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Chapter Presidents:

Mike Mishler

Mike Mishler

Director of Sales Development
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Mike is currently Manager, Inside Sales at Palo Alto Networks and is responsible for leading and managing the Business Development Team. As the Sales Development Manager at Evident.io, he was responsible for scaling Evident.io’s Sales Development organization. He scaled the team from 1 remote SDR to 14 SDRs based out of Silicon Valley. The team was focused on inclusion and diversity while sourcing 55 % of company net new ACV. Within a year, the team helped scale revenue from $4 M to $15 M and pacing towards $30 M prior to a $300 M acquisition by Palo Alto Networks.
At memoryBlue, he spearheaded their expansion into Silicon Valley with 4 SDRs and experienced 7X growth in less than a year. He hired, trained, managed, and motivated 100 + SDRs with 40 + elevations during his time at memoryBlue. He has a passion for leading by example and helping with the training and development of others. When not in the office, he enjoys attending Bay area sporting events, kayaking on the water or hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Katherine Andruha

Katherine Andruha

GTM Sales Development Strategist
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Katherine is the Sr. Director of Global Sales Development and Strategy at Anaplan. With over ten years in the industry, she has held positions managing Sales Development teams at Apttus, SugarCRM, FinancialForce and Aruba Networks. Katherine is responsible for overseeing global pipeline production and driving outbound efforts using Account Based prospecting approach.

Katherine's passion for the sales development role stems from strong mentors and her own experiences being an SDR. She has managed teams from three people to sixty people and in each instance all SDRs strive on solid foundation of coaching, high activity and transparency. Her approach with SDRs brings an abundance of success where her teams never hit below 100% of their quotas. On her free time, Katherine is an avid gardener, BarMethod enthusiast, and loves to camp and water ski

Chapter Officers:

Joseph Reeves

Joseph Reeves | Officer

Sales Development Representative

Joseph Reeves, Head of the Silicon Valley branch of memoryBlue, supervises all client engagement and sales development responsibilities based out of the West Coast. He joined the company in 2016 and quickly worked his way up the ladder to SDR Manager followed by Client Delivery. He has a passion for coaching and training his team into effective top performers to help tech companies fill their top-of-funnel. Under his management, the Silicon Valley office has more than doubled its number of SDRs since he took over operations in 2018. He has personally led over 50+ client engagements and facilitated over 40+ SDR elevations and internal promotions.
When not in the office, Joseph enjoys boating, snowboarding at his hometown, Mammoth, and attending local sporting events.

Becc Holland

Becc Holland | Officer

Head of Sales Development

“Horse of a different color”, Becc has an eclectic background in that she started as an AE for the first 4 years of her career, and THEN got into SDR work.
Taking a “step back” when moving out to San Francisco, she aimed to learn more about the tech-ecosystem before transitioning into a closing role again, and in doing so, fell in love with Sales Development and the opportunity to craft innovative process and messaging strategies to drastically change the output of her reps & landscape of Sales Development as a result.
Having a predilection for “category-creation” early, she built out a team in the US, APAC, and LATAM for Adjust.com, moved on to build out the SD department from the ground up at Gong.io, & lastly on to G2 Crowd.
Currently at G2, she’s the Regional Vice President of BD that was brought on to drive pipeline for G2’s recent acquisition of Siftery (now rebranded as G2 Track) & build a BD team to support the Enterprise sellers.

Andre David Anderson

Andre David Anderson | Officer

NearBuy Systems
Sales Director

Andre Anderson has worked in various sales roles throughout his 12 year career, and is currently the Vice President of the Silicon Valley Chapter. Building-out the inside sales team at AirWave Wireless/Aruba Networks ranks among Andre's professional highlights. His team, during a 3 year span (2008-2011), was tied to over $37M in sales. After Aruba Andre went on to run the west coast professional services team at ConnectAndSell, and managed corporate sales at ICIX. Currently, Andre is a channel sales director at RetailNext, and is responsible for taking OEM, and channel partners from signed to selling.

Andre resides in San Francisco and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and History from Santa Clara University.

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky | Chief Marketing Officer

CaCube Consulting

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky is the founder and principal at CaCube Consulting. He is an Advisor and Consultant to B2B software companies, helping them grow. Nicolas covers all aspects of marketing and market development, working on a project basis or as a VP of Marketing on demand. He spent over 25 years in the Cloud and Software industry as a product and marketing executive. Nicolas has a proven track record of creating differentiated positioning, building go-to-market strategies, and developing demand generation programs. He as extensive experience with Enterprise Software markets and is a recognized expert in customer facing technologies. Nicolas authored the Inside Sales Technology landscape. He can be contacted at nk3@cacubeconsulting.com.

Kate Turchin

Kate Turchin | Officer

Business Development Representative

Kate’s mission is to empower salespeople who sometimes feel stuck when they can’t get through to a prospect or start to feel their job can get repetitive by inspiring them to think outside of the box and bring more joy and excitement into their day to day functions. She believes, “Emotional entertainment is the heart of influence” and her love for music and songwriting has prompted her to get more meetings by writing songs to her prospects, creating innovative content for email campaigns and making her job more fun. In addition, Kate enjoys spreading her message to fellow salespeople by writing songs about being in Sales, providing them tools, knowledge, and some motivation to go out and bring this same energy to their jobs in the hopes that they too can feel the same level of joy in being a top sales professional.

Tim Dovedot

Tim Dovedot | Officer

Manager, Lead Development

Tim is the Manager of Lead Development for Zscaler. He joined Zscaler Mid-2018 and scaled the team from 5 LDRs to 13+ LDRs, with many more on the way… He currently runs the AMS Lead Development program for the organization for both the San Jose office and Raleigh-Durham office. The LDR program for Zscaler revolves around two core pillars - velocity and consultative relationships. Within his first quarter at Zscaler, the teams’ results improved by over 250% in every category and continues to grow 50% QoQ. The Enterprise (Hybrid Inbound/Outbound) team is expanding rapidly with no sign of slowing down.

Tim Dovedot’s passion for Sales Development originates from his love of technology, sports/competition, and psychology. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Psychology - emphasis on Neuroscience and Human Computer Interaction. Tim is a Salesforce evangelist and strongly believes that a fundamental key to success in 2019 sales development is a strong understanding on how to manipulate SFDC left, right, up, down. He is happily married to his beautiful wife and enjoys torturing her with 4:00 am Saturday morning English Premier League football games. Other passions include listening to sports/food podcasts and reading.

Jeanne Ball

Jeanne Ball | Officer

Managing Director

Jeanne Ball, Head of the Silicon Valley branch of memoryBlue, is responsible for managing the Delivery Managers on all clients that work with us on the Pacific Coast! She has been with the company for 3+ years working her way up the ladder from SDR to SDR Manager to Client Delivery. Hiring and onboarding SDRs is something she is passionate about. After being a D1 athlete and coach for 6 years before moving in to the Tech World, she knows that a great career all starts with passion for what you are doing and a great team! memoryBlue specializes in working with B2B technology start-ups and established organizations with new product lines or vertical approaches to offer a turn-key sales development engine you can rent on a month-to-month need. They differ by encouraging you to hire their SDRs after they go through the rigorous training. Jeanne lives in the Bay Area where she spends her weekend traveling the world, hiking new paths, and making new friends.

Nick Feeney

Nick Feeney | Officer

Sales Manager

Nick is currently the Sales Manager at Lilt, responsible for growing, leading and managing the Enterprise Sales Development team as well as the Mid-Market Account Executives. In addition, Nick also consults and is a sales advisor to a handful of growing tech companies.

With over eight years of sales experience, he has held positions leading Enterprise Sales at ToutApp (acquired by Marketo), Engagio, and BrightFunnel (acquired by Terminus). Nick has built his career on his ability to scale a repeatable sales process and playbook, drive global pipeline and revenue through an Account Based methodology, and prides himself on his ability to recruit those who share humility and are coachable.

On his free time, Nick is a health enthusiast and Barry's Bootcamp instructor, using health and wellness as his outlet.

Michael Tuso

Michael Tuso | Officer

Chili Piper
Head of Business Development and Enablement

Michael Tuso is the current Head of Business Development at Chili Piper. He started his career through a work abroad program at Citrix where he got to travel throughout Latin America for 1.5 years right out of college. He worked in sales during the week and took excursions to exotic places on the weekends. He was the top performer in the program and was asked to be the team’s SDR manager after just 8 months. Upon returning to the United States, Michael immediately went into a closing role where he really fell in love with sales. He quickly became the top performer on a team of hundreds of sales reps and later moved back into management.

After Citrix, Michael moved to California to work at a small startup, and then eventually SnackNation, where he built out the SDR program. In his first month he increased revenue by 50% and sustained that number over time. Inheriting a team of 9, Michael built out the team to more than 23.

Building upon the experience he gained at Citrix and other startups, Michael sought to grow his own team from scratch. In a little over a year, Michael has grown the sales team at Chili Piper by 400% and the company’s revenue by over 100%. He has worked with senior leadership on go-to-market for several new product launches, implemented their events strategy, built out viral marketing campaigns, direct mailers, and a world-class coaching and training program. Michael is fluent in Spanish and is looking to pick up another language. He hikes, places in local sports leagues, is an avid reader, runner, and of course, world traveler. He is new to the Bay Area and always looking for coolest places around town!

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