AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter: EXECUTE - Enablement for Your Remote Workers

Author: AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter
Posted: March 18th, 2021

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The Silicon Valley Chapter held its first Virtual Meeting of 2021 on March 17th!

If ANY of these questions have crossed your mind lately, we'd like to invite you to watch the replay of the Silicon Valley Chapter St. Patty's Day event, "EXECUTE - Enablement for Your Remote Workers."

What are your biggest pieces of advice when it comes to building a really robust onboarding program?

Does Your company plan on staying remote? Going back?

How does enabling drive revenue outcomes for sales in this remote enviroment?

What is the biggest area of improvement organizations can make in the area of onboarding?

Out Star-Studded Panel Lineup:

Brandy Ringler Head of Sales Enablement at Gong

Maria Bross Sales Enablement Manager at BoomTown

Andrew Kelly Onboarding Specialist - Revenue Strat and Ops at Coursera

Aaron Farley VP Global Sales Enablement at Tanium

Lauren Barraco Head of Revenue Growth & Enablement at Sendoso
Sara Colombo Breen Team Lead, Sales Enablement at Okta

We will spend the first 30-minutes in a large group for a panel discussion around ways to enable our remote workers. We will then break into small breakouts for deeper learning.


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