good morning experts. I have a couple of questions. 1) we have a cutting edge, new to market technology that really needs to be pitched at a high (senior) level to get the right traction. We have little marketing support, it is ramping. I was hired in march to initiate a new lead generation team, and hired 2 people in May. In the past month, we have been building lists (our database has few of the right names), reseearching in ISell and LinkedIn for good titles, hunting down contact information, and doing research, so our outreaches are "warm", or at least educated. We're capable of about 20ish calls/day with all that effort, and expect to ramp to 30ish or so. Our current commissionable activity is to find a SPONSOR (Solution Selling), who ADMITS PAIN, and the sales rep agrees that there are NEXT STEPS. Our current quota is 12 of these qualified leads/month. In my research with peers, and my experience outbound prospecting for the past 6 weeks, that feels high. We're able to connect with about 15% of our outbound outreaches, but only 1 has converted to the definition of a commissionable lead, and even that has lost steam already. I am looking for advice on the following issues: benchmarking -- what are other companies defining as a commissionable "lead"? We cannot use BANT, it is a cross-departmental business solution, we do not sell into IT. Tactically - in SFDC, how are other organizations "delivering" such leads to sales? I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss these points, and a meeting on Weds to discuss with my boss, who is openminded to resetting expectations. Please reach out to me directly if I can provide enough more detail to get the answers that will help me. I'd prefer to keep this anonymous to the rest of the audiece just now. thank you. Diane

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: June 21st, 2011
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