AA-ISP Workshop: Want More Sales? Take Inventory of Your People, Process and Technology and Truly Adopt Your CRM

Author: Ben Budde, Groove
Posted: October 27th, 2020

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Too little selling time for your team?

Too many CRM fields to fill out?

Is your team’s performance or productivity in a slump?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then be sure to check out this workshop!

Sales leaders collaborated in a workshop session that addressed three factors that inhibit CRM usage: People, Process, and Technology. Understanding each and finding ways to address and improve each area is key to getting the entire team onboard.

Each leader was given a worksheet to help them identify their most pressing challenges related to CRM adoption. During the workshop, they came together with fellow sales leaders to share challenges and discuss how we can best overcome them.


While working together,  we uncovered ways to:

  • Deliver true value
    Create people, process and technology systems that your reps will love and will give them ownership of their selling tasks.
  • Stop the “lone wolves”
    Incentivize cross-team collaboration in a way that helps them close bigger deals, without wasting their time.


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