Thanks in advance for your advice. I have been building and leading small to very large B2B Inside Selling (95% outbound) organizations for over 20 years. I have never worked for a company where we believed we were subject to the TCPA rules when using a dialer. (I have worked for 5 Fortune 100 companies). We did not record calls in 2 party states and at my current company, we are calling existing customers who have done business with us in the past 18 months, and/or asked to receive a call (via digital marketing outreach usually). My current Fortune 1000 company is requiring TCPA "compliance" and I do not feel we need to comply. I'm only 90 days in, so before I try to remove this very restrictive requirement, do other B2B leaders have experiences with this and advice for me? Thanks. (my company sells data and information technology solutions into Finance, Banking, Auto, Mortgage, etc.)

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: September 4th, 2018
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