How to Overcome the Email Stall

Author: Mr. Inside Sales
Posted: October 9th, 2020

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What do you say when you get this stall while prospecting?

If you’re like many sales reps, you accept it and become a willing participant in the follow up chase that ensues.

And you know how frustrating that is.

Let’s face it: This blow off is just a variation that prospects have been using for years. It used to be: “Can you send me something in the mail?” or “Just send me a brochure,” etc. Then email started and guess what? A new stall was born.

So, what’s the best way of handling it?

The first thing you want to do is find out whether it is a blow off (80% of the time it is), or whether your prospect is truly interested in what you have and wants to know more before they speak with you.

There is an easy way to find out:

Have an email already prepared while you’re prospecting.

If someone tells you to email them something, simply ask them what their email address is and then send it!

Right then!

Simply say:

“Okay, I’ve just sent it to you. Let me know when it pops up, and I’ll show you a couple of links you’ll want to explore later.

“In the meantime, let me ask you…”

And then ask a qualifying question. The point here is whether or not your prospect will:

  1. Give you the time to speak further with them. (If not, they may be busy and that’s OK—schedule a time to speak later that same day!)
  2. Open the email. (This tells you your prospect has time now and has an interest).
  3. Blow you off with another objection. (This is actually great because it tells you that you won’t need to follow up on the email—they weren’t really interested to begin with).
  4. Allow you to set a definite follow up appointment. (Which is fine—and at least you know they got your email! And remember: Go for a time later that same day!)

Any of these responses will get you a lot further—and give you the intel you need as to how to pursue this lead—than sending an email after you hang up and then then begin the cat and mouse game.

Try it this week, and watch your leads get more qualified as you put less “wood” into your pipeline.

And then watch as more deals roll out of it!

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