AA-ISP Executive Briefing: Skill Up Your Team for Today's Engagements

Author: Matt Loria, Salesforce | Eli Eliason, Zillow | Michael Thompson, Gannett
Posted: December 15th, 2020

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Inside Sales may have always been a virtual sales motion, but that doesn't mean they didn't have to adapt to the current selling environment. Conversations had to change based on prospect needs, new tools and products had to be learned, and sales teams had to learn new ways of working with each other, among other things.

In this replay, watch our panel of sales leaders discuss:

  • How to identify the pivots teams need to make
  • How to go about about "skilling up" the organization to meet today's sales demands
  • How to plan and prepare for future uncertainty


Who should watch: 

Anyone leading or responsible for the success of a sales team!

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