Hi - So, I've been a member of the AAIP for a few years now, but I cannot get my employer interested enough to take notice of this fantastic association, so oh well, right? The are too set in their ways, I guess-On another they have employed me for 22 years, and I have been in their high performer category, for about 15 yrs. In addition, I was promoted to an assistant managers role, as well. The issue I'm having is Pittsburgh Pipe enters all of the managers in the same contest against the regular sales staff, which I think is demotivating for the regular sales staff. I've tried to have them either take managers out of the contest , or allow the manager to have a separate contest. For some reason they will not do it. Personally, I make enough that the $100.oo or -$200.oo prizes are something I can do without. However, the new guys want to win, and I've been put into a position, that I'm the one taking the money, by force, due an unknown or outdate policy , except there. I don't know of any other companies prior to working at Pittsburgh Pipe which enters sale reps, against the sale managers. I suppose after working for them making a great salary, I just don't know the norms anymore, but I know I didn't care to be in contest against the managers, when I started in 1999..Does anyone have any experience with this challenge? I like to motivate new reps, not demotivate them...Thank you. Kenny kennypipe99@gmail.com or kwaggoner@pittsburghpipe.com

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: February 15th, 2021
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