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Creating a solid foundation for a successful Inside Sales career

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Creating a solid foundation for a successful Inside Sales Career

About The CSDR® Accreditation Process

The CSDR® accreditation is a web-based, online program which includes a comprehensive, 3-module preparatory coursework, followed by a final exam via a "live sales role play". Applicants are expected to complete the entire coursework in about 2- 3 weeks, prior to sitting for the final exam. Each course includes study and learning of the competencies required to successfully pass the final certification exam.

Each course-ending test must be successfully completed before moving on to the next course. The proprietary BrainX online learning system used throughout the coursework helps each candidate master the content and prepare them for a successful final exam outcome.

Getting Started With CSDR®

This course requires AA-ISP membership. If you're not yet a member, the $145 membership fee will be added to your total at registration. After successfully registering for your the course and activiating your membership, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions for how to sign in and begin your coursework. We suggest that you read through the Welcome section to get familiar with the learning platform and how the course was designed to meet your development needs.

Once you are logged into the BrainX system, you can learn at your own pace. Your coursework, as mentioned, will culminate with a final assessment to ensure that you thoroughly understand what you learned and how to apply the learning.

The final course includes preparation for your final exam which is a “live sales role play”. The material you will study includes an audio example, with written transcript, of a successful role play. You will also review an actual grading summary of the example call so that you see where points are scored.

Building On CSDR®

On-going education ensures that accredited reps stay current while continuously seeking opportunities to increase their skills and competence through professional education. AA-ISP encourages CSDR® graduates to continue building their skills by considering the next progression in their career, the CISP® program. To learn more about the CISP®, Click Here.

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This course requires AA-ISP membership.
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