AA-ISP Community Address: Moving Forward through Change, Chaos, and Crisis

Author: Bob Perkins, AA-ISP & "Antarctic" Mike Pierce
Posted: March 27th, 2020

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AA-ISP is dedicated to providing you the resources to improve sales rep performance, stay in-front of the trends and technologies in an ever-changing world while providing great leadership for your teams. 

To kickoff the Road to the Summit series, Mike Pierce, "Antarctic Mike" will share with the community a message on moving forward through change, chaos, and crisis. Mike will share ways to:

  • Let go - Focus on what you do and what is important. Let go of what you don't have control over
  • Take Penguin Steps - Taking small steps and making consistent incremental progress is key in this time of crisis
  • Streamline Focus - Focus on other people, not yourself

In addition, AA-ISP is announcing our upcoming Road to the Summit series which will begin April 1st. This virtual gathering of the community will provide learning, sharing, and networking in this time when we are all working remotely and for many adjusting to the new way of sales. 


Antarctic Mike Piercewww.AntarcticMike.com  

Bob Perkins, AA-ISP


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