Frontline Manager Workshop: How to Coach & Provide Leadership in a Remote Environment

Author: AA-ISP & Factor8
Posted: April 2nd, 2020

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Business-as-usual has changed, and top leaders are getting out in front in ways beyond work-from-home management. AA-ISP is bringing our community a Factor8-produced virtual workshop for real-time help, skills, tips, and strategies in a highly interactive virtual training session (not a listen in the background webinar!). Let’s help our front-line leaders manage productivity without micromanagement, ensure preparation for a tough Q2/Q3, and increase the quantity AND quality of their rep coaching. We’ll go beyond tips to templates, steps, and even remote practice of new skills.


1.5 hour workshop will deliver:

  1. How to move floor coaching to remote coaching
  2. Do's and don'ts of remote management
  3. A step-by-step model for delivering quality call-coaching feedback
  4. Identifying culture-killing behaviors (the NOT great coaching)
  5. A formula for making time to coach the right reps the right amount
  6. Building rep confidence
  7. Hands-on practice with new skills


Session Takeaways:

Delivering at least 15 ready-to-execute tips pulled right from the AISM (AA-ISP's Accredited Inside Sales Manager) and The Sales Bar delivered in an interactive session perfect for developing and preparing any leader who manages people.

Bonus: Learn best practices in virtual facilitation to run your own sessions!


Factor 8 Moderators:

Kelly Spencer

Kathleen Liles

Lauren Bailey



Leadership, Coaching


Motivation, Communication, Coaching, Leadership, Performance, Sales Skills, Confidence, Tips, Identifying, Overcoming, Guidance, Best Practices, Examples, Do's and Don'ts, Recognition, Tools, Interaction


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