AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Communication is Key - the Art of the Debrief

Author: Patrick "Lips" Houlahan | Strategic Leadership Consultants, LLC.
Posted: May 12th, 2020

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The mission is complete, the sale is won or lost, and the quarter is over. What comes next? Is it time to go after the next client or time to get started on the next quarter? No, it is time to have a Debrief. Take this time to review what your team did right, what they did wrong, what they can improve, and what they can learn. As a military and business professional, nothing is finished until the Debrief is completed.

In “Communication is Key: The Art of the Debrief,” your teams will learn the steps and the art form of leading and conducting an effective Debrief. Many companies review their productivity without ever getting to the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, they only review the surface-level causes and do not get to the root of the issue. They miss the opportunity to build best practices that can have an exponential impact on their business going forward.


Session takeaways: 

  • The steps and the art form of leading and conducting an effective Debrief
  • How to create an open, honest, and inclusive environment where a culture of Debriefing can flourish
  • How Debriefing can drive agility and improved performance throughout their organization



Patrick "Lips" Houlahan, Strategic Leadership Consultants, LLC.



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