AA-ISP Executive Briefing & Case Study: How Strategic Direct Mail and Gifting Enables MX to Accelerate Pipeline Velocity

Author: Bryce Nobles, MX & Zach Alspaugh, Sendoso
Posted: December 10th, 2020

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As a hyper-growth financial company, MX doubles its quotas quarter over quarter, “so that means we’re continuously rewriting our marketing playbook,” says Bryce Nobles, growth leader at MX. Bryce and his team were eager to innovate buyer experiences at every touchpoint throughout the funnel, but found it challenging in an overly saturated digital space. The MX team knew they needed a strategic solution to build personalized, unique experiences to create authentic relationships and keep deals moving forward: sending direct mail and gifts.

During this case study, you hear how Bryce Nobles, Growth Leader at MX used Sendoso to not only reach goals, but exceed them quarter over quarter.

Watch to learn how the MX team:

  • Creates repeatable and scalable direct mail and gifting programs
  • Engages deal champions and buying committees at every part of the customer journey
  • Built relationships with hard-to-reach buyers and won millions of dollars back in pipeline

Bryce is joined by Zack Alspaugh, director of customer of lifecycle marketing at Sendoso to share how to build a case to implement Sendoso in your organization and how to effectively use direct mail and sending in your own tech stack!


After watching, you will understand how to:

  • Scale successful direct mail and sending programs and employ the right technology
  • Build “experience” moments with the prospects and customers you care about
  • Enable your sales and marketing teams to engage with a remote audience


Who should watch:

This Executive Briefing is an exclusive opportunity to get a first-hand look at how MX has scaled direct mail and gifting initiatives and accelerated pipeline velocity. This briefing is designed for senior managers, directors, and VPs at mid-market and enterprise-sized organizations as well as those responsible for buying marketing and sales technology.


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