Panel Discussion: Leadership Development

Author: Kristyn Lang, Sandra Romoser, Emilie Maheu, Lisa Hubbard
Posted: November 6th, 2020

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In this all-star panel, we heard from senior leaders who led multi-level leaders throughout their careers talk about some of the best practices surrounding coaching and developing leaders to perform at their very best.

They answered questions like:

1. "I’ve climbed up in sales without a “formal” education. I have exemplary performance, but I consistently feel as though my lack of a degree keeps my resume from being seen and hinders my ability to apply for promotions. What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to advance their career without that piece of paper?"

2. "What is your best piece of advice for women at the beginning of their career in sales? What should we be doing now to stand out and to prepare ourselves for successful careers like you three have?"

And more!