ISP and supporting the inside sales community.

Reviewed by Anneke Seley on 02/22/13

Just what we needed.

Inside sales was the perfect solution for our small company. We didn't have 10's of thousands of dollars to invest in a dialer for the company and the Inside Sales dialer is affordable and has increased out productivity 10 fold. Thanks!!

Reviewed by Jeremy Timberlake on 03/29/12

The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts

Author: Mike Brooks


Published: 2010

The only book on Inside Sales Endorsed by the AA-ISP's president, Bob Perkins, this book is packed with hundreds of word for word proven and effective scripts.

Books & Publications

Viewing Reviews for The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts:

Simply the BEST book of Phone Scripts I've read!

I've read a lot of books on "phone scripts" and selling over the phone and none come close to the real world examples and language as this one. I was immediately able to use these scripts to get past gatekeepers and overcome objections.

Simply the best if what you're looking for are solid, "real" scripts on what to say to make more money selling over the phone.

Reviewed by michael z on 03/25/14

Choice Gifts, by TCMPi

6946 Post Road

North Kingstown, RI 02852
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2000

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

Rewarding your employees with brand name products is now as easy as giving cash or gift cards. Introducing Choice Gifts. An innovative service that lets your employees choose their reward from a selection that you choose. It’s online. It’s secure. And it’s a lot more meaningful than cash or gift cards.


Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing Computer Hardware & Telephony Equipment

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Hiring Secrets of the NFL: How Your Company Can Select Talent Like a Champion

Author: Isaac Cheifetz

Publisher: Davis/Black

Published: 2007

Sports metaphors speak the language of business--whether describing the unbridled arrogance of eccentrics, the overpriced payouts for underperforming stars, or the need for fierce competition, team work, and strategic alignment.


Books & Publications

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Beyond Selling Value: A Proven Process to Avoid the Vendor Trap

Mark Shonka

Dan Kosch

Published: 2002

The expertise of IMPAX has been compiled in the business best-seller Beyond Selling Value: A Proven Process to Avoid the Vendor Trap by IMPAX Co-presidents Mark Shonka and Dan Kosch (voted by Business Book Review as one of the top 40 business books of the year).


Books & Publications

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The Mirror Test

Authors: Jeffrey W. Hayzlett with Jim Eber

Published by: Business Plus (a division of Hachette)

Published: 2010

Jeff Hayzlett is a big, boisterous guy who has the guts to get in your face and tell you exactly why your business isn't doing well. In short, he asks the questions that most business managers are afraid to ask.


Books & Publications

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Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology

Anneke Seley

Brent Holloway


Driven by an explosion of online products and changing customer buying preferences, Sales 2.0 is the marriage of innovative sales practices and Web 2.0 and other advanced technologies. Sales 2.0 explores


Books & Publications

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Presenting With Credibility: Practical Tools and Techniques For Effective Presentations

Author: Bruna Martinuzzi


Published: 2012

Credibility is the most important aspect of presenting. If you don't have credibility as a presenter, people will not believe your message and they will not buy your product, support your project or adopt your idea. Whether you are an executive, manager or teacher, this book will give you all the techniques you need to present with credibility. In a concise, easy to follow format, you will learn how to have presence and dynamism as a speaker and how to speak with authenticity. From knowing how to capture an audience in the first 2 minutes of your presentation, to speaking before an audience of senior executives or delivering a keynote, Presenting with Credibility is packed with hundreds of practical tips as well as inspiration.

In today's fast-paced, competitive economy, those who can present an idea with clarity and persuade others, stand out from the crowd. Mastering the wealth of techniques outlined in this book will give you that extra edge.


Books & Publications

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The Leader as a Mensch - Become the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow

By: Bruna Martinuzzi

Forward by: Michael A. Freeman, MD CEO
Published by: Six Seconds, Emotional Intelligence Press

Published: 2009

Offering a Glimpse Into the Strength, Wisdom, and
Self-Mastery of Exceptional Leadership

This insightful and engaging book speaks volumes on ways in which all of us can improve our leadership impact and develop the humility, integrity, and honor that instills hope and confidence in others.


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Smart Selling Tools

5381 Shortway Drive

Sacramento, CA 95823
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA & Canada

With only 215 selling days in the year, you have a limited sales capacity. Sales reps can spend an hour updating forecasts, logging call-notes, sending follow-ups or other non-selling tasks… or they can spend that hour on the phone talking with a real live prospect. Every hour lost to non-selling tasks translates into a 14% loss in sales productivity. Find out about the 215 Principle and software tools that help protect precious selling time.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Director of Sales

Ms. Nardin had put together a great set of tools to help the sales professional become more effective. I can tell that she uses her past experiences and puts in a considerable amount of time evaluating tools before listing them on her site. It is one of the first places I go to get a list of the latest products.

Reviewed by Hope Summerhill on 09/21/10

Reignite- How to Rekindle Your Passion for Selling

Co-authors: Scott Anderson & Chip Kudrle


Published: 2012

"Reignite clearly defines the DNA of top-performing salespeople and provides an outstanding road map for sales performance improvement. This is a must-read for anyone in sales or sales leadership!"
Brian Tracy, Author, High Performance Selling


Books & Publications

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Cracking the Code to Leadership

By: G. Thomas Herrington

Patrick T. Malone
James Georges


We cracked the code to leadership and share that secret in our new book. Discover what other leadership and training books won’t tell you…HOW to lead.


Books & Publications

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20 Knowledge Park Drive

Fredericton, NB 00000
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1989

Employees: 500+

Region: USA (National)

SkillSoft, a leading SaaS provider of on demand e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education and small to medium-sized businesses.


Training & Education

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I.R. Gilyeat & Company

450 E Sagebrush St

Gilbert, AZ 85296
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2008

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

We help companies acquire and retain customers, primarily through design and adoption of automated messaging solutions. We integrate and align SFA, marketing automation and analytics. It's great to have the technology, but unless it's working together your Inside Sales team will not see the lift in performance that you're expecting. If you have plenty of technology but not enough lift - contact us.


Consulting Services SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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5830 157th Lane NW

Minneapolis, MN 55303
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1984

Employees: 25 - 100

Region: USA (National)

IMPAX, a leading global sales performance improvement company, is committed to helping sales professionals drive business results in field sales, inside sales, and channel sales, account management, and sales leadership efforts. Our focus: sell value not price and sell to the decision maker.


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Reality Works, LLC

875 Island Drive, # 420

Alameda, CA 94502
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1991

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

Reality Works (formerly Phone Works) is a sales strategy and implementation consultancy that has helped over 450 large and small companies across industries plan, build, test or improve inside sales teams, based on Sales 2.0 practices: measurable, predictable revenue and superior customer engagement and retention, enabled by technology. Visit us at http://realityworksgroup.com and http://sales20book.com.

Consulting Services Training & Education

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The Best in the Country

I've talked with several clients of PhoneWorks and they all tell me that their services are worth every penny!

Reviewed by Kevin Gaither on 02/23/12

Phoneworks brings talent to your leadership team

For 3 years, I have been in and around PhoneWorks through the Tele-Business Alliance in the Bay Area. I also had the benefit of getting a full report from them for my current employer recommending several industry best practices for our Inside Sales group. Sally Duby and Anneke Seley are industry veterans and would recommend PhoneWorks to any company looking to take their team to the next level of professionalism and performance.

Reviewed by Chad Burmeister on 12/01/10

The Sales Corner

5435 Audobon Ave Apt 301

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2007

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

We do it all. The Sales Corner offers a full line of business service solutions and professionals working for your company to grow your business. Whatever it is, we focus on you.


Consulting Services Training & Education Recruitment Services & Hiring tools SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools Outsourcing, Lead Generation & Marketing

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The Asking Formula

John Baker


Published: 2012

Why Are People Unable To Ask For What They Want? The Asking Formula is One-Of-A-Kind. It will empower you to immediately implement the most effective, straightforward and high-impact process for structuring best-in-class persuasive communications and allow you to achieve your objectives. It will instill into yourself a bias for action that gets things done, super-charge your communications effectiveness and influence, and Improve results in your professional and personal life.


Books & Publications

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TeleSmart Communications

35 Stillman #206

San Francisco, CA 94107
[ Contact ]

Founded: 1994

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: USA (National)

TeleSmart is a global sales training and coaching company specializing in training thousands of salespeople to sell, service, and support their customers--smart. We provide energetic, whip-smart, up-to-the-minute, and enduring training within an interactive


Consulting Services Training & Education

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Valgen, Inc.

21720 W Long Grove Rd., C-201

Deer Park, IL 60010
[ Contact ]

Founded: 2009

Employees: 1 - 25

Region: Local/Regional

Valgen delivers turn-key, easy to use, powerful recommendations to your sales reps such as whom to call, when to call and what to sell that drives incremental revenues. Our predictive analytics is embedded within your CRM system ensuring consistency and adoption. Salesforce.com AppExchange partner.

SAAS, CRM & Productivity Tools

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Lead gen game changer you cannot be without.

We hired Valgen to improve our outbound lead gen using predictive analytics: cleanse lists, target best prospects, provide scored leads into our Salesforce.com system and track performance, for nearly 100 reps. Not only did they provided accelerated ROI through cost savings and improved results, but also their insights changed how we approach our business and streamline our processes. For example, understanding the available qualified prospect pool or how 70% of our reps time was spent chasing leads that were 42% below average. A real eye-opener! Actionable, seamless, scalable.

Reviewed by Brad Bedoe on 07/24/11

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