A Better Way to Follow Up on Emails

Author: Mr. Inside Sales
Posted: March 30th, 2021

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Many sales reps struggle when following up on emails they’ve sent out to prospects (or even clients!).

When they get the prospect on the phone, they open with:

“Did you get the email I sent?”


“Did you have a chance to review my email?”

These kinds of openings just create stalls, such as:

“No, I didn’t have time,”


 “What email?”

Frustrating, huh?

Want a better approach? Try this:

When you get your prospect back on the phone, say:

“Nice to speak with you again. I did email you the information we spoke about, and I was wondering:

‘What did you like best about it?’”


“What part of the information is the best fit for what you do?”


“From what you read, what would you like to know more about?”

By changing your opening to something more assumptive (assume they’ve read it—if they didn’t, they’ll tell you!), and by asking a positive question “What did you like most about it?” (or any of the other questions above, or come up with your own), you’ll be leading your prospect to reveal their interest level and unique buying motives.

And that’s better than leading them to a stall, isn’t it?

Try it this week and adjust it until you find the best opening for your product or service!

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