The New Role of Senior Sales Leaders and What that Means for More Women in Sales

Author: Ashley Gagliano, Kameron Hobbs, Ed Porter, Thomas Parbs, Lori Richardson
Posted: November 6th, 2020

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Welcome to the Women in Sales Summit Replays!

We began with a welcome from AA-ISP HQ and our Chicago & Columbus Chapters before handing it over to Lori Richardson, WOMEN in Sales Pros Founder who set the stage for the day's learning.

Keynote Session:
The Pandemic has caused nearly everyone to shift, pivot, and change in order to move ahead. One positive benefit is a new way of looking at sales teams, sales roles, and sales leadership. In this keynote, Lori will share statistics about the state of women in sales over the last dozen years, and how the sun is rising toward a new women in sales future.