My company has a 4 stage sales process primary -(Develop, discover,prove agree)designed around the Outside Sale group. The BDR's vet and qualify all leads , then once qualified under BANT they set a call for the Outside rep. The lead can move to an oppty or go to nurture (very rarely not a fit). We have a fairly long sale cycle 8 to 12 months sometimes more. The Outside reps sometimes keep opptys as place holder even though the oppty may have no chance of closing in the next 12 months. This is causing a little issue since we have pipeline that has no chance of closing in the calendar year and it over inflates are real pipeline. Outside reps are also reluctant to put an oppty as closed lost for these oppty's since they don't want to forget them or the don't want the exposure of close lost. We are looking at adding another oppty stage , possibly stalled for these opptys that are over 365 old. This could cause some issue with the BDR's since we already have a nurture if we close something that timing is not ready for. What are some of the best practices on how people are managing this issue in Salesforce. Currently the only people to own opptys are Outside reps, one suggesting is moving ownership to the BDR but I'm not really a advocate of that. I'd like some ideas and suggestion of how people are handling this.

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: November 11th, 2013
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