How B2B Buying & Selling Will Change in 2020

Author: Wingman
Posted: April 9th, 2020

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E-Book Introduction

This Ebook is a response to the chaos that has plagued the sales world that is battling an uglier side of the pandemic. The current environment is very alien and something that not many of us have experienced before. In an attempt to understand this chaos and discuss the way forward, we reached out to sales leaders, founders, and CEOs of different organizations working in different sectors to get an unbiased view. We were lucky to have leaders from many sectors speak to us and discuss their plan to navigate this dreadful phase. We are hoping you will find actionable tips and also use this as a resource to experience a sense of community with other sellers and sales leaders, through this eBook.


What will you learn in this E-Book?

  • New obstacles for both buyers and sellers.
  • Tips and notes on how selling can be done.
  • How to change messaging as an organization and an individual.
  • Changes in prospecting for salespeople.
  • Things organizations, sales teams, and salespeople could do differently.


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