Hi all, my question is around prospecting lead distribution and lead ownership. We are a B2B Saas based company and currently use Salesforce and Insidesales.com as our CRM and Dialer, respectively. We call out of leads and use a third party app (Distribution Engine) to send those leads to the reps when they convert a lead or they have reached the maximum number of dials before letting the lead rest. Currently, the same rep is calling that lead 7 times and will either convert the lead or the lead will be sent to a resting queue after 7 dials. This works well and is pretty streamlined. The prospect hear's from the same rep and receives emails from the same rep each time. The hard part is that it restricts our ability to circulate all of our leads and pivot based on time zone. With our technology stack, we have the ability to call out of a pooled lead format utilizing call lists and click to dial through insidesales.com. Does anyone utilize this functionality? If so, what advantages have you seen?

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: January 19th, 2017
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