I have a inside team of about 40 highly-paid Account Managers at an established b2b sales company, and the company has always had a compensation program that is 100% commission/bonus - no base pay. Some of the owners believe that 100% commission has helped us attract and retain great talent, though I'm not so sure there is causation. The 100% pay program can result in too much month-to-month volatility which I don't think is a good thing for the company or the sales rep. Also, I wonder if we are missing out on good sales talent that simply isn't willing to work for 100% commission. From your perspective, do talented sales people today desire a base pay? Do you have any experience moving from a 100% commission plan to a base+commission one? I'm sure the sales team will perceive this as a pay cut, even though that is not the intention. Really appreciate your time and feedback.

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: August 10th, 2020
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