AA-ISP Workshop: Minimize Downtime, Maximize Revenue - How Revenue Leaders Can Give Their Teams 20% More Time To Sell

Author: Ben Budde, Groove
Posted: November 18th, 2020

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Is your sales team running on all cylinders? The data says, “probably not”.

90% of sellers complain that parts of their job take longer than they should, with entering notes in the CRM system (35%), and updating or working in multiple systems (34%) as the most cited time-wasters. The time spent on repetitive tasks is time that could be used to sell.

How can leaders remove existing barriers to selling and generate more revenue faster?


What you'll learn in this Workshop Session:

You’ll see Revenue leaders address three factors that lead to rep downtime and lumpy pipelines: People/Communication, Process, and Technology. Understanding and finding ways to optimize each area is key to improving metrics like conversion rate, deal velocity, and overall revenue.

While working together, they uncovered ways that successful revenue organizations: 

  • Streamline tech stacks - Technologies create inefficiencies when they aren’t utilized properly. Learn strategies for configuring and managing tools to make reps’ lives easier.
  • Automate time-wasting tasks - Set up automation rules to eliminate manual tasks that take reps away from selling
  • Drive CRM adoption the right way - Create CRM workflows that reps will actually use, so you have sales data that you can actually use
  • Create digital collaboration hubs - Incentivize inside and outside teams to collaborate by creating shared spaces that provide value to each


Who should watch:

Sales Leaders, Sales Operations and Revenue Operations professionals

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