Best Practices of High Performing #WFH Reps

Author: Ryan Vaillancourt, Richard Harris, Andy Paul
Posted: September 17th, 2020

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This session was presented as part of the AA-ISP Virtual Sales Summit! 


By now, we are all seasoned veterans of the #wfh economy, or so we think. Research shows 84.4% of salespeople believe they are as productive or more productive while working remotely. While we may feel that we have mastered our own experience of working from home, are there ways we can optimize our teams for greater productivity while remote? Can salespeople become even more effective while teams become more cohesive? Join ringDNA Director of Enterprise Sales, Ryan Vaillancourt and living sales legends Andy Paul and RIchard Harris as they unveil common WFH misconceptions and talk through advanced best practices for work from home sales teams.

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