AA-ISP Webinar Series: Technologies to Improve Sales Productivity in Our Virtual Sales World

Author: AA-ISP, Vendor Neutral, BombBomb, DialSource, Outreach
Posted: April 22nd, 2020

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our community has been faced with new challenges surrounding the sales tech stack they need to sell, run, and manage, as well as coaching their teams in a virtual setting.

During this 1-hour roundtable chat, our panel will discuss their own sales tech stacks, share how their teams have made the WFH/Sell from Home transition, and also discuss how/if their organizations are planning to bring teams back to a centralized selling location when the situation safely allows.

Goals of this session: 

  • Showcase how other teams are adapting
  • Learn about new technologies
  • Make connections with providers who may be able to help your teams
  • Start thinking about re-entry plans for your organization/teams

Additionally, you will get to see firsthand (3) 5-minute demos from our #LS2020 sponsors which could make an immediate impact on how you sell virtually. 



Dan Cilley, Vendor Neutral

Bob Perkins, AA-ISP

Joshua Tillman, DialSource

Nathan Broome, Outreach

Stephen Pacinelli, BombBomb


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