The Ripple Effect – Becoming a Sales Leader of Impact & Influence

Author: Amy Franko
Posted: November 6th, 2020

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In this leadership-focused session, Amy Franko shared the key dimensions that sales leaders of impact and influence conciously cultivate.  She offered specific ways you can build these into your leadership plan and legacy today and for the future you want to create.

As a sales leader, there are countless demands, opportunities, and choices placed before you. You make hundreds of decisions each day, ranging from mundane to the complex. Each decision is a drop that creates a ripple effect on those around you.

A ripple effect of results in your organization and beyond. No matter your title, your generation, or your background, leadership is a choice.

It's a way of operating in the world that sets you apart. Image the results you could create by looking forward and strategically designing your ripple effect of impact and influence.