AA-ISP Webinar: BDRs: Thriving or Just Surviving?

Author: 6sense
Posted: October 7th, 2020

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Research shows BDRs are critical to world-class sales & marketing teams. So, BDRs must be crushing it, right? Not exactly. Only 48% of SDRs are consistently hitting quota. What’s going on? 

6sense conducted a survey to learn more about what’s not working for BDRs.

They found two key issues:

1. 31% of their time is spent on unproductive activities
2. 46% say their prospects are not an ideal fit

Instead, BDRs need more relevant prospects, clearer buyer personas, visibility into individual buyer journeys, tighter sales & marketing alignment, and the ability to scale their efforts. 

During this webinar, we dive into how sales & marketing can support BDRs with warmer leads and deeper insights, give them the freedom to focus on their actual job, and empower BDRs to do more, faster. 


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