We are a manufacturer and distributor of windows and doors. Our division sells through a dealer network (resellers) to the decision-makers (typically trade/contractors but sometimes architects or consumers). Our sales teams work with dealers jointly to win sales but in some markets we also have business development reps who get out in front of the buying process to pull business through the channel. We also have a lead management office that handles inbound inquiries (from trade, architects and homeowners) but this is in its infancy. It is not entirely clear how we might implement an inside sales function in this environment and that is the question I have for the Experts. I'm most curious about two current lines of thinking and their benefits and pitfalls: 1) carving out a subset of the dealer network (based on some set of currently undefined criteria) and giving sole "ownership" of these accounts to an insides sales team 2) setting up team-selling where an inside and outside team divide up activities/responsibilities within the dealers (I read the 6 year old "6 Steps to Setting Up a New Inside Sales Team - any other papers you think are beneficial, we are all ears). We are building a framework of knowledge right now in an effort to make an informed decision. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Posted by: Benjamin Root
Posted: April 27th, 2015
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