AA-ISP Columbus Chapter: LinkedIn, Sales and Branding with Justin Welsh

Author: AA-ISP Columbus Chapter
Posted: October 7th, 2020

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AA-ISP Columbus is pleased to bring fellow Buckeye graduate Justin Welsh to our latest chapter meeting. 

If you haven't heard of Justin Welsh, then you've been living under a rock. He's been very active on LinkedIn and advocates for sales professionals to build their own brand. He gives tips and great advice to people all over the world to help sales people give themselves the credibility and exposure to help them sell more effectively.

In this podcast style interview session, we will be discussing a few points with Justin:

  • Sales tactics
    • Examples of how your branding strategy helped you, PatientPop, and your current business
    • How to measure results from social activity
    • What can sales reps and leaders do today to start making an impact?
  • Content

To learn more about Justin, follow him and/or connect with him on LinkedIn. You can learn more about him and his services by visiting https://www.theofficialjustin.com.