I've recently been hired as the first Inside Sales person at an apparel/accessories manufacturer. We currently have 9 brands, but I was brought in to drive sales in only two of the divisions. Prior to my existence, all sales was done by Independent Contractors or Outside Sales Representatives and the majority of our sales division is still structured this way. As with any new way of doing things or change, my position has been met with a bit of skepticism. For instance, still wanting to hire more Independent Sales Reps in certain "open" territories, which I am suppose to be concentrating my sales efforts. Why push to hire more Independent Reps, when that is one of the reasons our sales have plummeted over the past 5 years. I was brought in to help build sales back up and now am not sure the company is 100% behind the idea of inside sales. Can you please provide me with success stories or backing on why Inside Sales is an integral part to any organization?

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: August 12th, 2013
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