I currently manage an outbound sales group that has assigned territories and complete ownership of all active accounts and prospects within their territory. I am investigating the possiblity of adding to the group and shifting some responsibilities: I will have appointment setters for our outside sales force. I need everything from a job description to a compensation plan. My current reps will continue to have sole responsibility for outlying areas where no outside reps are close. They will also have sole ownership for all accounts under $ 20 k within the outside reps territory. When an account reaches $ 20k they will be handed off to the outside rep OR teamed with them. I am looking for suggestions on how to motivate my team to understand that they will be growing accounts to hand off AND how do I compesnate them when a hand off takes place? My reps currently recieve commission for all sales for accounts assigned to them. Any suggestions and tips would be welcomed.....thanks!

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Posted: August 17th, 2012
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