AA-ISP Roundtable: State of Sales 2020 - Research Benchmarking for Your Organization

Author: Danielle Moffat | Accenture & Bob Perkins | AA-ISP
Posted: October 15th, 2020

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Although the movement of selling virtually has been growing and evolving for many years, 2020 has accelerated this new remote way of prospecting, customer engagement, and closing deals.  

AA-ISP and Accenture recently partnered on research to reveal several findings which indicate that our profession is entering yet a new era of selling!   

Based on the findings of the research, we invited leaders to join us for a Roundtable discussion to benchmark their organization against these findings.

Together, we discussed and shared our thoughts on these key areas:

  • Remote Sales: The wide acceptance, growth, and evolution of inside sales
  • Training: How companies are training and onboarding in this remote environment
  • The Numbers: Data on what the community reports for activities, quotas, and what really drives results
  • Technologies: A discussion around how sales technology has changed in the remote selling environment and what has stayed the same


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