AA-ISP Executive Briefing: Leveraging Data + The Human Element to Accelerate Productivity and Revenue

Author: Howard Brown, ringDNA | Sean Whiteley, Qualified
Posted: March 30th, 2021

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What a sales leader needs to make his team a revenue engine has changed a lot in a few short years, and no one knows this better than Howard Brown, founder and CEO of ringDNA. We now have seemingly endless options for new sales technology to make our lives easier, but there is one thing technology can’t create that every buyer’s journey needs: the human element. You can automate, optimize, minimize, you name it, but if you don’t bring a human touch to your selling, all the technology in the world won’t help you close deals.


In this session, you'll learn:

  • How the selling landscape has evolved in the past decade
  • The most important data you should be surfacing to your sales teams to help them create more pipeline
  • How to find the sweet spot between technology, data, and 1:1 human interaction
  • How you can leverage AI and technology to enhance, not replace, your reps
  • What is conversational selling, and how will it help accelerate revenue growth


Who should watch

This session is for any sales leader looking to understand how they can better leverage their tech stack and data to help reps create experiences prospects can’t ignore. This executive briefing is an exclusive opportunity to learn from two serial entrepreneurs who have made careers out of turning sales teams into true revenue engines.


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