This (surprising) cold email CTA will help you book A LOT more meetings

Author: Devin Reed,
Posted: May 20th, 2020

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It’s time to hit Send.

Your email is air-tight. 

You’ve done your research. 

The opening line is personalized.

You even have a crisp “why you, why now” line. 

You’re about to let it fly, but something still feels off…

And it’s your CTA.

Should you ask for a specific time to meet?

What about suggesting a conversation instead?

Or… maybe just ask whether they're interested?

Minutes pass and you’re still staring at a draft email. 

Finally, a shaky hand clicks Send. 

You exhale a sigh of relief. 

But you can’t let it go. You want to know: what IS the best CTA for cold emails?

The answer may surprise you.




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