AA-ISP Expert Chat: Sales Reps of the Future - What's Changed & How Do We Pivot?

Author: Rachel Zweck, Rockwell Automation | Andrea Lydon, Sendoso | Mark McWatters, Ambition
Posted: August 6th, 2020

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We’ve reached a new high,


(whatever you may call it) 

Sales is here to stay and in this climate of WFH/Sell-from-Home, the value of Inside Sales is being recognized from all areas of our organizations.

As our value expands, creating a clear (and rewarding) path to success for remote sales reps is crucial to your success as a sales leader. 

Together during this discussion, we...

  1. Worked to identify what skills are needed
  2. Saw how these skills have changed in the recent months and years 
  3. Discussed what changes our coaching and methods of recognition need to train and retain top talent

AA-ISP’s mission has remained unchanged throughout the years, “helping to advance sales to the next level of professionalism and performance”.

Watch this replay to see what the Sales Rep of the Future looks like not only in your organization, but in our profession as a whole.

Sales Leaders from different organizations helped guide the conversation, and shared their opinions.

Who Should Watch?
Anyone in the Sales Profession who is interested in taking your own skills, the skills of your team, your company, and our profession to the next level.

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