Hi All, I have two questions: 1-What is the best title for a lead generation team if we want to make sure external and internal clients understand what the role is about and also give more importance to their role (elevate the role) as it is crucial in a sales team. 2-What are the best ways to consolidate, keep prospect lists. Our issue is today is that we have a lot of lists we work on, some are good some less good and need cleansing, etc... we have a CRM system but we don't want to upload the lists as leads as they arent at this stage yet. We use excel and sharepoint today but end up with a lot of files to maintain, we don't know our real metrics and ROI on each list etc... it is very hard to track. Is there a system we can use to centralise all these lists, where we can input comments, activities, and once they become a lead, upload them into a CRM? thank you Pascale

Posted by: Pascale Wazen-Palpied
Posted: November 24th, 2015
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