AA-ISP Executive Briefing: The New Frontiers in Sales Training (how sales learning has transformed dramatically over the last decade)

Author: Dario Priolo & David Solot, Ph.D | Sciolytix
Posted: January 28th, 2021

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Do you feel frustrated by the way that your reps are receiving and engaging in sales training?

Does your Training & Coaching stack feel like it is delivering a cohesive, impactful learning journey?

Is your sales-training stack producing the results you want to see?


The last 10 years have seen dramatic changes in the way that sales reps are onboarded and trained once they are established employees. The training options available to sales enablement and L&D leaders is exploding, with the time available for sales leaders to onboard and coach their reps declining.

In this workshop, our sales-training industry veterans (each with 20+ years experience) review the evolution occurring to our field as technology plays a larger role in training, presenting best practices from the research around learning.


Key Session Takeaways:

  • The common mistakes that are made when building out a sales training stack, and how to avoid them
  • Best practices for evaluating and modifying your training stack
  • Methods for enhancing engagement and knowledge retention for reps at all skill levels


Who Should Watch:

Sales enablement leaders, sales leaders, learning and development professionals and anyone else involved in the onboarding, and training of salespeople.


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