AA-ISP Webinar: There's a Black Box in Your Sales Process - How to Remove It!

Author: Kyle Racki | Proposify
Posted: December 16th, 2020

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Organizations measure and optimize every part of the sales process except the most critical one: right before a prospect agrees to buy and hands over their money. You wouldn’t send leads through your marketing site without tracking and analytics, right? So why are you still in the dark about what happens in your sales process after your reps send a proposal?

Kyle Racki of Proposify shares the two critical things sales leaders need to shine a light on to optimize your closing process.


Session Takeaways:

  • How proposals (or contracts, agreements, whatever you want to call them) are used by virtually every sales org, and yet they get very little respect even though they are a great opportunity to reinforce the value you’ve been communicating throughout the sales cycle, and can help to persuade every stakeholder involved in the buying decision
  • The two things --control and visibility-- that are essential to closing success and if you don’t have them then your revenue (and your reps) are missing out
  • Why tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can’t meet the demands of today’s modern (and now increasingly remote) sales processes


Who should watch:

VP/Director of Sales, Sales Managers, Brand/Marketing Managers, Sales Operations

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