New Smart Selling Ebook Pairs Next-Gen Tools with Sales Skills

Author: Josiane Feigon, President - TeleSmart Communications & Nancy Nardin, Founder - Smart Selling Tools
Posted: May 21st, 2010

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Attention inside sales and sales managers "” it's about time you made your way out of the confusing sales tool glut and picked the essential tools you need to survive and thrive in today's new economy.

Two smart-selling women and Sales 2.0 pioneers like to shop! We scoured the market and picked the essential "must-have" tools specifically for inside sales. Then we wrapped them around 10 essential sales skills to show how using sales tools throughout the sales cycle can shave valuable minutes off your call time and enhance productivity.

From the best-selling author of Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, and the CEO of Smart Selling Tools- the highly anticipated ebook is available to AA-ISP members for free.


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