Virtual Spain Chapter Meeting (Open to All): What Will the Inside Sales World Look Like After Covid-19?

Author: AA-ISP Spain Chapter
Posted: September 22nd, 2020

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AA-ISP Spain Chapter is back with a new series of events, connecting inside sales professionals across industries and brands in Spain to whom learning, best practice sharing, and networking with others matters and helps them advance their business practices. 

Please note: this meeting had many breakout sessions and small group discussions that were not recorded as part of the meeting. Those have been edited out for ease of replay.

Agenda of this Meeting:

  • Topic #1 Distributed Workforce

  • Topic #2 Consequences of Brexit

  • Topic #3 Attracting Talent During & After Covid-19

    • Breakout Sessions Brainstorming Ideas and Solutions

    • Cristina H. Valiñani, Project Director at Barcelona Global, Will Share Her Point Of View and Inform Us About Actions Being Taken by Barcelona

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  • Virtual Bar with a DJ