Hi There, we are a mid-sized Software company. I'd like to ask a question in marrying the Channel Department with our SDR Team properly. 1) In order to synchronise this 2 pipeline generation engines, how would you compensate SDRs and the Partner managers? My recommendation: - SDRs => 60% of variable on appointment setting (user case + compelling event + authority/influence) & 40% of variable on 40% of appointments have to convert into BANT qualified opps - Partner Managers => 85% of variable on partner influenced bookings & 15% on geo bookings Do you guys agree? Do you see any challenges with the above? 2) How do you suggest to eliminate conflict between the Channel and our SDR team? Partners and SDR prospect on the same target accounts. It often happens that an SDR who has been prospecting and account for 6 months which means the guys plants a lot of seeds, does a lot of education but not yet able qualify an opp... And then a partner comes who has the relationship and manages to book a meeting with the CIO. It would not be fair not to compensate the ISR who literally invested 6 months in the account and did the ground work. How do you judge who sourced the opportunity? The partner or the SDR? I feel both of them have to be involved as both adds value. Thanks in advance Roland

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: July 19th, 2020
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