I currently am managing a group of SDRs (Sales Development Reps) to prospect and provide leads to our field sales group. We also have a similar group to provide leads to our SMB sales group as well. Both groups are primarily outbound focused. I was curious to know what are the SDR or (whatever you call them) to Sales Person ratios at your company? I am particularly interested in the breakdown of the ratio as it would apply to SDR to field sales rep ratio vs. a SDR to SMB sales rep ratio. I have read the Bridge Group's excellent 2012 Lead Generation Report but I am looking to go a little more granular as I feel the ratio is going to be different based on the type of sales group you are supporting (i.e. field sales reps selling to large corporations or Corporate / Midmarket reps selling to smaller corporations to SMB reps selling to small Mom and Pop companies)and if the lead gen group is inbound or outbound focused. Please share what is your current ratio or what ratios you have seen in the past. Thanks!

Posted by: Geoff Land
Posted: October 22nd, 2012
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