Hi there, With a focus on increasing cloud revenue, we have started to offer a free 14 day trial of our cloud product and created a dedicated team to follow-up on cloud trial sign-ups. We have not had this motion before in our company and looking for any feedback or best practices on compensation models for this team. The goal of the team is to increase overall trial conversion to paid subscription (monthly or annual). Our team will receive the higher scored leads and have an 'assisted' follow-up, and the lower scored leads will go through a self-serve nurture flow. Current trial conversion via self-service nurture is around 10%. Our initial ideas are to either set an overall conversion target, higher than current self-service conversion rate, for leads the team receive and follow-up on, eg. 12% conversion for leads the team engages with. We can determine the number of conversions that equates to based on ASP. The other option we re thinking of is a comparative model, measuring the team over a period of time against the self-serve model. Expectation is that the team convert at a higher rate than the self-service model. Team would be paid on conversion % greater than the self-serve model. Not sure if there are any recommendations or best practices from teams that have a similar focus on trial conversion? Thank you for your help,

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: July 19th, 2020
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