Live Demo: Using High Velocity Sales to Drive Productivity and Sales Success

Author: Kamilla Khaydarov, Victor Liu, Guy Henderson | Salesforce
Posted: May 19th, 2020

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With the state of the world today, companies are looking to find a new normal. But questions like "how do I get through my leads quickly" and "how do I enable rep productivity" are still top-of-mind, and perhaps more important than ever. The challenge of improving and streamlining sales processes is increasing, and inside sales is on the front-line of figuring out remote productivity.

High Velocity Sales by Salesforce was created to solve a few challenges for inside sales including:

  • Onboarding and training reps quickly
  • Enabling efficiency at scale across teams
  • Optimizing processes for best practices

Now more than ever, learning about new technologies to improve performance is key and Salesforce will take the AA-ISP Community into a live case study to learn how other companies and Salesforce themselves have implemented this solution to revolutionize their sales process.


Who Should Attend:

  • Sales Leaders looking to improve their team's performance
  • Sales Enablement leaders
  • Leaders who need to improve their technology ROI
  • Leaders who are considering improvements in sales tools and technology



To find out how Salesforce runs a successful inside sales organization, download the e-book: Selling at High Velocity: How Salesforce Does Inside Sales

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