I'm looking for feedback on comp plans for a hybrid sales role (account mgmt./inbound sales). I have a groups of three reps that manage in excess of 300-400 customer accounts each, and are also taking qualified inbound leads and working them to close. In addition to that, they are also responsible for servicing the broader base of our 4,000 customer account base, in a reactive, customer service fashion. These reps are on variable commission plans depending on their portfolio (territory) size. This ranges from 14% of one month's gross sales to 27% (again, depending on the specific territory/portfolio makeup). As we're planning for 2016, the company is asking that we increase each reps territory and at the same time decrease their variable rate from 2015's. In some instances, the variable rate is being cut in half in order to maintain the same, or close to the same, OTE from 2015. The goal is to show modest growth from 2015, as we're in a very competitive space (IaaS), so it's reasonable to expect more from the team we have. At the same time, we're already well under-staffed when you consider our account manager-to-Customer ratio. Have other's faced similar scenarios? If so, what has been the approach? If I can clarify the situation, please ask me questions. Thanks,

Posted by: TJ Waldorf
Posted: December 22nd, 2015
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