AA-ISP Providence Chapter Meeting: Anatomy of a Good LinkedIn Presence

Author: AA-ISP Providence Chapter
Posted: November 12th, 2020

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Anatomy of a Good LinkedIn Presence

During this interactive and informative Virtual Chapter Meeting, we discussed How to establish yourself as an industry leader.

We covered...

Tips and tricks:

  • How to get more reach on your posts
  • Engaging with reactions
  • Messaging

What not to do:

  • SPAM
  • Posting for your company, not yourself
  • Reminder, this is your digital tattoo. Think long term. 


Our Guest Speaker: 

Michael Griffin

A 9-year sales practitioner and founding member of Denver's Revenue Collective chapter, Michael Griffin is the Salesforce Partner Manager for Formstack.

Michael's sales career began in staffing/recruiting, so he's a long-time LinkedIn-er. Outside of his daily role at Formstack, he trains peers and coworkers with their digital footprint on LinkedIn, on using LinkedIn to outbound prospect and manage accounts, and helping job seekers to use LinkedIn for their own searches.


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