We have recently added the position of an Outbound Sales Rep to our team. This is the first outbound position that we've had in our Individual Sales department and we're still working out all of the details of the job description. So far we are planning to have this individual contact our existing clients for potential upgrades and calling clients that have purchased small contracts from us last year. I am trying to create a Monthly Scorecard for this individual and would like for it to reflect their sales and outbound activity, while being a motivation for the individual rep. Other than showing Actual Sales, Closing Ratios and Call Quality scores I'm wondering what else we can include to the Monthly Scorecard. At this time, this Sales Rep is doing inbound sales for all products; therefore, her individual sales vs team results and other Specialized Sales Reps might be a little deflating for the new team member. Hoping for some ideas from anyone that has Outbound Sales Reps on their teams. Thanks!

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: August 20th, 2014
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