Good morning. We are starting am inside sales group and we are trying to determine commission rates. We are a large service provide as well as a product re-seller and the company pays commission based on the gross profit of a sale. For example if a customer send us an order for 20k for product only and our cost for the product is $17k the commission would be paid on the GP of 3k. What is a nice starting commission rate for a new inside salesperson? Should the commission rates vary for inbound sales and outbound sales? For example if a sale is generated from a customer contacting us should the commission rate be lower than if we generated a sale by cold calling? So to sum it up I am trying to get an idea of a reasonable commission rate to pay inside sales based on type of sale inbound or outbound. I was initially thinking 5% for outbound sales and 3% for inbound

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: January 21st, 2012
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