I manage a lead generation team for a Market Research firm.We pre-qualify over a $25,0000 web based leads annually.In addition,we also conduct approximately 85 cold calling projects for our sales and client development team.We are experiencing the following struggles:1)How do maximize or increase efficiency for processing inbound leads? Currently our website is generating over 50% poor quality leads. Is there a tool that can help us automate some of the process?2)We conduct cold calling projects- the process of setting up a meeting is long and tedious.In addition, logging a call and notes is becoming time consuming. So here is my question.Is there a tool that can automate and simplify our calling process and also automate our inbound process.?Currently we are using Salesforce.com Any guidance would be apppreciated.Please keep in mind we are a sales not a marketing team.

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: April 7th, 2013
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