Remote Leadership In Action: Increasing Engagement and Effectiveness from New Hires to your Most Sea

Author: Nick Rini, G.A. Bartick, Gene Feldman, Jeff Filek
Posted: September 17th, 2020

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This session was presented as part of the AA-ISP Virtual Sales Summit! 


As with any challenge, disruptors and innovators will have an edge over those who fail to act.

Join this breakout, as our leaders discuss:

  • What are forward-thinking sales leaders doing to keep their people engaged?
  • We’re nearly half a year through the lockdown – what have you been doing to adapt and adjust now that virtually everyone is remote (whether or not they were before)?
  • How have the demands on Sales Leaders changed?
  • What leadership and coaching tools have they had to abandon and which ones are you seeing leveraged (particularly onboarding for new hires)?
  • What are the biggest risks with regard to remote leadership and engaging a remote team?